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IGO Icon 2.png Name IGO Icon 2.png
Japanese サラマンダースフィンクス
Romanized Saramandāsufinkusu
English Salamander Sphinx
Aliases Mellow Cola
IGO Icon 2.png Bestiary IGO Icon 2.png
Type Mammal
Capture Level 92
Length 65m
Height 27m
Weight 700t
Price 100g / 30,000 yen (meat)
Habitat Gourmet Pyramid
Related Mellow Cola (its tears)
RiceBall.png Debut Appearance Manga meat.png
Manga Gourmet 136
Anime Episode 64
Game Toriko: Gourmet Survival 2
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The Salamander Sphinx (サラマンダースフィンクス Saramandāsufinkusu) is the ruler of the Gourmet Pyramid, found very deep down in its lowest levels. As such, it is an extremely powerful fighter, with Toriko and Zebra having to work very hard together to take it down and effectively using up all of their energy in the process.


The Salamander Sphinx is a gigantic beast with a body structure that is similar to a lion's. Its skin is completely covered in tough green scales and its mane is orange and has a very elaborate, curly, and wavy style. It has an intimidating humanoid face with pitch black eyes and yellow pupils, a long purple tongue, and a large fanged maw. On its back it has slightly large white wings, although they appear to be vestigial and it is unknown if it can fly with them. It has a living snake for tail which has a triangular-shaped head and both it and the Salamander Sphinx share the same sense of pain.

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It is a very ferocious beast with a very foul temper who has little mercy for those that enter its territory and will immediately attack on sight. However it does appear to be able to show genuine happiness, as shown when it was finally able to cry and release all the built up cola in its eyes.

Powers and Abilities[]

Its attacks consist of using its sharp claws, its powerful prehensile tongue, and extending mane. It was able to dissipate Zebra's Roar Bullet and Sound Wall and take several of Toriko and Zebra's attacks unfazed. It can create powerful air slashes merely by lightly waving its paw. Zebra also commented that he couldn't find a weakness with his Weak-Point Voice, or that it simply didn't have a definite one and that a weak point must be exposed when certain attacks are done in a specified order. Even after taking a considerable beating from both Toriko and Zebra, it was able to completely recover very quickly afterwards and quickly chases Toriko, Zebra and Komatsu away.

The Salamander Sphinx has one of the highest Human World capture levels, making it one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, natural Human World beast.


As Food[]

It is the producer of the Mellow Cola, which Toriko was able to detect through smell. It is said by Melk that the Mellow Cola matures inside of it's body, and a cook book found by Komatsu and wall imprints state that its tears are the Cola, as the storage for the sugar in its body (similar to how Sea Turtles eject salt stored in their bodies through their tears when they lay eggs). Despite the beating it must take to release the cola it is noted as looking happy from releasing the cola, likely from whatever pressure the build up caused.

It appears that its meat is in fact edible and can fetch over 30,000 yen in markets. However it is never mentioned what its meat tastes like.

Special Cooking Preparations[]

Certain pain-inducing methods must be done in sequence to carbonate the sugary tears before they can be produced as Cola.[1]

  • Evenly pound the Salamander Sphinx's entire body
  • Hit its solar plexus
  • Cutting scales off of its back
  • Slicing at the back of its legs, starting with its front right leg and proceeding clockwise
  • Simultaneously pulling a feather from each wing
  • Pounding its snake tail

Once done the oxidized scum on the surface of its tear glands are released, even the scum is high quality cola. Afterwards the true Mellow Cola is released, enough to cause a small flood and more than one person could drink alone.


Mellow Cola Arc[]

When Toriko, Zebra, and Komatsu go seeking the Mellow Cola in the Gourmet Pyramid, they encounter this monstrous beast in the lower levels of the pyramid[2] where it easily overwhelms them with its incredible strength. Luckily Komatsu discovers an ancient cook book which explains that the Mellow Cola is actually the beast's tears,[3] and using the instructions in the book, Komatsu is able to guide Toriko and Zebra through the beast's weak spots. And after much effort and blood they finally make the beast cry, releasing the Mellow Cola.[4] However the Mellow Cola is quickly swallowed by a reawakened mummified Nitro, who quickly tries to kill Komatsu and attack Toriko and Zebra with its incredible might.[5] But soon enough they manage to gain the upper hand,[6] and with the last bit of their strength, they are able to kill the Nitro once and for all. At that moment the Salamander Sphinx begins to cry once more, and as it turned out, the tears the Nitro drank earlier were actually greasy build up and the true Mellow Cola was being cried out by the beast then and there, gifting the drink the three had gone through so much hardship for.[7]

Cooking Festival Arc[]

The Salamander Sphinx crying when Zebra visits.

Gourmet Pyramid was destroyed by King Octopus Kong,[8] but the Salamander Sphinx was uninjured. While Sunny, Coco, and Toriko were fulfilling IGO requests for ingredients for the Cooking Festival, Zebra re-visited Gourmet Pyramid. Amazingly, the Salamander Sphinx remembered Zebra and appeared fond of him (or perhaps terrified into submission). The Sphinx immediately began to cry when Zebra arrived, but stopped when Zebra told it to, and even nodded along when Zebra warned that there could be danger coming soon, and that the Sphinx should try to stay alive. The Salamander Sphinx seemed sad as it watched Zebra leave.

On his way out of Gourmet Pyramid, Zebra sealed the entrance with a Sound Wall. Most likely, Zebra did this to protect the Salamander Sphinx itself, but he might also have been trying to prevent others from taking Mellow Cola in the future. Unfortunately, shortly after Zebra left, Joie easily broke down the Sound Wall in search of the Ancient Cookbook. Since Komatsu had the cookbook, Joie was unsuccessful in his search, but it is unclear if he hurt or otherwise interacted with the Salamander Sphinx before leaving Gourmet Pyramid.


In the video game series, the Salamander Sphinx is shown to have a variety of different subspecies:

Appearances in Other Media[]

Toriko: Gourmet Survival 2[]

Salamander Sphinx in Toriko: Gourmet Survival 2.

The Salamander Sphinx makes its video game debut in Toriko: Gourmet Survival 2 as the boss of the Gattsuki Continent's desert region and it is one of the three strongest beasts in the game, alongside the Pankuchen and Earth Bear. The Four Heavenly Kings encounter this beast deep beneath the ruins of the desert, however the battle this time proves much easier for them as all four united to take it down instead of just Toriko and Zebra.

Toriko: Gourmet Monsters[]

Salamander Sphinx in Toriko: Gourmet Monsters.

The Salamander Sphinx appears in the 3DS game Toriko: Gourmet Monsters as one the many tamable enemy beasts in the game. After being tamed, it can be entered in Gourmet Royale matches and fight in wild battles. It is a fearsome and strong beast with very high stats.

Toriko: Gourmet Battle[]

The Salamander Sphinx appears in Toriko: Bakushoku Gourmet Battle as an enemy beast in the game and collectible card. Its card's statistics classify it as a "Power" class beast.

Toriko: Ultimate Survival[]

The Salamander Sphinx appears in the PSP game Toriko: Ultimate Survival as one the many enemy beasts living on Four Seasons Island.


The Salamander Sphinx has been featured in several merchandise items, such as a miniature figurine, on several trading cards and two videos games.

Salamander figure.jpg
Salamander Sphinx figurine
Salamander Sphinx trading card
Salamander Sphinx figure.jpg
Salamander Sphinx keychain


  • It is unknown if there is more than one Salamander Sphinx in the Pyramid as only one member of this species was ever seen in it.
  • Despite its amalgamated appearance and the fact that it has a snake for a tail, it is not considered a mixed breed and is still only a mammal beast.
  • It ranked 24th in the first Popularity Poll with 29 votes, tied with the GT Robo and Ichiryu.


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