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Japanese サフラ
Romanized Safura
Race Human
Gender Female.png Female
Professional Status
Occupation Gourmet Hunter
Partner Cumin (chef combo)
Babu (animal partner)
Personal Status
Relatives Cumin (brother)
Unnamed Father (deceased)
Debut Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 69
Japanese Voice Sendai Eri
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Safla is a female gourmet hunter and the younger sister and combo partner of chef Cumin. She and her brother inherited their father's curry restaurant and his legendary Gatsukatsu Curry recipe after his death and formed a combo to maintain it.

Her animal partner is a Bubble Knuckle named Babu.


She is a beautiful young woman of short stature with fair skin, bright blue eyes and bright blue hair with two long ponytails. She is quite short but is still taller than Komatsu and despite her size she is stronger than she looks. She normally wears a glove-less wetsuit with two pink stripes coming from her shoulders, and the upper body, sides and feet of the suit are dark blue in color while the midriff and inner thighs are light blue.

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She is a strong willed and brave person, as she goes out on hunts to gather ingredients for her brother. She is often annoyed by her brother's constant crying and believes crying to be a weakness, although it does not stop her from caring for him, and she even shed some tears of her own after completing their father's curry.

Powers and Abilities[]

Safla wrestling a Consommenatoros and removing its skin.

Despite her small stature and frame, she is a very agile and strong hunter despite appearing to not have Gourmet Cells and is capable of handling creatures with capture levels in their 20s. She is strong enough to be able to tear off the shed skin of a Consommenatoros off its body while wrestling with its tail despite the creature's large size and erratic movements to get her off. However because her strength and speed do not seem to border on superhuman, she relies on her animal partner Babu for assistance when needing to fight or escape from more dangerous foes.

She is a very capable swimmer and judging from her attire, seems to specialize in capturing underwater ingredients and can even swim to very deep depths, showing that she can resist underwater pressure and hold her breath for long periods.


Toriko's Break Arc[]

Safla and Babu appear.

After Toriko, Rin and Komatsu were informed by Safla's brother Cumin that she was lost out at sea after she went looking for ingredients to help her brother prepare his Gatsukatsu Curry, the three volunteered to find her and with the aid of Tom and his ship they set out to sea to find her. Eventually they manage to find Safla and Babu chasing a school of Harisenka and she immediately recognizes Toriko. She then tells them that she wasn't lost but had been trying to escape from a relentless Shumohksalmon that had been pursuing her. The Shumohksalmon then appears once more but this time is subdued by Toriko. With the threat out of the way Safla could now make her way to the Islandhorse where the final ingredients she needed where located, and Toriko and the others went along with her to help.

Safla capturing the ingredients.

Upon arriving on the Islandhorse, the group spread out to find the needed ingredients, with Safla (with Komatsu) successfully capturing a Potacarronion Bird and some shed skin from a Consommenatoros. They are later pursued by an Black Soil Snake and some Broccobats, and are eventually cornered. Luckily a Roboster and a Yashimodoki fell from the sky and landed on the beasts, instantly incapacitating them, much to their confusion. Unbeknownst to them, the two fallen beasts had actually been victims of Coco and Sunny who had been traveling nearby on the Gourmet Carriage when the two beasts attacked them but quickly sent them flying off into the direction of the Islandhorse where they would unintentionally save Safla and Komatsu. Later Safla and Komatsu meet up with Toriko again after he successfully defeated the Watiger, the final ingredient needed for the Gatsukatsu Curry. With all the ingredients in their possession, the group heads back to Gourmet Beach to give Cumin the good news and deliver the ingredients to him.

When they return to Cumin with the ingredients in hand, Cumin tearfully thanks them for helping his sister, however he is doubtful about preparing the Gatsukatsu Curry, as his father never left him the proper instructions nor did he ever teach him the proper methods, and thus he believed that his father never had faith in him. Safla then angrily tells him to not be such a crybaby especially about their father, but even she begins to tear up at the though. Luckily with some encouraging words from Komatsu and an encouraged Safla, Cumin understands that his father never told him as he always believed his son could find out the truth on his own. Cumin is then able to prepare the curry, but is still missing something, Safla then realizes that the missing key ingredient that their father always described to them was near them all along, the fruit of the Bonbon Wood tree that grew on the hill right behind their stand, and the same tree that Cumin and Safla used to play under as children with their father. Safla then brings the fruit to Cumin, restoring his faith and allowing him to make Gatsukatsu Curry for all the beach goers and even manages to impress Zebra. Safla and Cumin then thank Toriko for all his help and they watch on as the Fireworcuits light up the sky.


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