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Shigematsu's Beast
Manga - Anime

Shige's beast pierces Mansam

English Unknown
Race Reptile
Status Deceased
Professional Status
Affiliation NEO
Occupation Animal Partner
Partner Shigematsu
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 230
Anime Episode 140
Japanese N/A
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Shigematsu's Beast was a large reptilian beast and the personal steed of Shigematsu.


It was a giant snake-like beast, with six horns growing out of its head and what appears to be hair reaching down to its mid jaw-line. It has very long fangs and a very large mouth, which holds a very long tongue with hundreds of spike-like protrusions and a giant spike at the tip. It had an incredibly long and thick body covered in scales.


This beast appears to be very loyal to Shigematsu, following all of his commands and attacking all who opposed him. It is unknown if Shigematsu acquired this beast before or after joining NEO and is is also unknown if this creature is also being manipulated by Joie's "Taste Change".

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

It was a mighty creature whose gigantic size likely endows it with great strength, and its abrasive tongue has a very large spike at its tip that can even pierce the flesh of a giant-sized Mansam. It was a very fast and stealthy creature as not even Mansam could sense it or dodge its tongue when it attacks him. This beast also had the ability to produce a lethal gas that could effectively kill any who inhaled it. Other than this, the full extent of its abilities are not known as it was killed before it even has a chance to attack.


Breath of Eternal Sleep

Breath of Eternal Sleep (永眠の息 Eimin no Iki): This beast breathes a deadly gas which stops the heart and lungs of any target that inhales it.[1]


Cooking Fest ArcEdit

While Mansam is distracted fighting a horde of GT Robos at Cooking Festival, he is suddenly pierced through the torso by the tongue of Shigematsu's beast, and the vice president takes the opportunity to attack Mansam.[2] Shigematsu and his beast fight the wounded Mansam and almost finish him off but are called away by Joie.[3]

AIR ArcEdit

This beast served as a steed for Shigematsu, Teppei, Kariu, and Boneless as they make their way to Area 8. When they arrive, the beast knocks out most of the Hex Food World citizens with its breath[4] and attempts to attack the group, but Zebra uses his Chain Bomb to blow its neck up from the inside.[5]


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