Sand Kingdom
Sand Garden.. Eps 61
Japanese 砂の王国
Romanized Suna no ōkoku
English Sand Kingdom
Location Sand Garden (Wak Continent)
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 129
Anime Episode 61
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The Sand Kingdom refers to the ruling kingdom of Sand Garden which rules over most of the desert realm.


Sand Garden Eps 61

The Sand Kingdom as seen from above.

The capital is a sprawling and massive city with a very vibrant and exotic architecture. There is a massive towering building near the cliffs of the city that acts as the Lift House entrance. About 5 kilometers from the Sand Kingdom capital is the smaller and rundown Desert City.[1]


The people of the Sand Kingdom center their culture around the harsh dessert environment, wearing large robes and turbans to protect themselves from the heat and using mainly camels as transport. Their restaurants and other food establishments specialize in the preparation of the ingredients in Sand Garden's gourmet desserts, with such establishments being referred to as "Sand Cuisine" restaurants.

The people of the Sand Kingdom's capital seem to live average lives and were apparently physically unaffected by the war that plagued their country unlike Desert City, although they suffered severe economic losses due to the decay of the tourism industry.



Around 500 GA, a war broke out in Sand Garden where a warring country from far away took possession of the Desert City in the Sand Kingdom, causing much bloodshed and suffering for the defenseless people outside the capital and causing the deaths of over 1000 people. Because of the war, tourism severely dropped causing an economic depression as well for the people of Sand Garden.

Mellow Cola ArcEdit

When Zebra was released from Honey Prison, many countries worldwide went into a state of emergency and warring countries ceased fire and formed peace treaties to protect each other from the chaotic Zebra. Thanks to Zebra's release, the Sand Kingdom and its enemies ceased fire and made pacts to help defend themselves against Zebra, finally bringing an end to the war and restoring peace and prosperity to the Sand Kingdom.

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

  • In the anime, the city is given a symbol of fortune in the form of a Perot.


  • The Sand Kingdom has a clear middle-eastern/Egyptian influence.


  1. Chapter 131 and Episode 61

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