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Shining Gourami1
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Japanese サンサングラミー
Romanized Sansan Guramī
English Shining Gourami
Aliases Crystal Fish
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Type Fish
Capture Level Below 1 (80 if one counts the difficulty of Death Falls)
Length 50cm
Weight 2.5kg
Price 300,000,000 yen
Habitat Death Falls
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 154
Anime Episode 75
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The Shining Gourami (サンサングラミー Sansan Guramī) is a translucent and shining fish that is praised for its beauty. It is also known as the "Crystal Fish" due to its bright and gleaming appearance. The only place they are known to live in is a cave behind Death Falls, one of the three great waterfalls of the world. While the capture level of the Shining Gourami itself is below 1, due to the condition of having to enter the Death Falls first the capture level becomes over 80.


Shining Gourami 1

A Shining Gourami's bright complexion.

The Shining Gourami is a small gourami fish no bigger than 50 centimeters in length and weighs about 2.5 kilograms. It has bright yellow skin which shines like gold when calm, making its title of "Crystal Fish" truly befitting. When frightened to death, the Shining Gourami loses its bright glow and its skin turns pitch black which also affects its flavor. When captured and knocked properly its gold skin color will remain intact. Even when properly cooked, its skin continues to glow brightly.


Dead Shining Gourami

A Shining Gourami after dying from shock.

Because its location is almost impossible for any living creature to reach, it has no predators and as such has no sense of wariness, however if it meets someone with a strong presence it will go into shock and die which causes it to rapidly lose its taste, thus only someone meek and unthreatening (e.g, Komatsu) can catch it alive. Likewise, preparing the fish must also be done carefully as it loses its taste if it loses its glow. All the nutrients from the rivers surrounding Mors mountain collect in the relatively small pool that it solely inhabits which allows it to live well fed and peacefully, and is what has mostly attributed to its carefree and simple life. This makes the Shining Gourami a specially cooked ingredient.

As FoodEdit

Fried Shining Gourami

Fried Shining Gourami.

When prepared as tempura its outer skin is crispy like a scaled rice cracker made with multiple layers and its meat is rich and juicy yet holds a simple flavor due to the natural elasticity of the meat. The Melk Stardust is shown to be perfectly compatible with the Shining Gourami, enhancing the flavor of the meat to new heights. The nutrient enriched water it lives in can also be used as a natural, reusable cooking oil (dubbed Mors Oil by Komatsu) and is the only way to properly cook the Shining Gourami.


Shining Gourami ArcEdit

The Shining Gourami was one of the items on Ichiryu's list as an ingredient for Toriko to capture in preparation for traveling to the Gourmet World. To capture it, Toriko sought the help of Sunny who, with the aid of his new animal partner, Quinn, was able to reach and pass through Death Falls, but in the end, it was Komatsu who would end up capturing the Shining Gourami and prepared it for his comrades.

GOD ArcEdit

Fish - Toriko and Komatsu

Fish Dish

At Toriko and Rin's wedding reception, the Fish Dish, Ougai is served with slices of Shining Gourami, Puffer Whale, Madam Fish, and ANOTHER.[1]



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