Snake King
Aliases Snake King (蛇王 Jaō)
Race Mother Snake
Gender Unknown
Capture Level 6310
Status Unknown
Height 220,000 km
Weight 15,000,000,000,000,000 t
Professional Status
Affiliation Eight Kings
Occupation Ruler of Area 4
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 335
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The Snake King is the most powerful Mother Snake and the ruler of Area 4. Its power and absolute lordship over one of the major regions of Gourmet World makes it one of the mighty Eight Kings, the eight most powerful beasts in the world.


Snake King colored

Snake King's color scheme

The Snake King is the longest Mother Snake and one of the largest known beast in Toriko, with a body length the circumference of the Earth. Just one part of its titanic body is so massive in size that it resembles a gigantic wall, with ordinary humans appearing like ants next to it. Like other Mother Snakes, the Snake King has pink skin.


Not much is known the Snake King's personality, but being one of the Eight Kings it is likely a fearless entity.


Mother Snake RaceEdit

Being one of the Eight Kings, Snake King is a representative of the Mother Snake race.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Since it is considered one of the most powerful beings in the world, it is obvious that its abilities are top notch, one of which includes the notable power of creating what are known as Mother Tornadoes, massive twisters capable of destroying anything they come in contact with. These terrifying tornadoes can last for ages after being made by Snake King.

In addition, it can catch creatures from outer space, far beyond that of the Earth itself.[1] Despite its gargantuan size, Snake King can move at faster than light speeds,[2] so fast that even a piece of Neo does not realize that it has been swallowed until it is already being digested.[1]

Snake King's digestive fluids are very powerful and capable of digesting all sorts of matter, even Neo.[1][3][4] It can also harden its body to trap prey within itself.[5]


Aside from their immeasurable strength, what truly makes this mighty creature 'king' is its "sensitivity" to nature, much like how small animals can sense predatory threats, changes in the weather, or imminent natural disasters. This allows the Snake King to sense tiny occurrence across the planet which may prove important to its survival, to a far greater extent than even the most keen animals. Even non-natural crises and events can be detected or anticipated by the Snake King, such as their detection of Toriko's rising power following his duel with Starjun. This nearly omniscient power is what has ultimately allowed the Snake King and its descendants to survive countless mass-extinction events which otherwise would have been lethal even to them.[6]


Mother's Lock

Mother's Lock (蛇王の消化牢 (マザーズロック) Mazāzurokku, literally meaning "Snake King's Digestive Prison): Snake King swallows its prey, ties its entire length into an enormous ball around that section of its stomach, and then raises the concentration of its digestive fluids. It is first used against Neo.[7]


AIR ArcEdit

Just after the Four Heavenly Kings, Komatsu, and the Hex Food Beast Knights capture the legendary salad of Acacia, the Food King AIR, Heracles takes no chances of missing an opportunity to give birth, quickly ends the battle between her and Toriko, and proceeds to consume the high amounts of fresh air that had blanketed Area 8. After giving birth, the new foal proceeds to travel on the Rainbow Bridges and once more revive the age old tradition of the Herac Response. As the foal lets out its mighty voice to let its presence be known, the Snake King, along with the rest of the Eight Kings, hears the call of the young Herac.[8]


After "Whale King" Moon goes on the move, Snake King senses this and part of its gigantic body is seen by the awestruck Sunny and Livebearer.[9]

Snake King stares down a piece of Neo that landed in Area 4.[10] Not long after, with a single bite, Snake King swallowed the piece of Neo along with a chunk of the Gourmet Garden. The creature does not even realize that it is inside the Mother Snake's stomach until it is nearly digested.[1]

When Jiro dies, Guinness lets out a howl, calling to the other Eight Kings.[11]

GOD ArcEdit

The Eight Kings respond to Guinness' call by assembling at the battleground in Area 2.[12][13]

Snake King saves Crow King by swallowing and trapping Neo in its stomach.[7] When its digestive juices prove capable of harming Neo, the demon retaliates by swallowing all of the fluid within Snake King's body. Despite being severely weakened, Snake King hardens its body and jumps without hesitation into Moon's mouth and into the World of Souls. Neo bursts out of Snake King's body and, with blasts of Appetite Energy, rockets itself out of Moon.[14] Toriko, thinking on five of the Eight Kings' statuses of health from battling Neo, believed that the Snake King unfortunately was too far gone to recover and return.


Mother Snake's data

Snake King's data


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