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Smoke Salmon
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Japanese シュモークサーモン, Shumōkusāmon
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Type Fish
Capture Level 20
Diet Carnivorous
Habitat Unknown sea region far from Gourmet Beach
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Anime Episode 69
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Shumohksalmon is a giant shark beast that has the ability to produce smoke in large quantities.


It is a giant shark fish beast resembling a Hammerhead Shark with a black hide and a white and underbelly with orange marks on each side of its face. It has large yellow eyes with black pupils and a large maw filled with a row of sharp and strong teeth. Its most notable feature is the pair of four exhaust pipe-like protrusions coming out of the sides of its body which produce grand quantities of smoke.


It is a vicious and relentless beast that will mercilessly pursue its prey non-stop once spotted and will even chase them outside its natural habitat until it captures them. The only way to cease its pursuit is by subduing or killing it, otherwise it will continue its chase without stopping.


It has the ability to turn all it breaths into smoke and produce it in great quantities which can be used to create large smokescreens to leave its enemies and prey blind amongst the smoke, giving it the chance to strike its unseeing prey before they can act. It can even conceal its entire body in smoke, masking its true appearance to those even outside the smokescreen, making it difficult to hit. It is also an incredibly fast swimmer, likely due to the exhaust pipes on the side of its body which help propel its movement.


Toriko's Break ArcEdit

A Shumohksalmon was seen chasing Safla in the seas near Gourmet Beach and it had been chasing her and her animal partner Babu for quite some time. Luckily Safla was spotted by Toriko and his group who had been looking for her on behalf of her brother Cumin. Once they realized her dread predicament, Toriko unleashed a Flying Fork on the Shumohksalmon, instantly subduing it and thus saving Safla.



  • Its name is a multiple pun on Smoke, Salmon and "Shumokuzame" (Japanese for "Hammer Head Shark").
  • The Shumohksalmon was created by penname "Patty Gokuu" (age 14) for the anime's second Gourmet Monsters Contest.