Sand Garden
Desert Map Eps 60
Japanese サンドガーデン
Romanized Sandogāden
English Sand Garden
Location Wak Continent (Human World)
Affiliation Sand Kingdom
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 129
Anime Episode 61
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Sand Garden (サンドガーデン Sandogāden) is a massive desert region situated atop an isolated table-top mountain in the middle of the Wak Continent's Sand Cloud Valley and it is one of the largest desert regions in the Human World. It is 39,000,000 Sq. Kilometers. The main capital of Sand Garden is the Sand Kingdom and its most notable landmark is the Gourmet Pyramid, one of the "Seven Gourmet Wonders".


Within this desert region are many types of deserts such as "Gourmet Deserts", "Rice Deserts", "Black Sugar Deserts", "Natural Resources Deserts" and "Jewel Deserts". The only way to reach the region, one must take a Lift House to gain access into the area as the Sand Cloud Valley is too deep and turbulent to cross by either land or air.


  • Sand Kingdom
  • Desert City
  • Desert Labyrinth
  • Gourmet Pyramid
  • Gourmet Desert Zone (グルメ砂漠地帯 Gurume Sabaku Chitai)
    • Muscovado Desert (黒糖砂漠 Kokutō Sabaku)
    • Rice Desert (米砂漠 Kome Sabaku)
  • Jewel Desert Zone (ジュエル砂漠地帯 Jueru Sabaku Chitai)
    • Gold Sand Desert (砂金砂漠 Sakin Sabaku)
    • Diamond Desert (ダイヤ砂漠 Daiya Sabaku)
  • Resource Desert Zone (資源砂漠地帯 Shigen Sabaku Chitai)
    • Coal Desert (石炭砂漠 Sekitan Sabaku)
    • Rare Earth Element Desert (レアアース砂漠 Reaāsu Sabaku)


Desert Zones

Red Sand Maze

  • Unnamed brutish beast
  • Unnamed beast made of sand
  • Countless serpentine beasts dwelling in the sands

Gourmet Pyramid


Ancient Nitro CivilizationEdit

Thousands of years ago, the Nitros established a prosperous civilization within the Gourmet Pyramid with intricate and giant architecture and fertile soil. The Humans of that era however were not so lucky, and were either used as slaves or ingredients by the Nitro.

Mysteriously, the Nitro civilization eventually came to an end and all traces of their cities and society were forever buried deep beneath the sand with the last standing monument of their rule being the ancient Gourmet Pyramid.

Mellow Cola ArcEdit

End of a Desert WarEdit

During the Gourmet Age, the country used to be plagued by war, thus, the local populations were unable to gain any income due to the army's occupancy and the dangerous "Living Weapons" that were released near the inhabited areas, but after Zebra was discharged from Honey Prison a cease fire was ordered which finally ended the long war plaguing the land and gave it the opportunity to prosper once more. Because of this, Zebra is viewed as a guardian deity by the poor people of Sand Garden and even more so after he helped to kill the violent living weapon that had been tormenting Sand Garden's villages for so long.

Nitro EscapeEdit

Unbeknownst to the people of Sand Garden, the ancient Nitro rulers of Sand Garden still lived within the Gourmet Pyramid in a long dormant state and are unintentionally brought back to life by chef Komatsu. After their revival, one is killed by Toriko and Zebra but another manages to escape and its whereabouts are unknown.

Four Beast ArcEdit

When the Four Beast's "limbs" enter the Human World, one of its "limbs", the King Octopus Kong, destroys the Gourmet Pyramid's surface structure for none to ever see again, luckily its interior remains in tact.



  • The Sand Garden is approximately 4x the size of the Sahara, the largest hot desert in the world.
    • With a land size of 39,000,000 km², Sand Garden is even larger than the entire continent of Africa by 8,935,000 km², while Africa is 30,065,000 km².

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