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Japanese 鈴 (リン)
Romanized Rin
English Rin
Race Human
Gender Female Female
Birthday December 20th
Age 20 (start of the series);
24 (Post-Timeskip)
Status Alive
Height 168 cm
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Ico igo IGO
Mansam, Rikky
Occupation Gourmet Research Facility Chief,
Wild Beast Tamer (formerly)
Partner Mansam
Personal Status
Relatives Sunny (older brother)
Toriko (husband)
Unborn child
Starjun (brother-in-law)
Acacia (father-in-law)
Froese (mother-in-law)
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 22
Anime Episode 7
Japanese Voice Tano Asami
English Voice Leah Clark
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Rin () is the IGO's Gourmet Research Chief, the third highest ranked official within the organization, and she is one of the main characters of Toriko. She uses different perfumes and fragrances that manipulate beasts' state of mind. She is also Toriko's wife and the younger sister of Sunny, two of the famed Four Heavenly Kings.

Prior to her promotion, she was a beast tamer at the Gourmet Coliseum in the IGO's First Gourmet Facility.



Rin is a light skinned girl with short black hair and blue eyes. She wears a red gi top with green borders and no sleeves and a pair of short black tights. She has large thighs with a scar on the left one. Because of this, Sunny comically describes her as "manly". Rin also has a single scar on the right side of her face which she gave herself in an attempt to copy Toriko's three scars but stopped after one because she made it on the wrong side. She also has formal attire which consists of a red and green strapless top and a short frilly yellow skirt. She has also been seen in a bathing suit which is made up of a red bikini top with green borders and red shorts with green borders as well. She wears a special mask that covers her nose and mouth to avoid breathing through fragrance weapons.

After the timeskip, Rin grew out her hair a bit longer and changed her outfit. She now wears a coat over her torso over a lengthened version of her previous outfit which shows off her legs a bit more, and her shoe style has changed to ornate boots. She also wears a belt around her waist and what appears to be a pistol holster on her thigh. She also appears to have gotten taller, as she is now only a few inches shorter than Toriko when standing near him.

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An example of Rin's bubbly affection for Toriko.

She is a sweet, courageous and caring young woman but comes off as quite a tomboy although she tends to make girly outbursts from time to time whenever she is happy (especially around Toriko), in fact her most defining trait is her notably huge crush and admiration for Toriko which borders on fanatical (much to Toriko's dismay), so much so that she was willing to even copy his scars. She also gets distracted from her duties when he is around and tends to get quite clumsy and ditzy in his presence. She also becomes saddened and jealous when Toriko shows affection to others or ignores her for any particular reason. According to Sunny's observations and touch, Rin takes a large interest in sweet foods, contributing to the fat underneath her skin, which Sunny states is "insane". Contributing to this reason is her dislike of alcohol or alcohol-containing foods, which Mansam makes sure to serve at every meal, leading her to eat the Horohoro Parfait that his Hayanpanther, Rikky eats, as such both she and Rikky get along quite well. Unlike a lot of people, she can get along with Zebra as he is at his most civil with her.

Powers, Abilities and Equipment[]

Hunting Method[]

Rin relies on different perfumes and fragrances to manipulate beasts. She is known as composite user, who uses her skill to control other beasts. Her fragrances work on all manner of beasts making her an excellent tamer, however these fragrances have no effect on GT Robos, putting her in an extremely dangerous situation when faced with one. She is also skilled in using a special fragrance firing sniper rifle, showing that she has good marksmanship skills. Aside from her fragrances, she is an agile and swift human with above average speed, senses, strength and endurance thanks to her Gourmet Cells, although it appears she is not as strong as the Four Heavenly Kings or other known humans with Gourmet Cells. It is unknown if she possesses any other skills or abilities or knowledge of any particular forms of hand-to-hand combat. In the battle against the Gourmet Corp. at the Cooking Fest, she is able to defeat Zyper, Dohsa, and Bei with minimal difficulty.

After the timeskip, her abilities have increased to the point where she was promoted to IGO's Research Chief, the position Mansam once occupied.

Gourmet Cells[]

Like her brother, Rin also has Gourmet Cells. Her body can recover from injuries, even fatal ones, if she tastes something that is compatible with her Gourmet Cells:[1] in her case, it appears to be Toriko's saliva, as shown when he "kissed" her after she was heavily wounded by Starjun.[2]

As she has progressed through the Gourmet World, Rin has eaten the dishes of Acacia's Full Course Menu:

  • AIR: Rin's Gourmet Cells awaken in her left arm.[3]
  • PAIR: Rin's Gourmet Cells awaken in her right arm.[4]
  • ANOTHER: Rin's Gourmet Cells awaken in her tongue. It also gives her the ability to comprehend tastes of things that were previously inedible, like rocks, and reawakens tastes and memories that were forgotten.[5]
  • GOD: Rin's Gourmet Cells awaken in her brain.[6]


  • Fragrance Gauntlets: Special gauntlets that release the fragrances Rin uses. They are green and red in color with orange nozzle and there is a cartridge slot in each of them for inserting the fragrance containers.
  • Fragrance Bazooka (フレグランスバズーカ Fureguransu Bazūka): A special bazooka that can fire the fragrance. Rin uses it to fire like a bullet making it quite hard to avoid.
  • Measuring Tongs (メジャートング Mejā Tongu): Another kind of gauntlet used by Rin to measure the exact Capture Level of beings and objects, even of those beyond Capture Level 100. However it only measures Capture Levels based on physical strength.


Battle Fragance
  • Battle Fragrance (バトルフレグランス Batoru Fureguransu): A fragrance extracted from the Battle Flower, it increases an animal's will to battle. It affects the animals' central nervous system making them violent while at the same time stimulating the body into its peak form.[7] It can also be use on humans as well (Toriko asks Rin to use it on him to increase his intimidation).

Super Relaxation Fragance
  • Super Relaxation Fragrance (スーパーリラクセーションフレグランス Sūpā Rirakusēshon Fureguransu): A fragrance made with pheromones from the Nikoniko Manatee, it causes a monster to become tame and relaxed.[8]

Hyper Endorphin
  • Hyper Endorphin Fragrance (ハイパーエンドルフィンフレグランス Haipā Endorufin Fureguransu): A fragrance with endorphins, it decreases the sense of pain in creatures. She can use these on humans as well to help ease their sense of pain in battle, allowing them to exert more power without being hindered. It can also thin the concentration of Green Rain and weaken its poison.

Thunder Pepperming Fragance
  • Thunder Peppermint Fragrance (サンダーペパーミントフレグランス Sandā Pepāminto Fureguransu): Rin's strongest scented fragrance, it is concentrated menthol taken from dried peppermint leaves. The feeling of this scent is compared to that of a bolt lightning. One sniff is enough to keep one awake for five days.

Devil Durian Fragance
  • Devil Durian Fragrance (デビルドリアンフレグランス Debiru Dorian Fureguransu): The fragrance exploits the extract of the Devil Durian Fruit. Its stench is powerful enough to repel bugs up to half a kilometer radius.
  • Super Deodorant Smoke (スーパーデオドラントスモーク Sūpā Deodoranto Sumōku): A fragrance that can erase the scent of the user and those nearby. It allows Rin to remain virtually undetected from beasts who rely heavily on scent and can approach them without any fear. It can even work on the fearsome Four Beast, a powerful creature from the Gourmet World.
  • King Sleep Fragrance (キングスリープフレグランス Kingu Surīpu Fureguransu): A fragrance that causes intense drowsiness extracted from the cell of the King Sloth an animal that sleeps 364 days and 23 hours a year, anyone who sniffs this fragrance cannot open their eyes for a month and the sleepiness is contagious. It is a forbidden fragrance used as a weapon.


Rin releases her Fragrance Swords

Fragrance Sword (フレグランスソード Fureguransu Sōdo): Rin seemingly sprouts two blades from her gauntlets by solidifying the fragrances she uses. She has only been seen doing it with the King Sleep Fragrance.

Fragrance Sword Perfume Max small

Perfume Max: Rin unites her gauntlets in order to raise the length and thickness of her Fragrance Sword, which increases her range of attack and the dose of the fragrance. She managed to put Bei, Zyper, and Dohsa to sleep in the anime with this technique.





Rin as a child with her brother and friends.

Not much is known about Rin's past; however, it is known that during her childhood, she, along with her brother, Sunny, and three other children named Toriko, Coco, and Zebra, were young starving orphans living alone in a poverty-stricken nation with no one to care for them. That was until they were discovered by the IGO's top members, Ichiryu and Mansam, who came to their nation to distribute food to the poor. Having noticed the children's potential, Ichiryu decided to take the four boys under his wing and teach them the ways of the Gourmet Hunter, and train them to their physical peaks.

Oddly enough, Rin's own childhood remains mostly obscure after her adoption, other than that she was still in love with Toriko even as a child, and it is unknown if she was raised and trained by Mansam or Ichiryu, as she was never with the four boys during their training. However, Rin eventually became very skilled in the use of mood-controlling fragrances which help to control the behavior of beasts, and then went on to become the right-hand assistant of Mansam, helping him manage Biotope 1 and the Gourmet Coliseum. On the other hand, her brother and friends became the Four Heavenly Kings, some of the most well known Gourmet Hunters in the Human World.

Regal Mammoth Arc[]

Rin 2

Rin discovers Toriko's arrival.

Rin is first seen in the Gourmet Coliseum, where she is handling many of the beasts for the upcoming battles. She gives Mansam a call, who asks her about the Devil Serpent's condition; she called saying the Battle Fragrance Machine was broken and she's trying her best to fix it. As soon as Mansam referred to Toriko, Rin quickly turned giddy and excited, which caused her to become less focused, losing control of the machine even more. Thus, the fragrance spread even more, leading the beasts to go berserk. Later, when the Battle Wolf turned out to be undergoing parthenogenesis, Mansam ordered her to stop the Fragrance. To make things worse, she broke the machine even more by mistake, all due to Mansam's "handsome" statement teasing. She then decided to go herself and manually use her the fragrance. Unfortunately, she didn't get enough time to calm the Serpent down before the Serpent threw acidic poison at her, and broke free out of the cell, and into the coliseum. She was then seen admiring the Battle Wolf's strength when it cut the Devil Serpent down.

Rin 4

Rin arrives at the Coliseum.

She then witnessed Bei's attempt to kill the Wolf, and used her Endorphin Smoke to, create a fog, distracting Bei's laser shot from hitting the Wolf again, and, relieve the Wolf's pain. After that, she witnessed, Bei's subsequent defeat by Toriko and Toriko comforting the deceased Battle Wolf's newborn pup, which he named Terry Cloth. Later that night, Rin attended Mansam's dinner party along with Toriko and Komatsu, and commented on how Mansam's Full Course Menu sucks. In the anime, she was annoyed by Tina's presence, and had a small argument with her, but Mansam told her that he's the one who invited her. Near the end of the party, and while eating the giant Horohoro Parfait with Rikky, she was jealous of the attention Terry was receiving from Toriko. Toriko noticed Mansam forgot about the mission they had (capturing the Regal Mammoth), but Rin reassured them that her brother, Sunny, was on his way with the Mammoth.

Sunny arguing with Rin about her weight

Rin and Sunny reunite.

The following day, Rin was seen with a Horohoro Parfait, fighting with Tina over Tina being so friendly with Toriko, all while awaiting Sunny's arrival. She was the first to spot Sunny with her binocular. Sunny threw the Mammoth towards Mansam, and all of them had to jump down the cliff to avoid getting squashed, and as soon as Sunny looked at Rin, he started scolding her for her diet, and likewise, Rin made fun of his appearance, leading to a childish fight between the siblings. Toriko, Rin and the others then quickly set off in search for the parent Mammoth, as Mansam explained the one Sunny caught was just a lost child. After reaching Black Carpet, Rin lead Toriko to a Cocomayonnaise tree, totally ignoring Sunny, who was mentioning his Full course Menu to Komatsu, and was then happy when Toriko complimented her for finding the tree. She commented on the Gourmet Spicer being a prototype, and soon after, they were attacked by a herd of Rock Drums. Rin was surprised when Sunny refused to help Toriko fight the beasts due to it being troublesome. Rin decided to join the fight, too, but instead of helping, made things worse when she shot Battle Fragrance instead of Super Relaxation at the beasts, making them angry. The beast cornered Rin, but Sunny saved her at the last moment; not because she's his sister, but because the beast's shell was beautiful, making Rin depressed. She then runs away when she suspected Sunny will hit a Fry Gaeshi, and warns Komatsu to stay back. During the time Sunny fought the beast, Rin explained about Sunny's hair to Komatsu and Tina, and then ignored the fight and started eating Cocomayonnaise with Toriko. After the fight, she argued with Sunny, who wanted to head back and ignore the Mammoth, now that he's gotten something beautiful; Rockdrum's Shell.


Rin and Toriko riding the tamed Obsaurus.

Right after, another Rockdrum kicked them flying each into different areas. Rin, much to her excitement, ends up lost with Toriko in White Forest, having to fight off a large horde of beasts. In order to scare them all off at once, Rin uses her Battle Fragrance on Toriko in order to increase the potency of his Intimidation Aura, which easily scares them off, except for a lone Obsaurus. She then again uses another Battle Fragrance at Toriko to scare the Obsaurus off, and then used Super Relaxation when she thought Toriko's body won't handle anymore. They defeat the stubborn beast, who then allies itself with them and carries them to the Devil Athletics. There, Rin and Toriko encountered the Axe Ox, which proved to be quite a challenge (since Toriko was out of stamina), but with the aid of her fragrances, they managed to defeat it. She was worried about Toriko, who's hunger weakened him. Later, they face the Mystery Bird Rubanda, and again, with her Thunder Peppermint, and with help of Terry, they managed to get past it. They finally got out of the Athletics when Terry guided them through a shortcut, and arrived at the Regal Plateau, where, to their horror, they found the massive Regal Mammoth sliding down the mountain side, about to crush Komatsu, Sunny and them all. Quickly taking action, Toriko uses his fork and knife to create a hole in the ground to shield themselves from the Mammoth. Coco mentioned that it's been a while seeing Rin when he saved them from the Heavycliffs. However, soon after, they are inhaled by the massive creature and end up inside its body, where they then set off to search for its Jewel Meat.

Rin GT Robo

Rin is pierced by Starjun's brutal attack.

After a long trip inside the Mammoth's maze body, Starjun's GT Robo appears; sent Toriko flying, and just when Rin was using Fragrance Bazooka, he hit her a fatal blow. Despite her condition, she still used Endorphin Smoke on Toriko to ease his pain, and also as a smokescreen for the others to run. Starjun blocked Komatsu's path to Rin, saying Rin and Toriko will die soon. Toriko sent him flying with a punch, and went to see how Rin is doing. On the verge of dying, she talked to him about what causd her scar; On a mission to deliver the Silk Bird egg, Toriko was chased by a pack of Hyena Gangs, and when Rin helped him, Toriko noticed that she got a scar. She looked in the mirror and was tricked, thinking her scar was on the same side as Toriko's, making her happy. She then asked him a final wish, which was not shown. After Starjun's Robo recovered from the hit, Toriko activated Autophagy. Toriko mentioned that Rin was prepared to die from the start, unlike the Robo.[9]

Rin recovering

A fully recovered Rin happily embraces Toriko.

After the fight is over, Toriko thinks to himself that it is all over, but then hears Rin's voice through his head saying it is just beginning. This surprises Toriko, who goes to check up on her and smells iron flowing through her blood, concluding she is alive. The Mammoth then throws them out his body, and Sunny uses Hair Operation to give her first-aid. Back at the Research Lab, they had her treated, and Johannes mentions that her cells evolved rapidly and helped her recover, and wonders what kind of food she ate for that. When she wakes up, she thanks Toriko for what he did, and Toriko is surprised, saying he does not recall doing anything. Later that night, they all enjoyed dinner on the Jewel Meat.[10]

BB Corn Arc[]

In the anime, Rin was sitting down in the hallway of the Gourmet Research Laboratory when a Gauchi broke out of prison. She was spaced out thinking about Toriko until Sunny alerted her, who was there to tell her he's leaving for the Country of Healing to heal his cuticles. Rin mentioned that everyone's just being carefree, including Mansam and Shigematsu.

Later, as Sunny was about to travel with his helicopter, she rushed to him complaining that Komatsu went alone to Wu Jungle; she wanted to go see Toriko.

Century Soup Arc[]

In the anime, Rin appears when Sunny was on his way to Life in his helicopter. She contacted him mentioning that she wanted to take a ride on the helicopter too in order to go to Toriko's House.

After Toriko's fight with Tommyrod, he went to Life to recover and after Rin overheard Coco mentioning this to Mansam and Shigematsu, she rushed over to Life to see him. She then begged Yosaku to help Toriko, and threatened him in the process, which reminded him of Setsuno. Yosaku then requests that Sunny and Rin bring lots of food for Toriko's recovery. When she came back from shopping with Sunny, she found Toriko with shorter hair (due to Yosaku cutting it for his treatment) and commented on how cool his new look was. For the next couple of months, Rin and Sunny helped to bring food and Medicine Bee supplies to Toriko, and watched over his healing progress the whole time until he recovered.

Later after his recovery, she was seen with Toriko when they were at Hotel Gourmet drinking, and together along with the rest of their friends ate the Century Soup.

Sometime later, she came with Mansam and the rest of Toriko's friends to celebrate Toriko's new rebuilt house. She spent most of her time daydreaming about "her" future home with Toriko while enjoying his bed and furniture and had part in eating the house along with everyone else after the party ended.

Gourmet King Deciding Battle Arc (Filler)[]

Rin along with Toriko, Coco, Sunny and Komatsu goes with them to attend the Gourmet King Deciding Battle competition. While there the group discovers that the competition was started by Fond De Bohno who hopes that a skilled hunter will bring him an ingredient that will satisfy his starving pet Chris, a Seven-Color Nessie. As Rin watches on while eating a parfait, the Kings become excited and decide to take part in the competition and find an ingredient for Chris. Rin eagerly joins them and runs off, but not before noticing Chris who seems to become interested in Rin for some reason, but before she can pry into it, she runs off to join Sunny. Rin is later seen in Sunny's helicopter eagerly awaiting to join Toriko, but Sunny informs her that they will not be joining him and he plans to bring his own ingredient, the milk from a Milk Whale, which disappoints Rin as she believes Toriko will find a better ingredient, but after Sunny convinces her that his ingredient will make a fine skin smoothening bath for them, she happily complies. After they find the Milk Whale, they are unable to gather its milk due to a Bakun Sea Urchin and a Shrimpfly fighting nearby. Sunny then uses his hair and Rin her fragrance to try and calm the beasts a bit and lure them away from the whale, which eventually succeeds and allows them to gather the milk.

After the Kings return from their hunting expedition, none of their ingredients seem to please Chris, and while Rin watches on while once again eating a parfait, Chris suddenly lunges at her for some reason but is stopped. The group then realizes that Chris was actually after Rin's parfait, making them realize that he actually wanted a dessert dish, thus allowing Komatsu to prepare a parfait from Kings' ingredients that would finally satisfy the young dragon.

Toriko's Break Arc[]

Gourmet Beach Trip[]

Rin catching Harisenka

Rin catching Harisenkas with Toriko and the others.

In the anime, after Toriko and Komatsu went to Gourmet Beach to get a chance to eat the Gatsukatsu Curry, they met up with Rin who happened to be on break at the beach as well. She showed up after she noticed that Toriko was being swarmed by fangirls and quickly jumped in front of him to keep them away and told them to leave Toriko be. She then asked them what brought them to the beach and they explained their intentions of eating the curry which happens to be made by an old friend of Toriko's. Upon hearing this, Rin decides to accompany them (but mostly out of her desire to be with Toriko). Upon arriving at the food stand where the curry is served, Toriko runs into the son of his old friend, Cumin who in a tearful panic runs to Toriko and begs him to save his sister Safla. After calming down, he explains that his father recently passed away, leaving him and Safla to continue the family recipe. As such, Safla went off to find the ingredients for the curry so Cumin could prepare it, however she has not returned in several days. Toriko then decides to help Cumin and goes off with Rin and Komatsu to find Safla. Tom, who also happened to be on the beach offers the group his ship for them to use in their rescue. Once they set off they eventually find Safla and her animal partner Babu, who have been fleeing from a Shumohksalmon for the last few days. When the beast showed up once more to chase them, Toriko managed to defeat it in one hit. The group then aid Safla in her search for the ingredients and head for the Islandhorse where the final ingredients lie.

Surprise Apple Festival[]

Rin trying to surprise Toriko

Rin with Toriko at the Surprise Apple Festival.

In the anime, Rin participated in the Surprise Apple Festival and was quite ecstatic to meet up with Toriko there. Later on, famed chef and retired gourmet hunter Tsurara Mama arrived at the festival and managed to scare a Surprise Apple all the way up to Surprise Level 20 which impressed Toriko. Rin, naturally feeling jealous at Tsurara Mama attracting Toriko's attention, tried to scare her own Surprise Apple to an even higher level by using some Relaxation Fragrance to increase the impact of her scare attempt, however she only managed to scare it to Surprise Level 19. This forced her to intimidate the Surprise Apple with threats which raised its level to 20, giving her a sense of accomplishment at being able to match up to Tsurara Mama. She later witnessed Zongeh's gross victory over the festival when he scared an apple to level 80 by farting on it.

Meteor Garlic Arc[]

Rin giving presents

Rin giving out presents as a Gourmet Santa.

Rin, along with Komatsu and the Four Heavenly Kings was called in by Mansam to take part in the IGO's Christmas food delivery to poor nations and act as Gourmet Santas. Rin at first seemed bothered by the costumes but eventually put her annoyance aside since she'd be paired up with Toriko during the delivery, giving her plenty of quality time with him. Once the delivery began, Rin enjoyed her time with Toriko whilst riding on Terry Cloth and got the chance to show him the IGO's latest invention, the Measuring Tongs which can measure Capture Levels above 100. Toriko was intrigued by this and to showcase its use Rin tested it out on Terry, but much to her shock the device showed a reading of over 1000 but before she could tell Toriko they already arrived at their destination at the country of Ligu and began the distribution of food to all the poor children. Just then a blessing of Flavor Snow began to fall down from the sky and onto all the poor nations of the world which brought joy and smiles to everyone that night.

In the anime, Rin and Toriko also saved a child from a Mantispider.

Bubble Fruit Arc[]

Rin with Toriko fishing

Rin fishing with Toriko at Pot Pond.

Rin is seen in Pot Pond with the Four Heavenly Kings as they try to win a fishing contest to see who can catch a Madam Fish first. Toriko and Rin then team up against the others much to her delight, but Komatsu finds the Madam Fish first. When the contestants argue for it, Rin is seen trying to tell the others Komatsu was the one who found the Madam Fish first.

Golden Wheat Arc (Filler)[]

She appears when Komatsu starts selling Zenmen near Hotel Gourmet, and eats a Century Soup Spaghetti which turns her face with the characteristic effect of the soup.

Four Beast Arc[]

As the Four Beasts began to close in on the Human World, Rin kept in her possession a video message given to her by Ichiryu which detailed information on the Four Beasts for the Four Heavenly Kings to follow. She eventually met up with Komatsu while he was on his way to the Gourmet Towers while riding on Terry. Komatsu began explaining to her that he had spent the last week getting Bubble Fruits from Lost Forest and learning some cooking techniques from Chiru. Once they arrived at the Gourmet Towers, Rin played the video message for the Kings and after hearing enough Zebra turned off the message and the group set off to fight their respective beast, and Rin and Komatsu accompanied Toriko and Terry to his fight with the Gaoh. Once they arrived, both were amazed by the Gaoh's presence and Rin sprayed some of her fragrances around her and Komatsu in order to remain undetected by it. After each of the Kings began their fight, they used the Measuring Tongs given to them by Rin to measure the Capture Levels of each of their beasts. Rin then received each of their collected data on her Measuring Tong and the results left her quite amazed due to their high CLVLs.

Rin using Endorphin Fragrance

Rin using Endorphin Fragrance to block the Green Rain.

As Toriko battled the Gaoh, Rin realized that Ichiryu had mentioned some extra and important details at the end of his message, and quickly conveyed his words to the Kings, which revealed the Four Beasts where actually just the "limbs" of the main body, which was already on the move. Later when the true Four Beast revealed itself and released its Green Rain, Rin used her Endorphin Fragrance to block as much of the Green Rain as she could from the civilians. She also aided the Kings in battle when they needed cover from the Four Beast, in which she would user her fragrances to conceal their presence.

Cooking Festival Arc[]

Rin and Mansam

Rin and Mansam preparing for Cooking Fest.

When Mansam and Johannes descend to a facility of the IGO, Rin hears their conversation about the request given to Toriko and says that she will go with him. But Mansam does not let her do like she wants until she tames all the beasts in the building. He then requests her to get ready for the fest, where she simply gets against his orders and the chief understands instead being called handsome as usual.

Rin puts Scum Beasts to sleep

Rin putting Scum Beasts to sleep.

Rin is seen along with Mansam and Shigematsu in Biotope 1's Gourmet Research Laboratory taming several ferocious beasts that have been prepared for Cooking Festival, and will soon go with Mansam to Cooking Island to deliver them. As the Gourmet Corp. began their assault, Rin fought alongside Mansam to go on the offensive after having the Giraffebirds head cut off. She unleashed the King Sleep Fragrance on the Scum Beasts that were close to her, but saw that Zyper, Dohsa, and Bei were unaffected by it. Seeing this predicament, Rin reveals her Fragrance Swords to battle out with the three of them. After defeating Dohsa, she saw the betrayal of Shigematsu when he attacked Mansam. Soon after, she noticed the rain of Scum Beasts from the sky.

Rin back

Rin vs. Gourmet Corp.

After the fall of the Meteor Spice, Rin managed to survive the incident thanks to all the strong individuals protecting Cooking Island. Soon after, the fall of the Meteor Spice took its toll on the Human World by destroying its resources, and the traitors within the IGO as well as the death of President Ichiryu greatly damaged the organization's efficiency. However, Rin was more preoccupied with the sadness that befallen Toriko after losing against Starjun and failing to protect the Human World and Komatsu. For days Rin kept a worried eye on Toriko. When Toriko remained unsure about his skills as a gourmet hunter, Rin orchestrated a gathering made up of many of Toriko's fans and supporters who were indebted to him for his many gourmet discoveries which greatly influenced their lives and those of their loved ones. It was this motivation that inspired Toriko to enter Gourmet World and save the Human World, something that brought Rin much joy at having succeeded in restoring Toriko's will.

During the next year, the IGO was forced to take quick action to solve the low resources issue, as such chief Mansam was promoted to President of the IGO while Rin was made its new Research Facility Chief to help lead the critical condition of the Human World.[11]

Billion Bird Arc[]

Rin shocked from Toriko's answer

Rin shocked at Toriko's nonchalant agreement to marry her.

A year and a half later, Toriko finally returned from his trip into Gourmet World with a rescued Komatsu and a massive harvest of ingredients which he shared with the world. Toriko then went to Biotope 1 to meet Mansam and the other Heavenly Kings who had been waiting for him in order to find Ichiryu's exclusive main dish. When he arrived, Rin was quickly informed of it and hastily went to meet with Toriko. She happily greeted him and expressed how much she missed him. Toriko then remembered the kindness Rin had done for him before he had left more than a year ago which had restored his confidence. Rin then changed the subject and demanded to know whether he would ever marry her or not. Shockingly enough, Toriko nonchalantly said "yes" and agreed to marry Rin. Rin then tried to register what he had said and immediately became so shocked that her face almost looked petrified. She and the other shocked individuals present asked Toriko if he was being sincere and he once again calmly stated yes and that he would marry her without trouble, much to her further shock.[11]

Later, when the Four Heavenly Kings and Komatsu are eating the Billion Bird Egg, Rin barges in to talk over wedding plans with Toriko, and is shocked to see how girlish the egg made them look.[12]

Rin and others gather at Toriko Harbor to bid farewell to the Four Heavenly Kings and Komatsu as they head off on their journey into the Gourmet World. She promises to Toriko to look after the Human World and to make preparations for their wedding ceremony once he returns with GOD as their wedding cake.[13]

PAIR Arc[]

When the delivery of Gourmet World ingredients finally came into the Human World, Rin joined up with many of the Human World's skilled personnel who journeyed to Gourmet World in order to assist the Heavenly Kings. When everyone arrived in Area 8's Hex Food World, Rin was told by the Daruma Hermit that the Heavenly Kings had already departed from the Area 8 and headed to Area 7, much to her disappointment. However the Daruma Hermit then offered them their last remaining Safety Monster to help take the group to Area 7.

She and the other group arrives to partake in the party with the apes of Area 7 after acquiring PAIR from Bambina. She is happy to meet Toriko again but is shocked and confused to see he turned into a woman and asked him to turn back to normal. She then drank some of PAIR with the others and was mortified to discover Zonge's female form was Bambina's late lovers appearance. She then listened as Kaka revealed that the earth has been prepared to be eaten for millions of years by the Nitros'. After she is taken away, Rin and the others prepare to head out with Kuriboh assistance, she leaves Area 7 with Toriko and the others and heads to Area 6.


Within the Black Triangle of Area 6, in order to acquire ANOTHER and the remaining ingredients, Rin and her group are told by the Gold Chef Jiji to split up into other groups in order to acquire the remaining ingredients of Acacia's Full Course. As Toriko heads out Rin wishes him to be safe and the latter promises once he returns with GOD they will have their wedding, leaving her deeply touched.

After Don Slime leaves to fight Neo, Rin and some of the others left for the Human World with part of ANOTHER.[5]

GOD Arc[]

By the end of the arc, Toriko and Rin are married and his Full Course is eaten at their wedding reception.[6]

Appearances in Other Media[]

Toriko Jump Special[]


Rin in the OVA.

Rin made a brief cameo in this OVA in its ending credits, where she is shown in the 1st Biotope alongside several beasts and Mansam.

Toriko 3D Movie: Kaimaku! Gourmet Adventure!![]

Rin appears in the credits of the first Toriko film Toriko 3D Movie: Kaimaku! Gourmet Adventure!!, which depicts the scene from the Regal Mammoth Arc where she sprays a Devil Serpent with Battle Fragrance.

Toriko the Movie: Bishokushin's Special Menu[]

In Toriko the Movie: Bishokushin's Special Menu, Rin accompanies Toriko and the rest on their trip to find the location of Acacia's special menu.


Toriko: Gourmet Survival[]

In Toriko: Gourmet Survival for the PSP, Rin appears as a supporting character who assists Toriko, Sunny and Coco in their hunts by confusing animals with her fragrances. She and Mansam accompany Toriko and the others at the start of the game to Megamori Island after they were hired by Fond De Bohno to help him capture ingredients there. Throughout most of the game, she cheers Toriko on or flirts with him in dialogue scenes.

Toriko: Gourmet Survival 2[]

In Toriko: Gourmet Survival 2 for the PSP, Rin once again appears as a supporting character who can assist Toriko, Sunny, Coco, Zebra and Teppei on their treks through the Gattsuki Continent. She and Mansam accompany Toriko and the others to the continent at the start of the game to help out with Bohno's newest request.

Toriko: Gourmet Monsters[]

In Toriko: Gourmet Monsters for the 3DS, Rin appears as a playable and supporting character who can be used to compete in Gourmet Royale battles with beasts that she can capture in the wild and tame for battle. She also offers support to the Four Heavenly Kings at some points in the game and Rikky can be acquired from her for use in battles. Rikky also acts as her main fighting animal.

Toriko: Ultimate Survival[]

In Toriko: Ultimate Survival, Rin appears in the game as both a support and playable character for the first time in the Survival series. Rin can use her fragrances to subdue beasts as in prior games in the Survival series and can now also use her Fragrance Swords in combat.



Rin's CAD

  • She ranked 11th in the first Popularity Poll with 242 votes.
  • She is Toriko's future wife.
    • Ironically, when she asked him to marry her after returning from the Gourmet World, Toriko said yes, twice. Much to the shock of everyone present, and thus turning Rin's dream into reality.
  • Rin scored 2 in Power, 5 in Speed, 5 in Intelligence, 5 in Appetite, and 6 in Special Abilities on her Capture Ability Data of Volume 7, by the events of Regal Mammoth Arc.
  • Her voice actor also voices Kopuriko.
  • On the 50th anniversary illustration of jump magazine she is revealed to be pregnant.


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