Restaurant Zaus
Japanese レストランザウス
Romanized Resutoranzausu
Type Restaurant
Location Unknown (Human World)
Affiliation Zaus
Debut Appearance
Manga Volume 29.5
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Restaurant Zaus was one of the finest restaurants in the world. A truly fine establishment of the highest class which was owned by the former "Cooking King" Zaus, one of the top 100 chefs in the world and the former #1 ranker until he betrayed the Human World and joined NEO's ranks.


Zaus cooking at CF

Zaus' masterful cooking.

It is unknown what type of cooking Zaus specialized in and what his restaurant served, but considering he was one of the best chefs in the world, he was likely well-versed in a variety of cooking styles and the meals served at his restaurant were likely of the highest degree and were likely as good as the meals served by Setsuno at her Dining Hall. During the Gourmet Corp.'s invasion of Cooking Festival, Zaus revealed to his former allies that he was in fact a member of NEO whose desires were to obtain GOD and "beyond", regardless of who or what they had to destroy to accomplish their goals. With Zaus' betrayal and his attack on Setsuno and Chiyo, it is likely his title and restaurant lost their high status. What became of Restaurant Zaus after the fall of the Meteor Spice is unknown, but it likely closed down soon after Zaus left the Human World due to both a lack of ingredients and Zaus' tainted reputation.

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