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Regeneration Seed
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Japanese 再生の種
Romanized Saisei no tane
Aliases Regeneration Seed
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Type Yosaku signature item
Location Yosaku's Revival Lab
Price 100,000,000 yen per seed
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Manga Chapter 96
Anime Episode 39
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The Revival Seed (再生の種 Saisei no tane) is a plant created by Yosaku which has powerful regenerative properties. It is first cultivated using a person's DNA (i.e. their hair or skin) which then blooms into a flower with the seed in the center carrying all the DNA of the person inside. The seed itself must then be removed and be implanted in a target's body to regrow tissues, the seed is delicate as a bubble so extreme care is needed to handle it. Afterwards the person is placed in Healing Jelly to stimulate the seeds growth and it begins healing the person but this process sucks out all of their nutrients meaning that they have to constantly eat to prevent themselves from dying. Afterwards large symptoms begin to occur in the person requiring large dosages from a Medicine Bee and a Blood Bug to keep them alive, once the symptoms fade the person will be completely healed. The time and success of the revival is dependent on how well the seed matches with a person's Gourmet Cell with the average time needed being 20 years. Nevertheless Toriko managed to make the recovery in only 3 months. The Revival Seed is powerful enough to even regrow lost limbs. It is an artificial seed created by Yosaku by crossbreeding multiple seeds with individual regenerative effects.

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