Mushroom  Rose Meat  Sushi
Rose Meat Eps 42
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Japanese バラ肉
Romanized Bara niku
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Type Plant/Meat
Location Peaceful Island
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Manga Volume 29.5
Anime Episode 42
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Rose Meat (バラ肉 Bara niku) is a type of rose flower with plenty of petals that look and taste just like savory fat meat and tender red meat, and when it blooms it has an almost enchanting taste.



Its twinkling rose petals are made of delicious and very fatty rib meat, and its flavor is truly savory even when uncooked, but it tastes even better when grilled.


Those seeking to pluck this precious flower should be weary, for its thorns are quite poisonous and may extend if plucked. Despite this slight risk, the Rose Meat mainly grows on Peaceful Island, the most peaceful location in the world.



  • The Rose Meat was created by pen name Garubonara from Oita Prefecture for the anime's Gourmet Monsters Contest.
  • Eiichiro Oda, the author of One Piece made his own variation of the Rose Meat for the release of Volume 29.5 of Toriko. The only difference between Garubonara and Oda's Rose Meat is that Oda's Rose Meat petals taste like Chateaubriand and can be bought at any night store in the Human World.

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