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IGO Icon 2.png Name IGO Icon 2.png
Japanese 蠍魔牛
Romanized Sasori Magyū
English Scorpion Demon Cattle
Aliases Scorpion Demon Cow,
Scorpion Demon Bull
IGO Icon 2.png Bestiary IGO Icon 2.png
Type Mammal
Capture Level 53 (for a child)
Height 11m
Weight 8t
Price Meat too tough for consumption
Diet Carnivorous (may be Omnivorous)
Habitat Heavy Hole
RiceBall.png Debut Appearance Manga meat.png
Manga Gourmet 119
Anime Episode 54
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The Scorpion Demon Cattle (蠍魔牛 Sasori Magyū) is a rare and legendary species of beast that has been living in Heavy Hole since long ago, said to have climbed up from the depths of Hell itself.

A member of this species is briefly under the ownership of Melk the First during his time in Heavy Hole.


It resembles a hideous hybrid between a cow, a scorpion and a demon. Its head is like that of a cow's but with a humanoid nose and asymmetrical horns. Its eyes are normally green but when intimidating prey, its eyes glow an eerie red color. It has a muscular and somewhat humanoid torso and its skin is dark brown and leathery and is covered in red veins. It also possesses at least one nipple on each of its pink pecs and abs. It has incredibly muscular arms with large scorpion-like pincers at the end of them instead of hooves. Its legs are equally muscular and its hooves appear to have a metallic shine. It also has a long skinny tail with a scorpion stinger on the end of it.

An adult of this species is referred to as a Scorpion Demon King Cattle (蠍魔王牛), and unlike younger cattle, it is larger in size and has gray skin, curved symmetrical horns that are massive in size, even larger and shelled red-colored pincers, and a thicker and larger scorpion tail with a bulbous stinger.[1]

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It is a vicious and territorial beast, but if tamed it becomes obedient and protective and will show no hostility to anyone its master does not consider a threat. It is also intelligent enough to understand human language and accepts orders from its master without question and carries them out with swift efficiency.

Powers and Abilities[]

The only individual seen is still a child but has gotten strong enough to be unrivaled within the hole and helps Melk the First gather stones. According to Melk the First, even though his bull is a child, it is capable of defeating Toriko and still have strength left to spare. It also appears to have excellent hearing, able to hear the voice of Melk the First without difficulty.[2]


The meat of the Scorpion Demon Cattle is too tough to chew, making it inedible. However, if successfully tamed or won over, the Scorpion Demon Cattle proves to be a loyal and valuable animal partner that can even serve as a guard or companion.


Melk Stardust Arc[]

A Scorpion Demon Cattle is first seen munching on fallen Balbamoths.[3] It later confronts Toriko when he reaches the bottom of Heavy Hole.[4] Before they could fight, however, the beast is stopped by Melk the First, whom Toriko has trouble hearing due to his low voice. Melk asks the Scorpion Demon Cattle to fetch his Amplifier Stone, which heightens his voice and allows him to explain to Toriko that the beast is his and that Toriko would be no match for it.[2]

Sometime after Toriko departs from Heavy Hole, Melk the First departs as well to meet up with the 0th Biotope at Area 3, forcing him to leave his bull behind.

Appearances in Other Media[]

Toriko: Gourmet Monsters[]

Scorpion Demon Bulls appear in the Heavy Hole region where they can be fought for experience or caught and trained for Gourmet Royale battles.

Toriko: Bakushoku Gourmet Battle[]

Scorpion Demon Bulls and their adult forms can be encountered in Heavy Hole and fought for experience. There is also a Scorpion Demon Cattle subspecies (蠍魔牛亜種), which, unlike regular ones, is completely colored red.

Toriko: Ultimate Survival[]

A Scorpion Demon Cattle can be encountered on Four Seasons Island as a powerful foe. It also now has even more subspecies:

  • Purple Scorpion Demon Cattle (紫蠍魔牛)
  • Yellow Scorpion Demon Cattle (黄蠍魔牛)
  • Blue Scorpion Demon Cattle (青蠍魔牛)
  • Red Scorpion Demon Cattle (赤蠍魔牛): the subspecies from Gourmet Battle



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