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Sapphire Ant
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Japanese サファイアント
Romanized Safaianto
English Sapphire Ant
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Type Insect
Capture Level 702
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 299
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The Sapphire Ant (サファイアント Safaianto) is a gigantic species of crystalline ant which inhabits the lands of Area 7.


Its body appears to be made from pure sapphire. Sapphire Ants are large enough to tower over a Denshark that has a body length of 2 kilometers.


This creature will not hesitate to confront potential prey. Like all of Area 7's native fauna, this beast fears the deadly Sandoriko, a dangerous flower that has killed countless beasts in the past.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Its gargantuan size likely endows it with great strength and weight, and its sapphire also likely gives it great endurance. With a capture level of 702, it is an extremely powerful beast and much more powerful than any Human World beast. However, it is still vulnerable to the effects of the Sandoriko.


PAIR ArcEdit

Sapphire Ant Running Away

Sapphire Ant Running Away from the Sandoriko

A Sapphire Ant was first seen confronting the Denshark of the Four Heavenly Kings, luckily it was scared off when Kaka revealed the presence of the Sandoriko in their possession.


Sapphire Ant Submission

Sapphire Ant Submission

  • It was created by Foolman of Fukui prefecture.

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