Seven Civilizations
Seven Civilizations
Japanese 7つの文明
Romanized Nanatsu no bunmei
Location Gourmet World
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 279
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The Seven Civilizations are civilizations which originated and flourish in the Gourmet World. Currently only three civilizations are known. The civilizations are likely made up of strong individuals as living in the Gourmet World is no ordinary feat. According to Chichi, each item of Acacia's Full Course Menu is located where one of the Seven Civilizations once lived. The Seven Civilizations are connected by the Gourmet Highway, which was made by the Gourmet Pilgrims who built the civilizations.



  • Two of the Seven Civilizations shown so far are based on a culture from the real world.
    • The Hex Food World is based on Japanese culture.
    • The Kingdom of Hope is based on Indian culture.

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