Japanese スミス
Romanized Sumisu
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday March 4
Age Over 30
Status Alive
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Affiliation Ico igo IGO
Hotel Gourmet
Occupation General Manager of Hotel Gourmet
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 18
Japanese Voice Tone Kentarou
English Voice Sonny Strait
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Smith is the General Manager of Hotel Gourmet and Komatsu's employer.


He is a short, middle-aged man with a round face and slightly portly frame who appears to be balding. He wears a fine black suit with a white undershirt and a red bow tie, befitting the restaurant style of dress.

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He is a very lenient person, allowing Komatsu to take many days off to go out on adventures with Toriko. Of course, he is most likely aware that every time Komatsu does, he brings back a rare Ingredient that greatly increases the hotel's reputation, but nonetheless, he always seems to let Komatsu get his way. He is also a bit of an opportunist, such as when he advised Komatsu to allow Patch to be the first to taste the Century Soup knowing it would greatly increase their reputation but is also fair in that he is willing to give Komatsu a raise for his hard work at the same time.

The anime expands on his relationship with Komatsu, showing that it causes him stress and grief whenever Komatsu leaves on his adventures due to the lack of a head chef to prepare meals for customers and maintain the kitchen staff. He also worries heavily about Komatsu, often wondering about whether or not he'll return while staring off into space and mentally saying his name. This tends to border a bit on the obsessive with him even worrying about him in his sleep.


Galala Gator ArcEdit

Uumen Umeda paid a visit to Hotel Gourmet in order to request Smith to host a large dinner party for the IGO's directors and president at the hotel and have his Head Chef Komatsu prepare a great feast. But much to his disappointment all the ingredients were far too dull and ordinary for his tastes and Smith tried to reason that it was the best they could, but this made Uumen request that they get him some Galala Gator meat which Smith considered impossible for their staff. Komatsu however eased his worries by suggesting to hire the Gourmet Hunter, Toriko to hunt one for them.

BB Corn ArcEdit

In the anime, Smith was requested by Uumen Umeda to host a dinner for the president of the Republic of Roto, Dohem at Hotel Gourmet and to have Komatsu prepare him a dish of Mermaituna in order to sort out some political disputes and get the president's vote on a new bill. Smith, much to his stress agrees to Umeda's request and is soon shocked to see Komatsu leave again in search of a Wulstar Sauce Fruit to prepare the Mermaituna.

When Komatsu did not return in time, Uumen pressured Smith and the Assistant Chef to serve the Mermaituna without Komatsu's ingredient. Luckily Komatsu arrived barely on time, but was too late to prepare the dish which evaporated into bubbles after not having been served on time, but thanks to some help from Coco the dish was successfully prepared much to Smith's relief.

Century Soup ArcEdit

After Komatsu finished his recreation of the Century Soup, Smith threw a dazzling restaurant opening to show off the Century Soup's addition to their hotel's menu. When Patch of the Gourmet Seven arrived to taste the soup, Smith immediately told Komatsu to prepare Patch a bowl of soup as it would greatly increase their popularity and status, however Komatsu declined much to Patch and Smith's shock, saying that he wanted to serve it to his friends first, which Patch understood and Smith accepted.

Toriko's Break ArcEdit

When Uumen Umeda, who was being escorted by Smith, came to Hotel Gourmet to seek out Komatsu's cooking skills once again, Komatsu informed them that he had to leave to go seek out another ingredient with Toriko, which shocked and disappointed both Uumen and Smith, but Komatsu assured them it would be worth it.

Cooking Festival ArcEdit

He was present at Hotel Gourmet when Gourmet Seven members Kitt and Painomi came to inform Komatsu that he ranked 88th place in the IGO Chef Ranking. This information greatly shocked both Smith, Komatsu and all those present.

AIR ArcEdit

A year and a half later, he was one of the many people who went to the World Kitchen to say their goodbyes to the Four Heavenly Kings and Komatsu before they set off to Gourmet World.


  • His voice actor also voices Drunker.

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