Hayanpanther GM
Japanese リッキー
Romanized Rikkī
Race Hayanpanther
Gender Male Male
Birthday August 3rd
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Affiliation IGO,
Occupation Animal Partner
Personal Status
Relatives Mansam (owner)
Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 28
Anime Debut Episode 9
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Rikky is a large Hayanpanther that Mansam keeps as a pet and animal partner. He lives at the 1st Biotope with Mansam.


Rikky face closeup

Rikky's face up-close.

Rikky is a large Hayanpanther with an orange coat with round yellow and brown spots, a white underbelly and paws. He has large wings with a great wingspan and a pair of long fox-like ears. He also has a long whip-like tail. Around his neck, he wears a purple studded pet collar.
Rikky growth 1

Rikky's current size.

As the story has progressed, Rikky has grown considerably in size in less than a year and is now the same size as Terry Cloth, Toriko's young Battle Wolf.

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Rikky sharing his favorite dessert with Rin.

Rikky is a noble, trustworthy, and faithful animal partner who adores his master Mansam and both have a very close bond. Rikky has quite the sweet tooth and he adores ice cream, as such, Rikky's favorite food is Horohoro Parfait. He also appears to be good friends with Rin who shares his love for sweet fatty treats.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He is a strong and large beast with incredible speed and strength. His speed allows him to swiftly catch a GT Robo core and he has enough strength to smash its gold structure with ease. His wings allow him to fly at great speeds and travel to other nations in a short time. His capture level was originally 35 when he was first introduced, but as the story has progressed, he has grown considerably, now having an estimated capture level of around 70 and stands around the same height as the now giant Terry Cloth.



Rikky first met Mansam in the wild, and according to Mansam, Rikky saved him when he was in danger, however the complete details behind their meeting are not given. Rikky was soon after adopted by Mansam and made his animal partner. He would then raise the young Hayanpanther in the Gourmet Research Laboratory on the 1st Biotope.

Regal Mammoth ArcEdit

Rikky is first seen standing on Mansam's back while he was casually doing pushups in his quarters the day before Toriko's arrival to the 1st Biotope.

During the Gourmet Coliseum's fight between Toriko and Bei's Robo, and when Bei was finally defeated, Bei's Robo's core antenna tried escaping the place, but Mansam ordered Johannes and the coliseum staff to open the hatch to his room, where Rikky was. Rikky swiftly dealt the finishing blow to the antenna by Mansam's orders. He was again seen in the dining room when Mansam invited Toriko and Komatsu to his Full Course Menu. Mansam commented that Terry, a Battle Wolf, who's never is to never get attached to anyone, got attached to Toriko, just like Rikky did with him. Meanwhile, Rikky was eating a giant Horohoro Parfait together with Rin.

Century Soup ArcEdit

In the anime, Rikky was seen sitting with Mansam as usual and smiled to Coco when he came by to the 1st Biotope upon Mansam's request to help Toriko get the Century Soup.

Meteor Garlic ArcEdit

As Christmas Eve finally arrived, it was time for the IGO's yearly food delivery to the poverty stricken nations of the world. Mansam who was with Rikky as always, called the Four Heavenly Kings, Terry Cloth, Kiss, Quinn, Rin and Komatsu to help with the delivery. Once everyone was set, Mansam and Komatsu flew off on Rikky's back to deliver their share of ingredients. Upon arriving Rikky happily watched as Mansam and Komatsu gave away food to starving children.

Appearances in Other MediaEdit

Toriko: Gourmet MonstersEdit


Rikky and Rin in Toriko: Gourmet Monsters.

Rikky makes his video game debut in Toriko: Gourmet Monsters for the 3DS. In it, he is one of the many obtainable animals for Gourmet Coliseum battles at the Gourmet Royale. He can be obtained from Rin and Mansam at the 1st Biotope, and Rin primarily uses him in battle.

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