Setsuno Dining Hall
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Japanese 節乃食堂
English Setsuno Dining Hall
Location Gourmet Town
Affiliation Setsuno,
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 65
Anime Episode 23
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The Setsuno Dining Hall (節乃食堂) is the personal restaurant of the "Gourmet National Treasure", Setsuno, one of the greatest chefs in history. It is a humble little shop of considerable age located in a downtown area of Gourmet Town.

After Setsuno departed for Gourmet World with "Knocking Master" Jiro, she left her apprentice Nono in charge of the dining hall. However after Nono left for Gourmet World as well to aid Komatsu, it is unknown what the current state of the Dining Hall is.


Though small and quaint compared to the grand designs of the restaurants in the Gourmet Towers, it is considered to exceed the vast majority of the restaurants in the Towers. In order to eat in the Dining Hall, a reservation must be booked 10 years in advance on average due to the fact that Setsuno only opens the restaurant when the "voice" of the ingredients say they are ready to be prepared, and this usually only occurs once a month. Beneath the Dining Hall is Setsuno's kitchen where components of dishes are stored and prepared. Setsuno primarily did most of the work herself and had no employees, with the exception of her apprentice and only staff member Nono, whom she had chosen to be her successor before eventually giving her ownership of the restaurant upon her departure.


Known items on the menu:

Dishes served

Jiro's Full Course (reserved in advance only)

Drinks served



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