Seven Beasts
Three of the Seven Beasts.
Japanese 七獣 (しちじゅう)
Romanized Shichijū
English Seven Beasts
Affiliation ANOTHER
Base of Operations Area 6
Status Active
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 328
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The Seven Beasts (七獣 Shichijū) are seven individual and powerful creatures that occupy the areas of Area 6. After the Eight Kings, the Whale King Moon, the seven beasts are said to be the second strongest beasts in Area 6. The Seven Beasts, like the Eight Kings, are also given the titles of "King", however unlike the Eight Kings, the Seven Beasts only govern the lands of Area 6 whereas the Eight Kings govern all of Gourmet World.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Seven Beasts Pieces

"Pieces" of the Seven Beasts.

Much like the Eight Kings, the Seven Beasts serve a purpose in Area 6, and that is to keep the delicate ecosystem of Area 6 in balance and ensure it is not disturbed. With their Capture Levels scaling to over 4000, Jiji specifically states that one must not approach any of the Seven Beasts under any circumstances. Moon is considered to be both their supreme ruler and natural enemy.

After each housed ANOTHER, parts of them became imbued with its savoriness and became savoriness minerals, which are used to create Golden Cookware.[1] Because of ANOTHER's time dwelling within each of these beasts, each member developed an "ultimate safe zone" within themselves. This very trait doesn't only make them the most powerful of Camping Monsters known so far, but, in the entirety of Area 6, also makes them the only beasts with the ability of being unable to be swallowed and devoured by Whale King Moon himself, this impressive feat alone speaking volumes of their overall power.

Each of the Seven Beasts (minus Giant Shell) have the ability to detach small "pieces" of themselves to carry out their will. These pieces end up becoming smaller infant-like versions of the beast they sprouted from and can be quite dangerous to the untrained eye, as shown with the Corgolem's pieces, which can regenerate from any form of severe damage and can only be permanently killed by being diced into precise pieces. These offspring-like pieces can apparently continue to exist independently from their "parents" and can even be tamed by powerful individuals such as Don Slime and can even produce their own Back Channels.

Being living Back Channels, there is a time dislocation between the time of the outside world and the time inside these beasts of 1 to 360. In otherwords, one day on the outside equates to one year inside of them. the Giant clam however, has a different time dislocation of 1 to 60.


Seven Beasts
CorgolemMS GiantShellMS RaizameMS PandoraMS
Corgolem Giant Shell Raizame Pandora
AtlantisMS YamatakoOrochiMS OceanMS
Atlantis Yamatako Orochi Ocean


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