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Mother Wood, the main Saiseiya HQ.
Japanese 再生屋
Romanized Saisei-ya
English Gourmet Reviver
Aliases Regeneration Provider,
Affiliation Life,
Mother Wood
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 64
Anime Episode 23
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A Saiseiya (再生屋 Saisei-ya, literally meaning "Regeneration Provider"; Viz: "Gourmet Reviver") is a protector of ingredients, who tries to prevent them from being exhausted and in some cases (if they possess the skill to do so) revive them.

They have the authority to arrest anyone who poaches, as in the case of Zebra's capture. Many Saiseiyas work in the country Life and it acts as a headquarters and gathering point for many. They are ostensibly neutral when it comes to hunting, choosing to take neither the side of a Gourmet Hunter nor a beast if they are in battle, but will step in when an ingredient is being illegally poached or is endangered or when a comrade or civilian is in danger (but if the beast attacking is of an endangered status then the Saiseiya can only help with evacuation and protection while only lending side support to a nearby Gourmet Hunter).

Saiseiyas also have a complex and efficient alert network, that keeps them constantly informed on the latest occurrences or dangers. The alert network even keeps track of all saiseiyas and if one is in a critical situation, nearby Saiseiyas will be alerted and come to their aid; however, the full workings of the alert network (such as if it uses technology or natural methods to keep track of saiseiyas and news) is not fully known.

List of Known Saiseiya[]

MohyanGC YosakuGC TeppeiGC PukinGC KaitoraHS
Mohyan Shaishai Yosaku Teppei Pukin Kaitora
UnnamedSaiseiya1 UnnamedSaiseiya2 UnnamedSaiseiya3 DinnerGC Ika's face
Kyurumu Boran Etsuru Dinner Ika

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