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Satellite Warship
Other Satellite Warship
Creator(s) Allied Forces
Purpose To defend the Human World
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 196
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The Satellite Warships are large weaponized spacecrafts used by the Allied Forces as one of their many military weapons.


Satellite Warships are large and presumably unmanned space structures. The main core of the satellite is circular and it is equipped with six large laser cannons that can be fired multiple times. It possesses three large solar panels at its sides along with a smaller pair of panels at its top due to the large energy output of the laser cannons. It has two small satellites at its side for contact below. The interior of the shuttle is not shown.


Satellite Warship shooting

The Satellite Warship firing its laser cannons.

The Satellite Warships are equipped with six large laser cannons capable of rapid fire and devastating destructive power. The cannons can fire dozens of laser blasts to the planet below and destroy almost anything in its way. A full power blast from all six cannons in unison can yield incredible destructive results especially when combined with the rest of the Allied Forces' weapons which can create a blast powerful enough to turn 10 million kilometers of the surface into a wasteland instantly. Despite their impressive military power, the Satellite Warships are completely useless against the powerful beasts from Gourmet World which can easily dodge the laser cannons' fire or take the full blunt of the lasers' blast without receiving a burn or a scratch.


Four Beast ArcEdit


A Satellite Warship's lasers being easily dodged by the Gaoh.

During the invasion of the Four Beasts on the Human World, the Allied Forces released all of their forces to deal with the threat of the Four Beasts including their Satellite Warships which had locked on to the beasts from space with their laser cannons. However every blast fired from their laser cannons proved ineffective as they were easily dodged by the Gaoh, and even a combined blast which created a massive explosion proved ineffective as well against the likes of the King Octopus Kong, Invaitdeath or the Mounturtle's tough outer hides.


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