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Japanese とげうなぎ, Toge unagi
Aliases Spiny Eel
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Type Fish
Capture Level 13
Length 1m
Weight 12kg
Price 15,000 yen per fish
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 96
Anime Episode 39
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Spine Eel (とげうなぎ) is long, slender fish from the eel family. The Spine Eel hatches in the deep seas, lives in open water as a juvenile, and then spends its adult life in lakes and rivers. True to its name, the Spine Eel is almost all spines and no meat. However, those spines produce a superb soup stock. Chefs will shell out top dollar for the best spiny Eels. It was one of the many ingredients used by Komatsu when he was recreating the Century Soup, although it is not known if this ingredient made it into the final version of the soup.

In the anime, it is mentioned that its eggs are very much like delicious salmon roe (salmon egg masses in the ovaries of its body; similar to caviar) and have a taste similar to the Japanese dish "roe battleship sushi roll", which is described as tasting like delicious seaweed wrapped orange dipped in soy sauce.



  • Spine Eel Created by Tokyo Prefecture Takeshi Kimura.
  • the Spine Eel's creator also created the Nitro Cherry.

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