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Riddle chapter
Japanese リドルチャプター
Romanized Ridoru Chaputā
Creator(s) IGO
Purpose Retrieves information of ingredients of Human World and Gourmet World
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 273
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The Riddle Chapter is a tablet computer terminal that also works as a food tray, and the latest Capture Level measuring device invented by the IGO.


It is a device whose width allows it to be used as a tray. In order to display the data of the measured ingredient on this tool, a special wristband is required to be worn and then the target ingredient must be hit by a laser pointer that the wristband projects. Afterwards, the data related to the ingredient or beast is transmitted and displayed on the Riddle Chapter's screen, that includes the name, the Capture Level and other information about it.

It was manufactured based on some Gourmet ID Cards that were left by an unknown person by the side of President Mansam while he was sleeping. This Gourmet ID card contained information of 300,000 Human World ingredients and many Gourmet World ingredients which totalled to several million species. The new feature on this device is that it doesn't have a limit on measuring Capture Levels and also has infinite range unlike the Measuring Tongs which had a limit on both aspects.

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