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Japanese スカルクロコダイル
Romanized Sukarukurokodairu
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Type Reptile
Capture Level 28 - 33
Weight 13t+
Diet Omnivorous
Habitat Grill Valley (Gattsuki Continent)
Related Galala Gator,
Armor Crocodile
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Game Toriko: Gourmet Survival 2
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The Skull Crocodile is a variant of Galala Gator native to arid and incredibly hot volcanic environments.


Much like the Galala Gator, the Skull Crocodile is a massive crocodilian beast with red skin and scales, and eight strong legs. However unlike the Galala Gator, the Skull Crocodile has bone-like armor coverings growing over the surface of its body, giving it an unnerving skeletal appearance. It has two rhino-like horns on the tips of its nose, an exposed spine with several sharp spikes, an exposed ribcage, a clubbed spiked tail, and four eyes.


It is a vicious predator that upon spotting potential prey it will not cease attacking it. It prefers incredibly hot environments, preferring live in areas near volcanoes or magma flows. Many are known to reside in the Grill Valley of the Gattsuki Continent.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

It is a powerful beasts with a great tolerance for heat. Its jaws are more powerful than a Galala Gator's and it is capable of resisting much more damage than the Galala Gator thanks to its skeletal armoring.

As FoodEdit

Because its flesh is protected by its skeletal armoring, its meat is very soft and is dripping with fat that melts in one's mouth, making it a reptilian delicacy.



An Armor Crocodile

  • Armor Crocodile (アーマークロコダイル, Āmākurokodairu): A variant of Skull Crocodile whose details are mostly unknown. This variant has the same skeletal armor as the Skull Crocodile but its bones are made out of metal, giving it a far tougher defense. Its body is also purple while its head is the same as a Skull Crocodile's. It is also has what appears to be a beige crest on its head that resembles the crest on gladiatorial helmets.
  • Military Crocodile (ミリタリークロコダイル)
  • Horn Crocodile (ホーンクロコダイル)
  • Scarf Crocodile (エリマキクロコダイル)


Toriko: Gourmet Survival 2Edit

This species was encountered by the Four Heavenly Kings and their allies during their trek through the Gattsuki Continent. When they arrived in Grill Valley and ventured deeper into its volcanic domain, they fought several of these beasts for their delicious meat.

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