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Rock Condor upclose
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Japanese ガンセキコンドル
Romanized Gansekikondoru
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Type Bird
Capture Level 27
Length 3m
Weight 700kg
Price Meat not fit for consumption, but its vocal chords go for 50,000 - 1 million yen
Habitat Rocky places, like mines, Heavy Hole
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 122
Anime Episode 56
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The Rock Condor is a rock-armored bird beast residing in the gravity intense underground cave of Heavy Hole and in other rocky places. When its Amplifier Stone (or Microphone Stone) reaches the market, which is very rare, its practical uses makes it very popular.


Its body appears to be made out of solid rock, with even its feathers appearing to be rock-like. Its vocal cords are made out of stones but it is unknown if the rest of its internal anatomy is made from minerals, as well.

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Typically, it camouflages itself against rocks to surprise its prey.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

It has an extremely powerful and loud voice, and from its vocal cords, the "Amplifier Stone" can be harvested, which amplifies and echoes the sounds around it several times over. It is also fully capable of flight despite, having rock-like feathers, and, living in the most gravity intense location in the Human World, showing that it has a great deal of stamina and strength.


Melk Stardust ArcEdit

Melk the First uses an amplifier stone from the Rock Condor in order to enhance the volume of his low pitch voice. Another Amplifier Stone was given to Toriko by Melk the First which he has a used a few times since then.[1]


The Rock Condor has so far been featured in a few pieces of Toriko merchandise, such as a figurine on the miniature toyline and on a sticker.


  • The Rock Condor was the work of Imachi Yuku-kun from Gifu prefecture.


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