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Japanese 醤油バッタ
Romanized Shōyu Batta
English Soy Sauce Grasshopper
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Type Insect
Capture Level 1 (Child)
5 (Adult)
Length 5m
Height 1.5m
Weight 400kg
Price 500ml / 20,000 yen (soy sauce)
Habitat Forest and Fields, 1st Biotope, Mushroom Woods
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 34
Anime Toriko Jump Special (OVA)
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The Soy Sauce Grasshopper (醤油バッタ Shōyu Batta) is an insect that harbors a sack of grade-A quality soy sauce on its back.


Soy Sauce Grasshoppers are quite large, standing at around 1.5 meters, having a body length of 5 meters, and a weight 400 kilograms. Also of note is the small round egg-like sack of sauce growing on its back which is packed with soy sauce. Other than this, young Soy Sauce Grasshoppers look like slightly large grasshoppers, however adults are almost giant in size.


They are mostly harmless creatures unless provoked, and if attacked or grabbed they will mercilessly kick their pursuers. However young Soy Sauce Grasshoppers are actually harmless and can even be grabbed and caught by normal humans without inciting hostility. They make their homes in forests and fields. They are also bred in the 1st Biotope's Mushroom Woods.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Their big dewy grasshopper eyes must make people drop their guard, because it's fairly common for casual hunters to get kicked by the hopper's robust back legs. Despite their low capture level, normal humans should not try to capture one, as such it is best to hire a professional Gourmet Hunter.

As FoodEdit

Their sauces are quite useful as condiments on almost any dish and are quite handy in the wild if a caught ingredient doesn't have enough flavor. Adults carry a more distilled variety of delicious sauce than juveniles, but seeing as how adults exceed five feet in length, it's very difficult for an amateur to capture one. 500 milligrams of its soy sauce can be sold for about 20,000 yen.


Regal Mammoth ArcEdit

Soy Sauce Grasshoppers are first seen being caught by Komatsu after he and Sunny got lost in the Mushroom Woods after they were attacked by Rock Drums. Using them, Komatsu was able to enhance the flavor of some Cream Mushrooms which Sunny greatly enjoyed. He later caught a giant Soy Sauce Grasshopper for Komatsu.

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

  • Strangely, the Soy Sauce Grasshoppers were not included in the anime, having been replaced with the Saucetopus.

Appearances in Other MediaEdit

Toriko Jump Special OVAEdit

Soy Sauce Grasshoppers did not actually appear during the events of the Toriko Jump Special, however they made a cameo appearance in the credits "Sono Na wa Toriko" where Sunny was grossed out by them.


Shoyu Grasshopper
A child Soy Sauce Grasshopper in the manga
Adult beast


  • The Soy Sauce Grasshopper was created by PN YH.

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