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Japanese 七色ネッシー
Romanized Nanaironessi
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Type Dragon
Capture Level 34
Diet Sweets
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Anime Episode 42
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The Seven-Color Nessie is a large plesiosaur-like dragon beast whose body is made up of seven different colors (hence its name). It is a legendary dinosaur said to have lived in ancient times and each of its colors are said to represent the red of the earth, the green of trees, the blue of the sea and the light of the stars and it is believed these colors are proof that it was a supreme king of land and air.



An infant Seven-Color Nessie.

The front of the body encompassing the chest, head and neck are beige in color, while the other half of its body is completely purple in color, with the exception of the tail which is blue. It has eight legs and each pair is of a different color, the first pair being red, the second pair being orange, the third being yellow and the fourth being green.
Adult seven color nessi

An adult Nessie.

An infant Nessie has no colors on its body and its feet are far more rounder compared to the flipper-like legs it has as an adult and its tail is also round and stubby rather than a fin.

When a Seven-Color Nessie becomes an adult, colorful bright wings grow on its back and a horn appears on its head. They then leave the nest where they grew up and a Grow Apple grows from their body, a gift left behind as thanks to the one who raised it.


Only one Seven-Color Nessie by the name of Chris has appeared so far but it appears to be a non-violent and peaceful creature which can be approached without danger, however if all members of this species are like this is unknown.



Seven-Color Nessie as drawn by Jinsei.

  • Seven-Color Nessie was created by Jinsei Okuribanto from Chiba Prefecture for the anime's Gourmet Monsters Contest.
    • In the original drawing, the Seven-Color Nessie is shown with a horn on its forehead, however in the anime the horn appears only on the adults.
  • Its name is clearly based on the legendary plesiosaur-like creature named Nessie said to live in the Loch Ness lake in Scotland.
  • It is unknown what its purple and orange colors represent, however the orange colour could represent the heat and warmth of the sun and the purple could represent the coldness and freezing of Ice due to known colour charts relating to the elements.

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