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Salmon Wyvern
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Japanese サーモンワイバーン
Romanized Sāmon Waibān
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Type Fish Dragon Beast
Capture Level 205
Length 16m
Weight 12t
Price 100g / 120,000 yen
Habitat Area 8 (Slow Rain Hills)
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 250
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The Salmon Wyvern is a fish-dragon beast that resides in the Gourmet World.


It is a winged creature with a reptilian and fish body of a good but not large muscular build, long wings surrounded by scales and flippers as feet.


Cooking Festival ArcEdit

A flock of Salmon Wyverns that were flying near the Stray Islands were pulled in by an Emperor Ring produced by the confrontation of Ichiryu and Midora, where their mortal techniques of Minority World and Hungry Space annihilated these beasts.


Difference between Manga and AnimeEdit

  • Salmon Wyvern were omitted in the anime.


Salmon Wyvern Submission

Salmon Wyvern Submission

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