Square root law

The Square Root Law (平方根の法則 Heihōkon no Hōsoku) is a statistical law used to explain Ichiryu's Minority World and Flight techniques. If on an area there are 100 particles, the square root of them(√100), just 10 of them will move with exceptional behavior.

For Ichiryu's flight ability, a creature made of 100 atoms is released in the sky. Of the 100 atoms that make it up, 90 fall due to gravity, normally. But the remaining 10 behave in an exceptional manner such as trying to rise, stopping in mid-air, or other ways that do not obey gravity.

It is said that organisms are made up of a large number of atoms with the purpose to increase the precision of their biological activity, in order to lower their rate of error due to his law.


  • The Square Root Law is referenced from “The Gap Between Organisms and Non-Organisms” by Fukuoka Shinichi.
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