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Sky Scum. Eps 52
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Japanese スカイカス
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Type Bird
Capture Level 39
Diet Carnivorous
Habitat Melk Mountain
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 115
Anime Episode 52
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Sky Scum (スカイカス) is a mountain dwelling bird beast that resides on Melk Mountain.


It is a large beast that easily dwarfs normal humans in size. It is covered in light orange feathers and the underside of its wings is made up of completely violet feathers. It has a rather ghastly face, with a pig-like nose, sharp and prominent incisors, and large purple bugged-out eyes. Its tail is made up of eight featherless tentacles.


They always travel in groups, but one will occasionally swoop down from its group to pursue prey. They are very territorial of the skies they fly in and will take down anything that enters their range, making it quite difficult for flying vehicles to traverse into the Melk Mountain region.

As FoodEdit

Sky Scum Meal Eps 53

Sky Scum Teriyaki (left) and Tail Soup (right).

Sky Scum meat can be prepared into delicious teriyaki and its taste can be greatly enhanced when glazed with honey. Raw, the meat has a pink coloring, but upon being cooked, gains a gray complexion. Its tentacle tails can be boiled into a Tail Soup which goes well with the teriyaki and a fine salad.

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

In the manga, this species is not given a name, however, the anime gives them the name "Sky Scum". In the anime, it is shown that they can be made into a fine teriyaki and soup; however in the manga, it is never revealed whether they are edible or not.


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