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Japanese じゅもんきー
Romanized Jumonkī
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Type Mammal/Phantom
Capture Level 1200
Habitat Area 7 (North Mountain Area)
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 307
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The Spellmonkey is a species of mammalian phantom native to Area 7 and it is one of the many primates that make up the continent's "Monkey Restaurant".


It is a very unusual-looking monkey who has a very humanoid appearance, with a somewhat upright posture, long white hair, and most notably is the fact that it wears clothing. Its clothing consists of a long skirt and a pointed hat that resembles the kind worn by wizards or witches. This mystical monkey also has what appears to be a few spirits or magical flames floating around its body that resemble will-o-wisps.


The Spellmonkey appears to be an intelligent species, having the intellect to craft both clothing and items such as a staff, and also being intelligent enough to harness a mysterious mystical power that may be magical in nature. A member of this species was shown to be a good friend with an Iai-Aye and a brave ally that was willing to help the Four Heavenly Kings in their Enbu training.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


The Spellmonkey fighting Toriko.

Being a primate of the "Monkey Restaurant", this species is skilled in the monkey martial art of Enbu, a special style of combat only known to the primates of Area 7 and its skill in this martial art is so great that it is ranked as an Assistant Master. Having a capture level of 1200, the Spellmonkey is a very powerful creature and has one of the highest capture levels in Area 7. Judging from its name, it appears that this creature has mastery over some form of mystical power that appears to be magical in nature although its full abilities are never demonstrated other than it being able to conjure what appear to be will-o-wisps, but being the strongest of the Iai-Aye's allies, it was paired up against Toriko who appeared quite fearful of its presence, showing it to be a very powerful and fearsome being. It is also shown carrying a wooden staff that it may also use in its unique fighting style.


PAIR ArcEdit

A Spellmonkey was one of the many monkeys that were allies of the Iai-Aye that had been accompanying the Four Heavenly Kings and was willing to help in their training to master Enbu. The Spellmonkey was paired off against Toriko who appeared to be quite worried when facing it.

After PAIR was finally acquired by the Heavenly Kings, many of their monkey allies, including the Spellmonkey appeared on 100G Mountain to congratulate them. The Kings and the monkeys then descended back down the mountain on Bambina's Flying Nimbutt and headed for the Birth Cry Tree, where they were happily greeted by a gigantic gathering of now happy and free monkeys.


SpellMonkey Submission

Spellmonkey Submission

  • The Spellmonkey is Taitama Prefecture's 米谷純一 (Yonetani Jun'ichi ?)-san's work.
  • Spellmonkey's Creator also Created Leech Heel,Boxer Ape,Old World Karate Monkey,Aged Ape.
  • When the Spellmonkey who helped the Heavenly Kings tried telling his name to Komatsu he pronounced something along the lines of "Ukkikkiii", however as "Kaka" had betrayed them there was no one to interpret the Spellmonkey's name. However considering that the Iai-Aye simply refers to itself by its species, it is likely that the Spellmonkey also refers to itself by its species.

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