Skipping Stone Mountians

Skipping Stone Mountains.

The Skipping Stone Mountains is an odd phenomena that happens within the Gourmet World. It's initially thought that the strange nature of a mountain skipping like a stone within the ocean is a weather phenomena due to Gourmet World's harsh environments and odd weathers (such as weathers in Area 8). However, the true nature of the phenomena is no weather at all as it is actually what is deemed to be a 'pass time' activity for one of the Eight Kings, the "Monkey King" Bambina.

The Skipping Stone Mountain usually happens in the course of a week when the Monkey King, if it wishes to pass the time, slices off a large chunk of a mountain (over 1500 meters in height) and hurls it with incredible strength and speed. This mountain travels the Earth at Mach 1 speed and will circle around the Earth's circumference without decline in speed. Each area it passes will shave off the mountain as wind, heat, water and land reduce the mountain bit by bit as it encircles the Earth, becoming nothing more than a mere pebble to the Monkey King as soon as it reaches the opposite area of its launching point (the finish line where the Monkey King awaits its arrival).

Because this is considered a pass time to the Monkey King, there is a pile of pebbles where the mountains would finish its course, Bambina has gathered this pile from all its previous mountains which it had hurled, meaning that this is a continued activity for Bambina, and is most likely the only activity to catch Bambina's attention as despite the sudden collapse of the hierarchy in Area 7 (due to the defeat of the Enbu Instructor, Gorilla Taurus) Bambina simply ignored what had occurred and turned its attention to the arriving pebble that had finished its one week cycle.

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