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Japanese 節乃
Romanized Setsuno
Romanized Setsuno
English Setsuno
Aliases Setsunon;
Granny Setsu
Race Human
Gender Female Female
Birthday December 24th
Age Over 500
Status Alive
Height 148 cm
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Occupation Chef
Partner Jiro
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 64
Anime Episode 23
Japanese Uran Sakiko
English Juli Erickson
Wendy Powell (Toriko Collaboration Specials/Toriko x One Piece x DBZ)
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And arm in arm with him... Run forward. People of the next age.

—Setsuno, talking about Nono and Komatsu

Setsuno (節乃) is one of the Gourmet Living Legends, one of the top five chefs in the world, and the long-time Combo partner of world famous Gourmet Hunter, "Knocking Master" Jiro. There are few in the world who can match up to her unbelievable cooking skills, which are thought to be at a similar level to those of the legendary "Chef Goddess" Froese and "Chef King" Zaus, and her skills are implied to be even greater than the Chef King himself, making her one of the greatest chefs in history.[1][2] She is also a powerful figure despite appearances and few dare to provoke her in battle.[3]

After Midora's demise, she is the last surviving member of Acacia and Froese's group. 


Setsuno ExpressionsSetsuno Designs

Setsuno has the typical appearance of an old woman, with pink knot-tied hair, a wide wrinkled face and a very small, hunched body. She is usually seen wearing a pink sweater with orange pants, a white apron, and pink sandals with hearts on them. In Ice Hell, she wears a pink jumpsuit with a small magenta heart in the middle. Much like Jiro she is only seen with her eyes open when she is deadly serious or using Intimidation.


Setsuno in her youth.

In a flashback of her youth during her hunting days with Jiro, she was shown to be a beautiful young woman of average height who kept her long hair in two ponytails and wore red lipstick. In her youth she wore a leopard-skin dress along with leopard-skin armbands.

In the anime, she is shown to own a striped purple and orange bathing suit when going to the beach with Jiro, she will also wear a flower in her hair when at the beach.

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Setsuno is a wise woman of great knowledge and despite her great fame and wealth, she maintains a modest and humble disposition and doesn't mind being spoken to without honorifics (however she does dislike being addressed too formally and expects respect from others), even her dining hall has a modest appearance and she is willing to serve anyone no matter their social status, however reservations must still be made due to the large amounts of requests she receives and the fact that she rarely opens her restaurant to the public due to her respect for the "voice of ingredients" and only opens when her ingredients are ready, and if the mood is right she will welcome anyone to her restaurant with or without reservations to enjoy her cuisine. Her most distinguishing trait is her love and obsession with Jiro and will immediately go goofy and lovestruck when thinking about him, she'll even change the hairstyle of others to match Jiro's, showing just how much she still loves her former partner.




Setsuno and Jiro together at the beach.

Setsuno has strong feelings for Jiro even admitting to being in love with him in her younger days. This relationship seems to have extended to intimacy, as both of them have the same source ingredients on their full course menus and she blushes when she mentions that she worked with him. She even changes Toriko's hairstyle to the pompadour due to her love for Jiro. It is unknown what the full extent of their relationship is as Jiro has children and grandchildren that may or may not be hers as well.[4] When Jiro saved Setsuno during Cooking Fest, he referred to her as "his dear Secchan" and she in return did the same to her "Jiro-chan", indicating that their relationship may still be quite intimate after all these years.[5]


Setsuno attempted to recreate the legendary Century Soup Jiro gave to her at some point and has come very far to duplicating a large portion of its taste and appearance. However, she mentions that it is incomplete and requests Toriko and Komatsu to find the missing ingredient after being impressed by their relationship and strong knowledge and respect of Gourmet Ingredients.

Powers and Abilities[]

Setsuno is one of the Gourmet Living National Treasures and is the head of an enterprise with over 1,000,000 employees. Melk the First said that the knife of Setsuno is one of the few knives he got a shock from after seeing. She is also one of the few people brave enough to call the Gourmet Corp. boss an "idiot". Her Full Course Menu contains ingredients with unmeasurable capture levels that can only be obtained from the Gourmet World. However, she has still lost some of her power since her early days, such as the ability of her Gourmet Cells to "adapt" to environments. This is characterized by her having "white breath" in Ice Hell, meaning her cells did not adapt to the cold environment and warm her body accordingly.

Even in her old age however, she has enough strength to easily pass through Death Falls. She also is able to kill the extremely high level Scum Beasts the Gourmet Corp. had brought with them with a single blow and can fight on equal ground against an opponent that managed to defeat a member of Biotope 0 (although to be fair Chiyo gained an advantage over Chin when his Food Honor faltered and in the end of the battle Chin was able to inflict the same damages to her as she did to him). It is revealed by some of the NEO members that, out of all the fighters in the Cooking Stadium on both the Gourmet Corp.'s and the chef's side, she is the strongest and has yet to get serious. Furthermore, they believed her to be capable of determining the outcome of the war. The fact that Zaus, a high-ranked chef, Kousairou and Kuriboh, two members of Biotope 0, were sent out to kill her is another testament to her immense combat prowess.

She claims that it has been centuries since she has actually bled in battle. She is strong enough to fight against Zaus, Kuriboh, and Koursariou without a problem, defeat Kuriboh, and keep the remaining two struggling against her. Setsuno's greatest feat of strength is when she blocked a powerful attack from the holy blade Cinderella wielded by Joie while only suffering minimal damages. Though it has yet to be confirmed, due to her ranks at various Cooking Fests and the fact she was able to confront Chiyo without effort, she may be a master of Food Honor. Her immense amount of energy suggests she may have learned Food Immersion. Moreover, the image of the technique she utilized to frighten several Scum Beasts might indicate that she can use the Ultimate Routine.

Setsuno seems to be rather capable in martial artistry. She was able to stop and grab Chiyo's knife with ease and parry all her assaults deftly and without causing damage, showing to be perfectly calm all the time.

Her physical abilities are also top-notch: this was first demonstrated when she leaped up several meters and landed on the top of her huge pot. She is also able to stand and run across liquid bodies by rapidly stepping in place before either foot sinks much like basilisk lizards. During the various competitions of the Cooking Fest, she showcased incredible speed, as not only she "walked" on the water, she even outrun Wabutora and other chefs despite going back to check Komatsu and maintained the lead until the very last moment, when Brunch surpassed her.

Moreover, she was able to fight on par with Chiyo's enforced rapidity, and was apparently going to become even faster when Kuriboh grabbed her. She possesses extremely quick reflexes, demonstrated when intercepting Chiyo's knife bare-handed repeatedly, breaking sharp objects thrown at her at close range and effortlessly blocking strikes from her opponent from every and any angle, which allow her to react efficiently to most attacks. Her stamina is remarkable as well, since she finished the Triathlon without breaking a sweat. She looked unaffected by the loss of 10 million kilo-calories.

Setsuno can also tolerate pain excellently, as after being weakened by Kousairou and cut by Zaus, who opened a serious wound in her whole body, she spoke calmly but terribly, exhibiting mere fury. She can heal at an incredibly fast rate, regenerating even the damage done by Zaus's Ittou: Rinne Oroshi, which is said to affect the target and their descendants for generations.

Chef Skills[]

Setsuno is widely regarded as one the greatest chef in the present world, having obtained the title of Super Cook a total of 29 times at Cooking Fest and the even more prestigious position as one of the four Gourmet Living Legends as a recognition of her incredible mastery over the discipline of cooking. She has enough skill to easily do the work of a full team of eight top-level chefs. Some of her achievements, as mentioned by Komatsu, are the removal of radioactivity from Crude Oil Chocolate, Light Mouse cuisine and being the first to handle a Puffer Whale without getting it poisoned. She can also cook the special preparation Medicinal Mochi. It is also likely she is a master of Food Honor


Setsuno's intimidation

Setsuno has a very fearsome Intimidation that can induce fear into even the strongest of opponents. When she is really enraged, a dark figure with round, eerie eyes - perhaps an umibozu - appears behind her back. Her Intimidation is shown to be strong enough to scare off a group of Scum Beasts, despite their violent fighting spirit and their great loyalty to the Gourmet Corp., and is able to send them all a feinted mental image of making their heads explode and to send them fleeing back to their leaders without lifting a finger and without hurting a single one.[6]

Gourmet Cells[]

Alfaro suspects Setsuno has lost some of her power since her early days, such as the ability of her Gourmet Cells to "adapt" to environments because of her "white breath" in Ice Hell, meaning her cells did not adapt to the cold environment and warm her body accordingly. However, this may have been a ruse.[3]

  • AIR:[7] Setsuno's Gourmet Cells awaken in her left arm.
  • ANOTHER:[8] Setsuno's Gourmet Cells awaken in her tongue.
  • GOD:[9] Setsuno's Gourmet Cells awaken in her brain.


Setsuno possesses a powerful kitchen knife called Takitsuba which she rarely brings out (as noted by Yuda), but is capable of achieving tremendous feats with it, such as blocking an attack from the holy blade Cinderella. Yuda stated that there is no other kitchen knife like that. She can change the shape of the knife from that of a serated one to a longer smooth bladed knife with a small point jutting backwards off of the backside of the tip of the blade.

Air Pressure[]

Setsuno breaking Alfaro's plates

Setsuno has the ability to manipulate air pressure to act like a pressure cooker. Her control of this ability is enough to kill numerous beasts instantly and to block one of Chiyo's flying cuts with ease. She is also capable of breaking all of Alfaro's Plate Shuriken from far away with her back turned[10] and Chiyo's crystals at very close range. In battle she can reduce the air pressure around her opponents, making them short of breath and tire easily; however, doing so also allows them to move faster, a backlash she compensates for with her own speed. She has been shown to be able to crush one of Kuriboh's frying pans, which, as he puts it, will never bend a single millimeter, no matter the amount of pressure put on it.

It is possible that since her main form of attack has been to "heat up" and "shatter" things, her technique may involve her sending vibrations into her opponents' particles, in other words, microwaving them in a sense.


High Pressure Cooker small

High Pressure Cooker (大圧力鍋 Dai Atsuryoku Nabe, Jumbo Pressure Cooker in English Versions): Setsuno increases the air pressure around her target and crushes them. This attack moves at high speed and is very hard to avoid, since it uses the atmosphere around the enemy. Damala Sky XIII commented that any living creature "won't stand a chance" if hit.[6]

Pressure Cooker: Ultrahigh Pressure (圧力鍋超高圧 Atsuryoku Nabe: Chō Kōatsu): A more powerful version of the High Pressure Cooker, it is used against Teppei.

Pressure Reduction (unnamed): Setsuno reduces the air pressure around her target, making them have trouble breathing effectively, which over time can affect fine motor skills, consciousness and can even cause death. This technique can increase the speed of the target, due to lack of air resistance. The most Setsuno used this technique was to reduce the air pressure of the target to 20% to that of the surrounding pressure, the limits of this technique are unknown. This was first seen used against Chiyo at the Cooking Fest.

Flavor Flow blocks Million Slice Fillet small

Secret Technique: Flavor Flow (奥義 味流し Ōgi: Aji Nagashi): A technique in which Setsuno uses her kitchen knife Takitsuba to block an oncoming attack and deflect the full force of it behind her. It is performed by positioning the blade vertically, absorbing the impact and then spreading both arms to the sides, and finally breaking the enemy move in several pieces. However, it still couldn't nullify the whole power of Joie's 10 Million Slice Fillet

Cook Road small

Cook Road (クックロード Kukku Rōdo): Setsuno uses this technique after performing a form change on Takitsuba, changing the shape from a serrated knife into a knife with a smooth edge. The technique entraps the target in the eye of a vortex of slashes, preventing escaping, and clears obstacles from the way to allow an ally to attack. It has an astounding range, as it reached even Joie when he was very high in the sky

Setsuno using Kiatsu no Kabe to protect herself from Meteor Spice

Wall of Pressure (気圧の壁 Kiatsu no Kabe): Setsuno raises her palms to create a wide and invisible barrier made out of atmospheric pressure around her, which can block and hold back incoming attacks. It was strong enough to block part of Midora's Meteor Spice

Pressure Dome

Pressure Dome (気圧ドーム Kiatsu Dōmu): Setsuno crosses her arms with palms up and creates an enormous, invisible barrier made out of atmospheric pressure. It is strong enough to redirect Jiro's Guinness Punch and large enough to cover the Human World.[11]



Jirou forming a combo with Setsuno

A very young Setsuno and Jiro form a combo for the very first time.

Not much of Setsuno's past is known, but in her youth 500 years ago during the final years of the Gourmet War, she met and formed a combo with one of the three sons of the "Gourmet God" Acacia, Jiro much to her and Jiro's delight but much to the shock of Jiro's other two siblings Ichiryu and Midora. However the exact details of how they met are unknown. The young combo traveled the world together for many years, having many adventures, hunting many beasts, discovering new ingredients and cooking them, thus forming a close bond that appeared to have extended into intimacy.

Young setsuno

Young Setsuno during one of her and Jiro's adventures.

Later in her life, around 200 years ago, she would go on to compete in the first Cooking Festival's chef tournament where she would win the title of "Super Cook",[12] becoming one of the greatest chefs of all time and she would continue to win 29 times over the next 200 years and at some point she was inducted into the IGO Chef Ranking and earned the title of Gourmet National Treasure, turning her into a living legend.

At an unknown point in her life, Setsuno retired from her adventures with Jiro and opened up her own dining hall in Gourmet Town (which she rarely opens) and ended up becoming the head and mascot of her own chain of restaurants, which has grown to become a highly successful enterprise. After almost 200 years, she continues to participate in the Cooking Festival and has won almost every time she has attended, the only time not being so was when she could not attend due to preoccupations with work.

Century Soup Arc[]

Toriko booked a reservation for Setsuno's private restaurant years before which finally managed to come through and took Komatsu with him. Instead of ordering Jiro's full course however Toriko ordered her special menu item, Century Soup. The two men's ability to decipher whats in her soup which impressed the national treasure so much that she shows them her true kitchen, where ingredients from around the world are prepared. She then shows them the huge vat where she boils the soup for half a year before it is ready, she continues to enjoy the boys' fascination with her cooking, and takes further interest when Komatsu notes that it tasted like it was missing something.

She appears again to salvage the survivors of the Century Soup campaign on her Limousine Jellyfish. She encounters the Gourmet Corp. and threatens them, shattering Alfaro's plates. After picking up Toriko and the others, she prepares a feast and takes them to Life.[3] She tutors Komatsu when he is trying to reproduce the Century Soup and returns to taste the dish after he manages to make it.

Ozone Herb Arc[]

In the anime, Setsuno is given an Ozone Herb by Komatsu after his and Toriko's trip to Vegetable Sky. She later prepares it for Jiro in her Dining Hall and both eat it in the blink of an eye without spoiling it, all the while Jiro begins to worry about the recent turn of events.

Toriko's Break Arc[]

Trip to the Beach (Filler)[]

She is seen with Jiro at the beach.

Autumn Break Arc (Filler)[]

She is one of the judges at the 50th Gourmet Service Competition. Before Jiro can participate, she automatically gives him points.

Meteor Garlic Arc[]

Later, she is mentioned with "Cooking King" Zaus, "Tray King" Yuda, "Ramen Master"Kurakage, "Oil User" Wabutora, "Iron Plate Magician" Moh, "Ethnic King" Klaraman, "Boss of Underground Cooking" Livebearer, and "Poison Cuisine" Tylan, when Joejoe lists the top chefs that would be difficult for the Gourmet Corp. to capture.[13]

When Toriko and Coco managed to get Ichiryu's Hors-D'oeuvre, they brought it to Setsuno, hoping that she could tell them what it is. She explains it is not an Ingredient, but a Million Tree's seed, the seed of a common tree in the Gourmet World. She then goes on to explain that the Ingredients that make up the presidents Full Course, are not ordinary, and that the seed might be "calling" for someone to prepare it.

Bubble Fruit Arc[]

She is later summoned by Ichiryu, who had her cook various dishes for him, in order to evolve his Gourmet Cells. Ichiryu compliments Setsuno on her assistant, Nono, who was apparently responsible for freezing Pot Pond. Setsuno goes on to say how Midora was an idiot for not agreeing to talk to Ichiryu, since it was something important. Ichiryu responds by saying that he and Midora can no longer eat at the same dining table. As the President continues to eat, Setsuno marvels at Ichiryu's long dormant Gourmet Cells, and ponders about Midora's growth. Ichiryu then compliments her cooking. As she travels on her Limousine Jellyfish, she wonders about the Four Heavenly Kings and Komatsu, and the hopes that are held for them.

Golden Wheat Arc (Filler)[]

She appears at Hotel Gourmet where Komatsu was serving Toriko some food which Setsuno notices that is difficult to cook. She talks about their recent training in Food Honor and compliments them about it. Since they have mastered the new technique, the Gourmet Living Legend requests them to capture the Golden Wheat in order to prepare the Zenmen.

Four Beast Arc[]

After the dreaded Four Beast poisoned the populace of Food Park Plaza with its Green Rain, Komatsu went to see chef Yuda so they could prepare an antidote and shortly after, Setsuno appears with her apprentice Nono and happily offers her assistance in preparing the antidotes. Soon after they are joined by the several other world famous chefs who have been called in by Johannes to help with the antidote preparations, but the group soon realizes that they won't be able to mass produce enough of the antidotes for everyone due to their small number and the fact that the ingredients for antidote are a special cooking ingredient so it can't be prepared by normal chefs, thus forcing them to make the hard choice of who will survive. However Komatsu pleads that he be given a chance to develop a faster and easier method to prepare the antidotes so that they can bring in more chefs. Setsuno gladly agrees to Komatsu's idea and immediately calls all million of the chefs of her enterprise group to come and help, thus putting all her faith in Komatsu's skills.

Cooking Festival Arc[]


Setsuno's Cup Zenmen

She is mentioned on the conversation of Johannes with Mansom, where the first said that Setsuno provided her ultimate noodles Zenmen in cup-noodle form for the local workers that were repairing the damages that the Four Beast had caused.

Setsuno participates in the 50th Cooking Festival's chef tournament as she has done for more than a century and upon entering the stage she is given a huge applause and an even grander introduction by the MC, who quickly describes her as the tournament favorite.

In the First segment of the Triathlon she was showing Komatsu her Water Walking skill in order to give him the resolve to finish the Triathlon with his own strength. When Setsuno was at the Third part of the Triathlon, she was holding the lead right in front of Yuda and Zaus when Brunch overtook them and won (with Komatsu in tow). She was surprised to see Brunch in the Festival which ended up in an argument. She made it to the final 32 when her first opponent was Darin before the Gourmet Corp. interrupt it during the Komatsu versus Zaus battle.

After Starjun's appearance, she was left bewildered by the fact that Zaus had been knocked out in an instant. Later, she noticed the absence of the latter's body. When the Scum Beasts invaded the stadium she killed two creatures with her High Pressure Cooker and scared off a large number of them. However, Chiyo launched a sneak attack on her, though she managed to defend herself. Setsuno expressed her disappointment due to her old rival's "fall", though Chiyo answered back saying that her position was proof that she had climbed to the top. Then they resumed their fight briefly, with Setsuno commenting that she had preferred to solve their rivalry with cooking. Her opponent stated that they were indeed cooking, and that the loser would be reduced to pig feed.[14]

The two continue fighting until Setsuno comments on Chiyo running out of breath. The Gourmet Corp. asks her if she is lowering the air pressure around her. Setsuno answers affirmatively, expressing admiration at her opponent's ability to fight under those circumstances, stating that it was a testament to her mastery of Food Honor. They begin another exchange of blows, with Chiyo gaining more speed due to the weakened air pressure. She claims that her extra speed combined with her delicate movements made her unstoppable. Setsuno replies that she is fast as well but, before being able to attack, Kuriboh grabs her in his hand and Kousairou uses his Shokugi: Calorie Gui on her. Zaus then slashes her with Ittou: Rinne Oroshi.

Injured but unfazed, Setsuno requests Kuriboh to explain their actions, warning him that a terrible punishment may follow his response.[15] She easily crushes Kuriboh's hand, which turns out to be a supposedly indestructible pot, and escapes. After seeing Setsuno completely recover from the Ittou: Rinne Oroshi and its genetic scarring effect, Zaus stabs Chiyo with his knife by extending it to explain what it means "to drop one's guard." He states that he wanted Chiyo gone because she could one day be a threat to NEO, making Setsuno question him on their true goal. Zaus states that NEO are aiming for "GOD and Beyond" and to them the Human World is worthless. When he invites Setsuno to join NEO in order to achieve their dreams, Sestuno angrily declines and prepares to fight all three NEO members by herself and releases a powerful intimidation to start the battle.[12]

As the battle progresses, Setsuno still maintains the upper hand, having knocked out Kuriboh and heavily wounding both Zaus and Kousairou. However before their battle can progress, a dark presence looms over the stadium and they see the "Dark Chef" Joie flying over the Cooking Stadium on his Tokage while being accompanied by a brainwashed Teppei. Joie then lands and prepares to fight Setsuno using the holy knife Cinderella which greatly shocks Setsuno as the knife belonged only to the "Chef God" Froese, but Joie merely states that it is because of that reason that the knife rightfully belongs to him. He then releases his 10 Million Slice Fillet at Setsuno who manages to deflect most of the attack with her knife Takitsuba , but still suffers a few cuts. Joie then releases a powerful Dark Technique with his knife that heals and awakens the fallen Nitro on the field and he then uses his "Taste Change" to brainwash them and make them attack Setsuno, who is unable to dodge them due to the brainwashed Teppei tying down her feet by using his Binding Trees. Luckily she is saved just in time by the arrival of Jiro who quickly kills one of the Nitro. The relieved Setsuno then thanks her darling Jiro for coming to her aid and she then watches on as he prepares to fight Joie. After witnessing Jiro's impressive displays of strength as he knocks everyone on the island, Setsuno along with everyone present in the stadium watches on as he rips apart Joie's cloak, revealing his face which looks almost exactly like the "Chef God" Froese's much to everyone's shock.

Setsuno, shocked by Joie's appearance, watches along with Jiro as Joie erases the natural disaster caused by Jiro's ability. She comments on Joie's skills being similar to that of Froese's and proceeds to confirm it, asking Jiro for assistance. Setsuno changes the form of her knife and proceeds to attack Joie with Cooking Road followed by Jiro's attack. Joie then strikes a demonic appearance and stops their attack head on. Both Jiro and Setsuno were surprised at how Joie stopped the attack, to which Jiro follows by commenting on how Joie has mastered the Gourmet Cells and could have possibly eaten Acacia's Full Course Menu. As Jiro begins to believe that Joie is the "Chef Goddess" Froese, Setsuno interrupts him by saying that Froese's "transformation" when she used her Gourmet Cells had a "starkly different face" commenting on the difference between Joie and Froese's appearance, but her most assuring reason as to why Joie is not Froese is that the Chef Goddess is already dead.

When her battle is interrupted with the arrival of Starjun, she notices Komatsu that lies unconscious under the arms the Sous Chef, and worried, yells his name. Joie states that another battle has been concluded, and Starjun tells Jiro to release his Grand Knocking as a dangerous attack would harm them soon. Both Setsuno and Jiro look up to the sky, having realized what had just occurred. The Knocking Master then talks with his partner about how Midora had beaten Ichiryu, something that she can't believe.

Setsuno is seen later with Jiro as both block the falling meteors of Midora, where she creates a Wall of Pressure to hold back the spice.

Billion Bird Arc[]

As the devastated Human World slowly begins to rebuild itself from the Meteor Spice that had rained upon them, Setsuno along with her partner Jiro visit the Gourmet World, believing that the Human World will soon recover. Jiro and Setsuno are seen in the former training grounds of the Three Disciples, Food Immersion Cape. Here, Jiro and Setsuno find Ichiryu's Hors d'Oeuvre, the Million Tree, growing healthily along with Food Immersion Flowers in what Setsuno claims to be a land that has long since dried out. Setsuno asks whether it was revived by Saiseiyas however Jiro says that it was Midora himself who grew the tree, using Ichiryu's technique, to use the tree as a replacement for a gravestone. Jiro comments on how Midora was the least adept disciple during their youth but now he has become even so powerful that he himself cannot even handle him but Setsuno tells Jiro that he need not worry about Midora as he will eventually pay for his actions but to worry about Joie. As they wait for Toriko and his friends, Jiro and Setsuno state that they will not return to the Human World but will do the best they can to help. Jiro questions whether the Human World would be alright but Setsuno reassures him that all will be well.


While Jiro fights the Gourmet Nobility, Setsuno protects the Human World from his erratic Guinness Punch.[16]

GOD Arc[]

After protecting the Human World from effects of the Eight Kings' attacks, Setsuno struggles to maintain the Pressure Dome. As Acacia's Dinner of Kings rains down on the planet, Midora erases the meteors, saving the barrier.[17] After the defeat of NEO and Acacia, Setsuno is last seen attending the wedding of Toriko and Rin. 

Full Course Menu[]

Being Jiro's chef partner, she shares and is the one who prepares his Full Course Menu.

Setsuno's Full Course Menu
Course Course Ingredient Capture Level Status
Hors d'Oeuvre Hors Hundred Leaf Clover Crispy Fried Sesame Tofu Unknown Decided
Soup Soup Magma Consomme Stew 2800 Decided
Fish Dish Fish Dish King Land Shark Grilled Sushi 4450 Decided
Meat Dish MeatDish Ashurasaurus Roast 4220 Decided
Main Course MainDish E.T. Rice Omusubi Unknown Decided
Salad Salad Grana Lettuce Caesar Salad Unknown Decided
Dessert Dessert Oasis Melon Sorbet Unknown Decided
Drink Drink Doham Spring Sake Unknown Decided

Appearances in Other Media[]

One Piece x Toriko Crossover[]

She makes a cameo appearance at the end of the One Piece x Toriko Crossover special, where she is seen revealing to Toriko and Komatsu that their Devil Fruit is a actually just an oddly-shaped turd.

Toriko: Gourmet Survival 2[]

Setsuno makes an appearance in Toriko: Gourmet Survival 2 where she, along with Komatsu and Koryou were called in by Fond De Bohno to serve as the chefs for his ingredient gathering journey through the Gattsuki Continent.

Toriko: Gourmet Monsters[]

Setsuno appears in the game Toriko: Gourmet Monsters for the 3DS. Her role in the game is currently not known.


Setsuno has been featured in some Toriko merchandise, such as trading cards and video games.


Setsuno CAD

Setsuno's CAD


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