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Shining Gourami Arc
Shining Gourami1
Story Arc Info
Story Arc: Shining Gourami Arc
Chapters: Chapter 148 - Chapter 155
Episodes: Episode 75 - Episode 79
Description: Toriko, Komatsu and Sani set off to find the Shining Gourami requested by Ichiryu.
Story Arc Chronology
Preceded by: Toriko's Break Arc
Followed by: Autumn Break Arc (anime only)
Meteor Garlic Arc

The Shining Gourami Arc is the twelfth arc in the series. It details Toriko, Komatsu and Sunny's adventure to capture the elusive Shining Gourami and introduces Sunny's new partner Quinn.






After taking a break from the President's ListToriko invites Komatsu and Sunny to a restaurant to talk.  After arriving earlier than Toriko, Sunny talks to Komatsu about the importance of decor, silverware,music, and other external items and effects that will make the meal perfect.  Toriko then shows up late and eats his meal quickly before telling them why he invited them there, to capture the next item on the list.  Sunny immediatly shows disinterest, but after Toriko tells him that the item is the Shining Gourami he is so infatuated with the beauty of it he has to accept the offer.  The three of them climb onto Sunny's new animal partnerQuinn, who is a Mother Snake from the Gourmet World.  They then start to travel to the location of the Shining Gourami, Death Falls, which is situated in the Mors Mountains.  They take a break to rest, and eat some Snow White Sweetfish that Sunny caught, before finally arriving at the base of Death Falls.

In the Manga[]

Getting through Death Falls[]

Toriko and Sunny evaluate the situation, and after realizing that they can't get through the bottom because of whirlpools and that they can't get through the top because of the rapids on top of the waterfall, Sunny says that the only way to get to the caverns behind the falls where the Shining Gourami resides is staright through.  After making a raft out of his sensors for Komatsu, Toriko, and himself to ride through, they start to go staright thorugh the middle.  Komatsu wears a bulletproof suit, equipped with an Oxygen Leaf.  Meanwhile, Sunny thinks back to when Yosaku tels him that he needs to see a friend of his.  Sunny then goes to the Three Way Road to get trained by Guemon a powerful individual who has mastered an ability called Instinct, which allows him to zone out and sense his enemies weaknesses without knowing anything about them, and also makes him much more calm.  Flash back to the present, and Sunny is using his Super Spatula to deflect the powerful crushing water and keep the three alive.  After Toriko asks him about his training, Sunny tells him about Instinct, and Toriko picks up on it almost immediately.  All of a sudden, a giant mountain comes crashing down the falls, and Toriko and Sunny are forced to do a combination move to destory it before it falls onto the trio.  Using his Super Spatula to deflect a 36 fold Kugi Punch onto the mountain, it explodes and an opening to the caverns is exposed.  Sunny, Toriko, and Komatsu manage to get through the opening just before it closes.

Inside the Cavern[]

Toriko and Sunny are exhausted after their combo move, so Komatsu decides to go on by himself.  After finding the Shining Gourami's pool where they reside, he grabs a couple of them and then returns to the two of them.  Quinn slithers inside of the cracks in the rocks that are blocking the entrance, and they escape the caverns.  They have a feast on Quinn's back, and Komatsu uses the water form the pool as oil, and in doing so discovers the Mors Oil.  The meal still doesn't feel like it is complete though, and so Komatsu remembers what he brought along with him, the Melk Stardust and uses it for a seasoning. As they celebrate the successful capture of another item on the list, a mysterious figure watches them from the distance.

In the Anime[]

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