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Japanese 豆乳道 (とうにゅうどう)
Romanized Tōnyūdō
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Type Phantom
Capture Level 487
Price Soy milk / 5,000 yen
Sheet of dried soybean casein 100g/ 3,000 yen
Diet Carnivorous
Habitat Yutou Island
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 274
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How many years has it been... Since humans have entered from the harbor...?

—The Tōnyūdō

The Soy Milk Road (豆乳道 (とうにゅうどう) Tōnyūdō) is mysterious race of carnivorous phantom beings residing on Yutou Island and are the source of the illusionary Real Mist which usually covers the island's shore.



The many faces of the Soy Milk Roads.

Soy Milk Roads are phantom beings resembling gigantic humanoid heads with a large wheel-shaped growth on the back of their heads. Like humans, Soy Milk Roads appear to have unique faces but all appear to resemble elderly human men with large bulbous noses and lazy eyes. Many have large earlobes or large eyebrows, and they can grow facial hair and some appear to be balding or have unique hair styles. However since many of the other Soy Milk Roads seen were illusions created by a single Soy Milk Road, it is unknown if they all really do have varied appearances. Some were also seen with accessories, such as glasses or earrings, however since these other Soy Milk Roads were illusions, it's unknown if other possible members of this species have these accessories.

Behavior and IntelligenceEdit

In what way shall we eat them? I'm just trembling with excitement.

—The Tōnyūdō

They appear to be somewhat intelligent and are capable of understanding and speaking the human language or at least manipulate the Real Mist to the point where their thoughts and intentions can be understood by others and vice versa. They are also quite vicious and will eat any humans that enter their domain. They also have some sort of relationship with the Leech Heels who can also manipulate their mist, but the exact details of this relationship is not mentioned. A Soy Milk Road along with the Leech Heels are able to manipulate the Real Mist into resembling a large Human World town, showing that it may have some knowledge of Human World society, which might be an example of its above average intelligence.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


A Soy Milk Road's mastery of illusions.

Soy Milk Roads are strong entities, capable of producing the illusionary phenomena known as Real Mist which can create incredibly realistic illusions and use it to lure prey into a false sense of security. Their mastery of illusions is go great that they can even create copies of themselves to make it seem as though they can move at high speeds or even teleport, as shown with the Soy Milk Road who used its ability to dodge all of Zebra's "Voice Missiles". They can even create other unique-looking Soy Milk Roads to fool their prey into thinking that they're outnumbered, showing that a Soy Milk Road can be quite tactical. While inside the mist a Soy Milk Road is capable of staying afloat in midair, but whether this was due to manipulating the Real Mist or some other ability is unknown. They can also use the smoke-like skin on their faces to capture others.

It appears that if rendered unconscious, such as when one was knocked out by an Intimidation created by Toriko's Ultimate Routine, the Real Mist a Soy Milk Road produces will instantly dissipate along with all the illusions it created and it will no longer be able to stay afloat.

As FoodEdit

Soy Milk Road's Tofu Skin

Soy Milk Stew with Tofu Skin and Torpedo Sausage.

Toriko's Ultimate Routine

Toriko's Red Demon showing the Soy Milk Roads how it would eat them.

Around their bodies they have smoke-like skin which is actually made of a tofu which has a beautiful silk-like appearance when cooked, and their tears are actually creamy soy milk, which is the likely reason for their name. Its soy milk tears can be made into a delicious stew that can have the tofu skin mixed in along with meat from the Torpedo Sausage. The stew is quite thick but not greasy, which may leave the eater wanting more. When Toriko used his Ultimate Routine on the Soy Milk Roads, his Red Demon was shown eating them whole while skewered and in a stew, but whether they can actually be eaten like this or if it was simply part of Toriko's attempt to scare them is uncertain.


AIR ArcEdit


The Soy Milk Roads make their move.

When the Four Heavenly Kings first entered Yutou Island, fell into its depths and survived its horde of beasts, they were confronted by this mysterious entity after Zebra referred to the Gourmet World as boring. To prove them wrong, he took both Toriko and Coco and pulled them deep within the Real Mist where they then found themselves in a small town and are eventually confronted by an illusionary Frosh and a group of deadly Leech Heels. Once they defeat the Leech Heels, Toriko and Coco are confronted by the Soy Milk Roads once more and others of his kind.


The Soy Milk Road defeated.

When the confrontation of the Soy Milk Road began, Toriko himself was already aware of everything being an illusion from the beginning. He stated to the creature that as a way of saying thanks for creating the illusion, he would repay the Soy Milk Road with one of his own illusions, Toriko then proceeded to create an illusion of his Appetite Demon devouring all of the Soy Milk Roads present. The said illusion was actually the Heavenly Kings's Ultimate Routine which can knock out beasts of Capture Levels between five hundred and six hundred, preventing any actual conflict from happening. The Soy Milk Road was knocked out cold by the intimidation, causing all of its illusions to end, it is revealed that only a single Soy Milk Road was actually present and all the others were mere illusions along with the mist itself. It then began crying out soy milk tears while it was passed out. The Kings noticed this and began harvesting its milk and the tofu skin around its head which Komatsu then prepared into a fine meal.



Coy Milk Road submission

Soy Milk Road Submission

  • The Soy Milk Road is the work of Aosato of Nagano prefecture.
  • Its name is a pun of the japanese word for "Soy Milk" (豆乳 Tōnyū) and "Wanyūdō" (輪入道).
  • It is based on a "Wanyūdō" (輪入道), a Japanese Yōkai said to be an evil spirit of an oxcart owner who drags souls to the underworld. The spirit manifests itself as a head with a flaming oxcart wheel attached to it.
  • The Soy Milk Road that attacked the Heavenly Kings had a distinct laugh, which is "Foffoffof".

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