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Japanese 灰汁獣 Aku-jū
Aliases Lye Beasts,
Golems (ゴーレム Gōremu)
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Type Mixed/Artificial
Capture Level Varied
Habitat None (Created artificially in Gourmet Corp. labs)
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 159
Anime Episode 107
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A Scum Beast, also known as a Lye Beast or simply Golem, is an artificial animal created by hybridizing all manner of different beasts together for combat purposes. The only organization that handles and produces Scum Beasts is the Gourmet Corp..


More Scum Beast

Scum Beasts in all manner of shapes and sizes.

Due to being made by combining the genetics of different beasts together, their appearance is very varied, with each Scum Beast possessing a unique yet grotesque appearance. Some may look normal enough whilst others resemble something more akin to mutants, with some even having parts of their skeleton or skull exposed and others may even lack skin, which exposes their muscle tissue.

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Scum Beast holding people

A Scum Beast's blood lust.

They are mindless creatures with an insatiable blood lust that only do their master's bidding and appear to posses little to no free will or intelligence of their own. The anime shows that they are capable of feeling joy and euphoria, as shown when the Golem that attacked Shokurin Temple was finding great pleasure in killing the temple's residents and even seemed to laugh excitedly every time it attacked.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Scum Beast slamming the ground

The Golem's monstrous strength

A Scum Beast's strength depends entirely on the DNA of the creatures they were created from, as a scum beast made from weaker beasts will not be very strong, and if made from stronger beasts it will be quite powerful and inherit their abilities.

One such example was the Golem that attacked Shokurin Temple, which was made from very powerful creatures. It displayed monstrous strength, easily crushing three humans into a bloody mess within its own hand without effort. It also possessed the special ability of a beast that could use a skill similar to Food Honor, known as Food Pressure, making it incredibly powerful, swift and resourceful. Its skill and strength were even enough to defeat Shuu and even a top ranking chef like Yuda acknowledges Scum Beasts with Food Pressure as being rather powerful.

The anime shows that Scum Beasts, or at least the Golem at Shokurin Temple has the ability to regenerate lost limbs instantly after being cut off. The anime also shows Scum Beasts being capable of using Appetite Energy.


Meteor Garlic ArcEdit

Several Scum Beasts were kept in the Gourmet Corp.'s base in Gourmet World. When Ichiryu infiltrated their base, Kuromado ordered that all the Lye Beasts available be dispatched to help deal with him, however they never had a chance to attack as their boss allowed Ichiryu to enter and speak his demands.

Bubble Fruit ArcEdit

A Golem is later seen with Chiyo and Ootake when the two chefs attack the Shokurin Temple. During the attack it crushed several of the temple's disciples with its bare hands and proceeded to destroy and kill everything in sight.
Toriko using Kugi Punch on Scum Beast small

The Golem defeated by Toriko's Nail Punch.

The Golem was then confronted by Shuu who tried to stop its rampage or at the very least distract it until Master Chinchin arrived, however he proved no match for the monstrous beast who possessed abilities and skills similar to those who have trained in Food Honor.

After Toriko returned from Bubble Way, he faced off against the brutal Golem, and when the Golem prepared to attack him it realized that its arm had been completely cut to pieces by a small Flying Knife from Toriko. It was then easily defeated by Toriko's Nail Punch which sent it flying and tore it apart.

Cooking Festival ArcEdit

When the Gourmet Corp. invaded Cooking Fest, they brought with them a vast army of Scum Beasts including a Cage Beast to aid with the attack. However, according to the Gourmet Corp. Branch Chiefs many of them were created by hybridizing "small fry" beasts, which was why many of them were easily defeated by many of the stronger fighters at the festival.

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

In the anime, when the Golem at Shokurin Temple grabs the three disciples, it does not crush and kill them in its hands like in the manga and they are instead saved by one of the Assistant Masters who distracts the Golem. The anime also shows the Golem smiling and laughing when it attacks people while in the manga it always retains an emotionless expression when killing. Also in its fight with Toriko, when the Golem gets its arm cut off it quickly regenerates a new one while in the manga its arm is not shown to regenerate.


  • Its name "Golem" comes from the living stone puppets used in old Jewish folklore that would do all their master's bidding.
    • The idea of it being made from different animals is similar to the mythical Chimera.
  • Their name also comes from the scum that forms on the surface of stews and soups where multiple different ingredients have been boiled together, just like the multiple animals the beasts consist of.

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