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Rice among eggs2
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Japanese タマゴ入りごはん (TIG)
Romanized Tamago-iri Gohan
English Rice Among Eggs
Aliases Egg In Rice (dub)
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Type Grain
Capture Level 63
Location Shokurin Temple
Height 5mm
Price 1kg / 50,000 yen
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Manga Gourmet 184
Anime episode 106
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Rice Among Eggs (タマゴ入りごはん Tamago-iri Gohan) is a special ingredients where tiny egg is mixed with rice grains.


Rice upclose

Rice among eggs up close

To eat them, a special cooking method is used. You must carefully pick the eggs with chopsticks. If the eggs are boiled, they make piping hot boiled eggs, but if the eggs are together with the rice they will break down and lose their flavor.


They are used for the practitioners of the Shokurin Temple to master Food Honor. They help the practitioners achieve patience before they can eat the food.

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