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Solar Turtle
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Japanese ソーラータートル
Romanized Sōrātātoru
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Type Reptile
Capture Level 15
Length Varies
Height Varies
Habitat Eco Land
Related Small-Types and Super Large-Types
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 178
Anime Episode 102
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Solar Turtles (ソーラータートル Sōrātātoru) are a species of electricity-producing tortoises native to Eco Land.


Villagers coming with more Solar Turtles

The many varieties of Solar Turtles; big, small, young and old.

Solar Turtles are tortoises with pale green skin and small eyes. Their bodies come in a variety of sizes, with some no smaller than a battery while others are as large as houses or even cities. Some also have unique facial features and elderly Solar Turtles can even grow mustaches. All Solar Turtles posses bumpy round shells that can absorb sunlight and convert it into solar energy like solar panels. When fully charged, their shells glow intensely like light bulbs, but when drained they become dark green in color and eco nori begins to form atop their shells.

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Solar Turtles are docile creatures that appear to be easy to domesticate regardless of their size and often appear calm and tranquil. When low on energy they become dull and inactive, but when fully charged through sunlight or through cranking they become very cheerful. Solar Turtles are also shown to have unique facial expressions, showing signs of possibly diverse personality traits.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Toriko charging a Solar Turtle

A Solar Turtle being powered-up via cranking.

They have a unique ability to absorb sunlight through the "solar panels" on their shells and convert it into electricity which can then be extracted from their tails (which are shaped like an electrical socket) with the use of a special power plug designed to distribute power to a whole facility.

When solar power is not available though, one can use the tail as a crank and charge up the turtles manually, however, this requires a good degree of strength to perform.

Types and UsageEdit


A Solar Turtle supplying power to a house.

There are many kinds of Solar Turtles; there are Small-Types which are as small as batteries and can be used to power small appliances, there are Large-Types which are big enough to be used to power a whole house, and there are Super Large-Types which are gigantic in size and are used to power an entire city.

The inhabitants of Eco Land use Solar Turtles as their main source of energy due to their doctrine of only using natural resources instead of modern technological conveniences.

As FoodEdit

Nonchy getting EcoNori

The Solar Turtles shed Eco Nori.

It is unknown if Solar Turtles themselves are edible, however, their shells tend to regularly shed thin layers of skin when their charge runs out. This shed skin is actually a type of high-quality nori (edible seaweed) known as Eco Nori which can be used in the preparation of sushi as a wrapping. It is also the only high-quality ingredient in all of Eco Land.

The Eco Nori is an important ingredient in the preparation of Monchy's Ehou Maki, and it has been shown to be strong enough to hold together a giant and towering Ehou Maki roll with ease and keep it solid and stable even after it falls.


Bubble Fruit ArcEdit

Toriko charging small Solar Turtle

Toriko charging a small Solar Turtle.

When Toriko needs to acquire some nori, the final ingredient for his Ehou Maki, he sets out with Komatsu to Simple Diet Hill, seeking Takimaru to help escort them to Eco Land, where the best nori, Eco Nori, grows on the shells of Solar Turtles.

While there, they meet the Eco Land's mayor, Nonchy, who later offers Toriko some of his Eco Nori in exchange for power cranking his Solar Turtle. Eventually, everyone in the land requests Toriko to crank their Solar Turtles as well, and after 3 days, Toriko finally finishes cranking and acquires enough Eco Nori for his Ehou Maki, which leads him to Disappearing Cuisine within Lost Forest.


  • It is unknown if the Solar Turtles are naturally born with crank-like tails with electrical outlets or if these are some form of modifications.

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