Members of the ST10
Japanese エスティーテン
スピリチュアル テイスター
Romanized Esutī Ten
Supirichuaru Teisutā
Aliases Spiritual Tasters
Affiliation Blue Grill
Status Active
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 332
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The ST10 (エスティーテン Esutī Ten), or more formally the Spiritual Tasters (スピリチュアル テイスター Supirichuaru Teisutā), are the ten expert judges of taste in Blue Grill. Their refined sense of taste allows them to perfectly judge cuisine from both the physical world and the spirit world, such as Spirit Food. They are rarely seen together and it is considered quite a rare sight to have them all together in one place.

Like several of the inhabitants of Blue Grill, the ST10 wear strange and exotic masks which conceal their true appearances, indicating that they are actually Food Spirits possessing the bodies of other living beings.

They are quite similar to the Human World's Gourmet Seven who are also renowned "Taste Masters".



All ten members of the ST10 came to Grill Stadium to judge the match between the Five 10-Shell Cooks and five of the Top 100 Chefs.

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