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Sea Mountain
Sea Mountain.png
Japanese 海山
Romanized Umiyama
English Sea Mountain
Type Mountain
Location Gourmet World (close to Area 6)
Affiliation Gourmet Corp.
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 308
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Sea Mountain is an area within the seas of Gourmet World near Area 6 where the waters form into a gigantic volcano like mountain. The mountainous sea is ravaged by heavy storms and deadly waves and the inside of the mountain has no visibility from the outside.

The mountain itself currently acts as the Gourmet Corp.'s current base of operations.


Despite being known as a mountain, Sea Mountain's formation is actually closer to that of a volcano itself. The waves of the waters flow towards the mountain, eventually reaching to the top where the water then flows into a dark abyss like entry (the entrance to the base of Gourmet Corp.). The waves of the sea are intense and being located in Gourmet World, the dangers of the location is further enhanced along with the severe lightning storms which surround the area.

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