Mushroom  Sand Ice  Sushi
Sand Ice Eps 61
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English Sand Ice
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Type Shaved Ice treat
Capture Level Unknown
Location Sand Garden
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Anime Episode 61
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Sand Ice is a unique type of shaved ice from one of the many gourmet deserts of Sand Garden that never melts even under the blazing heat of the hot sun.


While its inability to melt would make it seem inedible, it can melt when it receives the proper stimulus, such as biting into it, thus releasing a refreshingly sweet and cool sensation within the mouth that's packed with deliciousness.


Its flavor is described as being like rock candy and it may cause brain freeze if eaten too fast.


Mellow Cola ArcEdit

Toriko and Komatsu purchased some Sand Ice before heading out into the desert. And it was the stand's owner who provided them with desert equipment.

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