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Japanese ラッシャー
Romanized Rasshā
IGO Icon 2.png Bestiary IGO Icon 2.png
Type Bird
Capture Level Unknown
Habitat Blue Grill (Area 6)
RiceBall.png Debut Appearance Manga meat.png
Manga Gourmet 329
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Russhers (ラッシャー Rasshā) are a species of large two-headed pelicans and one of the many types of birds used by the people of Blue Grill to help with their deliveries.


It is a very large species of pelican with two heads and with dark-colored feathers on its body but lighter-colored feathers on its underside.


Russhers are apparently non-hostile creatures that can be tamed by others to perform tasks. They are intelligent enough to follow orders and are seemingly loyal creatures.

Powers and Abilities[]

Russhers, as their name shows, are fast flyers who quickly rush to where they are needed. They can move with great grace and agility and can maneuver their baskets to catch falling ingredients no matter how small they are.


These birds can be tamed and trained into serving as delivery birds and they can memorize locations and follow orders so as to deliver and pick up desired goods at a moment's notice.



One of the Ten-Shell Five sends a Russher to collect the pieces of a Corgolem offspring. Komatsu and his support group are quite astonished by its sudden appearance.

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