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Ham flower
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Japanese Rose Ham Flower: ローズハム
Rose Ham Seed: ローズハムの種
Romanized Rose Ham Flower: Rōzuhamu
Rose Ham Seed: Rōzuhamu no tane
Aliases Roast Ham Flower
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Type Plant/Meat
Capture Level 15
Length 35cm
Weight 400g
Price 60,000 yen
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Manga Chapter 184
Anime Episode 106
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Rose Ham Flower (ローズハム Rōzuhamu) is a special plant whose seed is used for Food Honor training.


Ham seed

A Rose Ham Seed.

The Rose Ham Seed of a Rose Ham Flower can only grow if it receives deep levels of gratitude. The more the appreciation of the thought, the faster the seed buds into a Rose Ham Flower.

The petals of its flower are the favorite food of the Sandwicherflies.


The Rose Ham Seed is used for the practitioners in the Shokurin Temple to learn Food Honor, it increases the patience and give gratitude towards ingredients.


Bubble Fruit ArcEdit

As part of their Food Honor training, Toriko and Komatsu had to plant and grow Rose Ham Seeds. After several days and long hours of meditation and gratitude, the duo was finally able grow their seeds into Rose Ham Flowers, and during this time they gained greater inner focus and heightened control of their energy exertion.



  • The Rose Ham Flower and its seed are the work of Kurichii-san from Kanagawa prefecture.
  • Their names are pun on Rose Flower and Roast Ham.

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