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Starjun at Magneticlam

Masked - Unmasked

Starjun US

Japanese スタージュン
Romanized Sutājun
English Starjun
Aliases Staa, Star
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday May 25, 475 GA
Age 25 (start of the series);

29 (Post-Timeskip)

Status Alive
Height 232 cm
Weight 307 kg
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Ico bsk Gourmet Corp.
Occupation Chef icon Sous Chef;
Bishokuya icon Gourmet Hunter
Partner Ootake (combo);
Personal Status
Relatives Acacia (father)
Froese (mother)
Toriko (fraternal twin brother)[1]
Rin (sister-in-law)
Ichiryu (adoptive brother)
Jiro (adoptive brother)
Midora (adoptive brother)
Four Heavenly Kings (adopted nephews)
Teppei (adopted grandnephew)
Unborn nibling
Pets Starjun's Braga Dragon
Big Bang Shark
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 17
Anime Episode 2
Game Gourmet Survival 1 & 2
Gourmet Monsters
Japanese Shin-ichiro Miki
English Scott Freeman
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Even if they’re always careful, all humans eventually die.

—Starjun, to Komatsu.

Starjun (スタージュン Sutājun) is a former Sous Chef of the Gourmet Corp., one of the major antagonists of the series, and Toriko's twin and rival. He is the 2nd strongest member of the Gourmet Corp.[2]

Despite his status as a member of the Gourmet Corp. and a wanted criminal, he took up the profession of a Gourmet Hunter as his secondary job and is currently searching for an unknown ingredient, and has even formed a combo with Otake in order to find it.[3]

Starjun is the main antagonist of the Regal Mammoth Arc, and a major antagonist during the Cooking Festival Arc. He was assigned by Midora to aid the Heavenly Kings on their journey at Gourmet World and he got partnered with Toriko to capture GOD on Area 2.


Starjun AnimeStarjun Movie2013 Design

Starjun 2

Starjun without his mask.

Starjun is an incredibly tall, muscular, pale-skinned man slightly taller than Toriko, with long black hair. Starjun normally wears an imposing metal helmet which conceals his true face. Beneath the mask however, Starjun has a relatively normal face, with a furrowed brow similar to Zebra's and handsome features. He has a large scar or burn on the left side of his face and neck which he was born with.

Starjun awakens his third eye

Starjun's third eye.

He has a tiny birthmark on his forehead which actually conceals a large third eye with noticeable veins and a slit pupil.

When in combat or in major Gourmet Corp. gatherings, he generally dresses in a manner similar to a black knight in formal attire, wearing a large black cloak (purple in the anime) with numerous crescent shaped buttons and a black cape, along with a formal black top and trousers complete with a white sash tied around his waist and a white napkin stuffed in his collar, and on his feet he wears black armored boots. His Shiva Helmet, which he normally wears with this attire, appears to somewhat alter his appearance by changing his skin color and making his eyes appear featureless and demonic.

In the manga, when wearing his helmet, his skin becomes darker in color while his eyes become pale white with black markings around them. In the anime, his skin becomes completely white when wearing the helmet and his eyes turn into a bright pink color with violet markings around them. His helmet is also shiny and black in color in the manga while in the anime it is of a very dark blue color.

When not on duty, such as lounging at a Gourmet Corp. base or out in a bar, he wears more casual attire and doesn't don on his mask. His casual attire consists of a simple black-colored long-sleeved shirt and long black pants (both purple in the anime).

At Toriko's wedding he trimmed his hair down to his neck and was wearing a black suit with a white tie.

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He is not one to mince words and will admit his mistakes (e.g. he operates the GT Robot that Toriko defeats in the Regal Mammoth and admits that the Jewel Meat was not obtained because he wanted to test Toriko's abilities). He appears to be noble, or at least respectful to those he considers strong, setting the GT Robot's pain sensors to 100% to test and feel Toriko's maximum power. He seems to show an interest in Komatsu's cooking skills after observing his carving knife and wanted him to be useful to the Gourmet Corp. Likewise he has no interest or intent in harming people for no reason, shown twice when, during his first encounter with Toriko and Coco he simply ignores them even when they were prepared to fight and when, after defeating Toriko, he calmly states that Komatsu was the smartest one for not battling him and was perfectly content to hold a brief conversation with him before leaving him completely untouched. However, he also appears to have little tolerance for even the most mundane of resistances such as threatening to kill Komatsu after he demands him to give his knife back. He has a habit of scratching his head with one finger when he's puzzled or thinking. Starjun has a love for battle, shown after being bombarded by multiple attacks by Toriko at Cooking Fest. He mentions how "elated" he was battling Toriko and that he knew a battle with him would be a thrill, indicating further his excitement in the face of danger.

Powers and Abilities[]

Starjun is considered a very powerful individual, living up to his fame and status as Sous Chef of the Gourmet Corps.. Although he is listed as a chef, he is also a first-class Gourmet Hunter. Joie identifies him as the second strongest member of said organization, despite the existence of ostensibly higher-ranked members and other sous-chefs. At the time of his first confrontation with Toriko, Starjun was already one of the first members of the Gourmet Corp. capable of entering the Gourmet World without the use of a GT Robot; even then, his strength was such that even the Gourmet Corp.'s most advanced GT Robots could not come close to replicating his strength and speed (despite a measurement error of a mere one thousandth of a second). Starjun himself has admitted that he does not know the true limit of his strength.[2] Even after Toriko's intense training in Food Honor/Immersion, Intuition, and Routines, Starjun was still able to match and eventually overpower him in their fight during the Cooking Festival. It is at the end of their showdown that Starjun's cells "bloomed", manifesting the Appetite Demon residing within him through the opening of a third eye on his forehead and further increasing his power. Joie admitted that in that state, it would be difficult to control him with Cinderella.

Starjuns GT Robo Peeler Shot

Starjun's skill with a GT Robot.

Starjun's physical strength easily outclassed Toriko's for most of the series (fighting him as a GT Robo and later beginning their fight at the Food Festival by simply taking Toriko's strongest attacks). His speed has been cause of great terror among all his opponents so far. He is so fast that when he meets Toriko and Komatsu face to face for the first time, he considers the half-second it takes Toriko to ready for battle very slow[4] and claims that the Heavenly King would have died ten times already if they were really fighting. His attacks are also fast and precise enough to counter those of Food Honor masters such as Toriko, despite Starjun seemingly possessing no skills in Food Honor or Food Pressure. It is worth noting that even piloting a GT Robo, he could easily surpass Terry Cloth's attack speed. Starjun has also displayed a great deal of pain tolerance and physical durability: he was hit by the 'full course' of Toriko's eight most powerful attacks, driven through concrete walls and smashed into a mountain and still stood up, only coughing up some blood. Then, despite being injured and facing an unharmed Toriko, Starjun quickly turned the battle around and bested him. Indeed, as a further testament to his stamina, Starjun reveals that he chose to absorb Toriko's earlier attacks as a sort of test; it isn't until Toriko begins using Routines that Starjun makes a point of dodging and blocking. Starjun appears to be immune to the multi-thousand degree flames his techniques and special kitchen knife generate as well.

Starjun is a versatile combatant, being both a capable hand-to-hand fighter and excellent swordsman. However, he draws his blade only when facing opponents he deems worthy, relying on his fists and pyrokinesis to dispatch weaker foes. Despite his incredible speed, Starjun seldom dodges or block his opponent's attacks, taking the full damage head on and countering right afterwards, not allowing the enemy to get away or gain ground. A natural fighter with amazing battle instincts, Starjun possesses the incredible power, will, and confidence needed to impose 'images' of his victory on reality itself, suggesting he can unconsciously use a technique akin to the Ultimate Routine. Starjun's mastery of this ability is such that he can generate and execute these images even faster than the noted quick-learner Toriko.[5]

Chef Skills[]

Even though Starjun is a very skilled Chef, he lacks the ability of Food Luck, which he compensates for by forming a combo with Otake.[6] He has stated that he can use some kind of Dark Technique that is similar in nature to the Revitalizing Kitchen Knife as he intended to heal himself with it after being badly wounded by Toriko. He seems to have some skill comparable to Food Honor as shown when he is able to acquire and attempt to cook the Bubble Fruit. It is unknown if he succeeded as he was shown failing in his attempts, so the extent of his skill is unknown.[7]

Hunting Method[]

Starjun's Hunting Method seems to revolve around his fire abilities and his superhuman physical capabilities.

Gourmet Cells[]

Like his twin brother Toriko, Starjun was born with Gourmet Cells, as indicated by his birthmark.[8] His cells are compatible with Froese and Joie's Food Luck.[9][10]

Appetite Demon[]

Starjun's Gourmet Cells are host to an Appetite Demon, a humanoid, muscular demon with a cycloptic eye, two large horns on its head, and sharp fangs. It awakens during his fight with Toriko.[8]

  • AIR:[11] Starjun's Gourmet Cells awaken in his left arm, allowing him to morph his left arm into that of his Appetite Demon.
  • PAIR:[11] Starjun's Gourmet Cells awaken in his right arm, allowing him to morph his right arm into that of his Appetite Demon.
  • ANOTHER:[12] Starjun's Gourmet Cells awaken in his tongue, allowing him to morph his tongue into that of his Appetite Demon. It also gives him the ability to comprehend tastes of things that were previously inedible, like rocks, and reawakens tastes and memories that were forgotten.
  • NEWS:[12] Starjun's Gourmet Cells awaken in his left leg, allowing him to morph his left leg into that of his Appetite Demon. It also gives him the ability to create and maintain Back Channels.[13]
  • EARTH:[12] Starjun's Gourmet Cells awaken in his right leg, allowing him to morph his right leg into that of his Appetite Demon.
  • ATOM:[12] Starjun's Gourmet Cells awaken in his head and torso (except his brain and heart), allowing him to morph his head and torso into that of his Appetite Demon.
  • GOD:[14] Starjun's Gourmet Cells awaken in his brain.


Starjun intimidation

Starjun's Appetite Demon

For Intimidation, Starjun projects his Appetite Demon. He first uses it inside the Regal Mammoth during the Regal Mammoth Arc to show his true strength to Komatsu[15] and later on during his battle with Toriko at Cooking Island. When projecting the energy of his Appetite Demon for Intimidation, it takes on two colors; when using it at a low intensity, the image of his battle spirit is not projected, only the aura which is itself a black color; and when using it at full intensity, it is a dark purple color and is then followed by the appearance of his Appetite Demon.


He is shown to be quite adept at Knocking. During his first appearance, while using a GT Robot, he manages to easily knock a large school of Puffer Whale, impressive as he is underwater at the time and both Toriko and Coco have to concentrate very hard to Knock just one Puffer Whale.


Starjun is usually protected by a very durable armor and a seemingly even more resistant Shiva Helmet, since he shows surprise when it is broken.

Although he uses it on a human for the first time when facing Toriko at Cooking Fest, Starjun can use his Burner Knife, a large sword-like kitchen knife which he can infuse with flames, for special preparation ingredients. It is a powerful and deadly weapon designed by himself. Later on in his fight against Toriko, the knife is cut into two pieces.



Starjun making the candle fire grow.

Starjun has shown the ability to control heat and fire. This ability is first used when he barbecues a Butt Bug simply by touching it. Later, he makes the flame of a candle grow by holding his hand over it. He is also capable of freely controlling his own body temperature, which is higher than a normal human's, as Komatsu, upon touching him, says that he is "hot", not "warm". In the anime, his flames are blue.

Starjun can also set his whole body or parts of it on fire and is immune to the flames emitted by his Burner Knife.

First Part: Human World Saga[]

Offensive Techniques[]

Camp Fire small

Camp Fire (キャンプファイア Kyanpu Faia): Starjun sets his entire body on fire, also burning everything in the near vicinity. It is first used to escape from Sunny's Hair Lock.[16]

Camp Fire Medium Flame small

Medium Flame (中火 Chūbi): A more intense Camp Fire, boasting increased range and heat, it is first used to destroy the Dark Cooking Tent, in which Starjun, Toriko, Komatsu, and Zaus are. However, it deals no damage to Toriko, despite him standing very close to Starjun.[17]

Camp Fire Strong Flame & Fork Armor small

Strong Flame (強火 Tsuyobi): An even more intense Camp Fire, it easily melts Toriko's Fork Armor and scorches him.[18]

Burner Broil Stab small

Burner Broil Stab (バーナー炙り刺 Bānā Aburi Sashi): A powerful thrust using the Burner Knife.[19]

Leg 50-Hit Knife & Single Stroke Grill Cut small

Single Stroke Grill Cut (一刀焼き切り Ittō Yakikiri): A slash carried out with the Burner Knife, Starjun manages to sever Toriko's right leg while the latter is using Leg 50-Hit Knife.[20]

Burner Punch small

Burner Punch (バーナーパンチ Bānā Panchi): A punch covered in fire, it is capable of completely burning through an opponent of Toriko's caliber.[21]

Fire Spear small

Fire Spear (ファイアースペア Faia Supea): Starjun creates a spear composed of fire around his forearm. The spear releases a column of fire which is strong enough to burn off Toriko's arm before he could unleash an attack.[22]

Burner Shot small

Burner Shot (バーナーショット Bānā Shotto): Starjun shoots a barrage of fire projectiles from his hands, riddling the opponent full of holes.[23]

The following section is non-canon, therefore it is not considered part of the original story.

Starjun releases a whirlwind of flames small

Violent Heat Flamethrower (激熱火炎放射 Gekinetsu Kaen Hōsha): Starjun ignites his arm and then swings it at the target to release a stream of fire, which surrounds the enemy in a whirlwind of flames. This technique renders Toriko's Fork Shield useless.

Bone Fry (ボーンフライ Bōn Furai): After blocking an opponent's physical attack with Fire Shield, he grabs his opponent and burns them with his flaming hand.

Starjun ignites Flame Whirlwind with legs

Blaze Gale (火炎烈風 Kaen Reppū): Starjun kicks his leg launching a flame from it at his opponent.

Dragon Flame Blast (unnamed): Starjun creates a huge dragon-shaped flame and launches it at the opponent.

This non-canon section ends here.

Defensive Techniques[]

Thermal Disinfection small

Thermal Disinfection (熱消毒 Netsu Shōdoku): Starjun increases his body temperature to prevent poison from affecting his body. It is first used to counter the effects of Coco and Zebra's Poison Sound Armor.[24]

Fire Shield small

Fire Shield (火盾 Hitate): Starjun extends his hand outward and produce flames that act like a barrier to block attacks, melting them away in an instant. According to Toriko, the flames may reach the temperature of 2800°F, the melting point of iron.[25]

Blaze Whirlwind small

Blaze Whirlwind (火炎旋風 Kaen Senpū): Using his Burner Knife, Starjun creates a large cyclone of flames around him strong enough to stop and melt a barrage of Toriko's Flying Knives and Forks.[26]

Second Part: Gourmet World Saga[]

Offensive Techniques[]


Volcano (ボルケーノ Borukēno): Starjun creates a large torrent of flames. It is first used against a piece of Neo.[27]

Stae Slicer

Star Slicer (星切り Hoshigiri): Using Satan Burner, Starjun swings his Burner Knife. It is first used against Guinness, but is dodged. With Toriko's Jet Knife, it cuts a deep chasm into the earth.[28]

Burner Squall

Burner Squall (バーナースコール Bānā Sukōru): Starjun turn his arm into fire and, with an overhand punch, calls down a rain of fire. The attack covers a wide area, and the explosions generate multiple, large mushroom clouds. It is first used against Joie.[29]

Supplementary Techniques[]

Gourmet Clairvoyance

Gourmet Clairvoyance (グルメ千里眼 Gurume Senrigan): Starjun uses his Appetite Demon's third eye to lock onto and track a target. It can see over any distance, even into space. It is first used to track Guinness.[30]

Blaze Dome

Blaze Dome (火炎ドーム Kaen Dōmu): Starjun creates a large dome of swirling flames. It is first used to trap GOD,[31] who eats the dome with a swipe of its tongue.[32]

Starjun Layered Back Channel

Back Channel (裏のチャンネル Ura no Channeru): Having eaten ANOTHER and NEWS, Starjun can generate his own Back Channel. By stacking several layers, he creates a small gap in space-time and, with Gourmet Clairvoyance, is able to foresee an opponent's attacks and movements.[33]

Starjun's Warp Kitchen

Warp Kitchen (ワープキッチン Wāpukitchin): Starjun forms a Back Channel between his hands and then spreads his arms to the sides, causing it to enlarge and envelope a certain portion of space around him. He first uses it against Dores, Kuromado, and Niceny.[34]

Joint Attacks[]

Fire Jet Fork

Fire Jet Fork (ファイアージェットフォーク Faiā Jetto Fōku): Starjun combines his Volcano with Toriko's Jet Fork. It is first used against a piece of Neo.[35]



Galala Gator Arc[]

Starjun 5

Starjun's disappointment with Joejoe's report.

In the anime, it was shown that Starjun and Joejoe had been tracking Toriko and the Four Heavenly Kings' progress. They had even monitored Toriko's capture of the Galala Gator but were disappointed that it was not a more impressive ingredient causing havoc in the Baron Archipelago.

Rainbow Fruit Arc[]

In the anime, after Toriko's capture of the Rainbow Fruit, Starjun finally decides to make his move and orders Joejoe to prepare his GT Robot. He then sets off to the IGO Biotopes to steal their ingredients and kill any beasts that gets in his way.

Puffer Whale Arc[]

Gt robo

Starjun's GT Robo in the Cave of the Sandy Beach.

After his raid on the Biotopes, Starjun (still using his GT Robot) makes his way to Labyrinthine Cave to capture the elusive Puffer Whale. He successfully captures dozens while killing all the animals that approached him in the water. After rising from the water, he comes face to face with Toriko, Coco, and Komatsu, who had been celebrating their capture of the Puffer Whales. Toriko and Coco immediately sense the danger Starjun poses and prepare to fight him, but Starjun shows no interest, simply scratching his head, walking past them, and leaving the stunned group behind to question the identity of the powerful mechanical foe. Once he leaves the cave, Starjun is confronted by Gourmet Police member Thor, who declares Starjun to be under arrest. However, the legendary officer proves no match for the fearsome Starjun and is quickly murdered.

Word of the events at the cave and Starjun's attack on the Biotopes quickly make it to the ears of the IGO's directors who are more than shocked to hear of Thor's demise and the slaughter of the countless species residing in the Biotopes. They figure out that this was the doing of the Gourmet Corp. and make the decision to unite the Four Heavenly Kings to help fight this fearsome organization.

Regal Mammoth Arc[]

Starjun 6

Starjun arrives at the 6th Branch.

Starjun arrives at the 6th Gourmet Corp. Branch riding on his beast to find Bei chasing a Butt Bug. Though unapproving of the grunt's tastes, he kills the bug with his ability. He finds Joejoe who tells him about the operatives riding the GT Robot's. Starjun complains about the GT Robots and how they are too slow to reproduce his movements, even despite Joejoe stating that there have been improvements to the machines. After learning that IGO made the first move, Starjun chooses to replace one of the operators of the GT Robot.

He starts off at the Black Carpet, progressing to Devil Athletics, all the while slaughtering anything in his path. However, when he reaches the athletics, Toriko's newly trained Obsaurus destroys the platforms, hoping to slow Starjun down. Starjun easily defeats the Obsaurus and makes it his mode of transportation.

Starjun GT Robo defeats Rubanda

Starjun takes control and conquers Devil Athletics.

After reaching the other side of the Devil Athletics, he encounters Toriko's new animal partner, the Battle Wolf, Terry Cloth, which attempts to slow down the GT Robot with a battle of endurance. However, while Terry is giving it his all, Starjun is fooling around, to test the young Battle Wolf's ability. He soon grows bored of 'playing' with Terry and makes the Obsaurus fight the Battle Wolf pup instead. He goes to the base of Regal Plateau and finds Coco incapacitated, Gido's GT Robot broken, and the Regal Mammoth paralyzed by Coco's poison. Starjun jumps straight into the belly of the Mammoth.

Starjun comes from behind the group consisting of Toriko, Rin and Komatsu. Toriko immediately notices the presence of the GT Robot, and used an intense Intimidation to faze the Sous Chef, which fails. Toriko then goes in for a 5-Hit Nail Punch, only managing to graze the Robot before Starjun managed to smack him away with a hit that should have broken the Gourmet Hunter's neck. Rin then attacks the Robot with Fragrance Bazooka, but Starjun easily dodges it and pierces her through the stomach. He then crouches in front of Komatsu and warns the small Chef, who has been screaming for his friends, that if he isn't a nuisance, he won't be killed, just like at the Sandy Beach in the Cave. However Toriko comes from behind, grabs the Robot by the shoulder and punches him, sending it flying. The Robo gets up, but Starjun is shocked that Toriko is still alive. Toriko attacks with a Fork and Knife, adding more dents to go to the Robot's head along with the one left by the earlier punch, though Starjun also managed to get a hit in. Toriko then sends him flying with a 6-Hit Nail Punch, and tells Starjun that he will send the "Fear of Death" to the Gourmet Corp. who aren't prepared to die. Starjun gets up, realizing that Toriko's body is undergoing Autophagy, a sign that his Gourmet Cells are evolving. Starjun then avoids a Fork, blocks a Knife, and attempts to counter with the Robo's laser. However, Toriko forcefully closes the 'beak', headbutts it and throws the enemy. Starjun gets up again, and tells Toriko that though he is impressed with the Gourmet Hunter's performance, even if the GT Robot is unable to replicate his own full strength, but wonders if Toriko can defeat him before the Gourmet Hunter's own Gourmet Cells kill him through Autophagy. Starjun is suddenly in front of Toriko and unleashes a multitude of slashing attacks, before Toriko punches him away. Starjun goes on to say that it's probably impossible for Toriko to defeat him before his own personal time limit and hits him with a Mixer Punch. Deciding to finish Toriko off for good, he shoots Toriko with the laser, sending him through a thick flesh wall.

He then crouches in front of Komatsu, 'complimenting' him on being the only one smart enough not to get in the Sous Chef's way. He then notices Komatsu's Kitchen Knife, which spilled out of the smaller Chef's bag during the battle. Starjun picks it up, and deducing from the kitchen knife figures that Komatsu is a 'top-grade chef,' decides to take it. However Komatsu then grabs the GT Robo's arm and asks for the kitchen knife back, declaring that it is equal to his life, and that he isn't afraid of dying since he had that kind of 'Resolution', despite Starjun's warning. The Sous Chef uses uses Intimidation on Komatsu, and is impressed with the smaller Chef's resolve when he didn't let go, even though Komatsu was crying. Starjun is then surprised when Toriko made his presence known, with all his wounds healed, and accurately guesses that the Gourmet Hunter's Gourmet Cells have evolved after eating the target, the Jewel Meat. Toriko then requests that Starjun turns off the GT Robot's "Sense of Pressure Excess", the program which prevented the operator from feeling any pain, so as to fully experience Toriko's 'evolution'. Toriko then prepares a Nail Punch, so Starjun attacks with a Mixer Punch before the Gourmet Hunter has the chance to attack.

10 Ren Kugi Punch

Starjun's GT Robo finally defeated by Toriko.

However the Robot's hand actually gets entwined in Toriko's muscle fibers, who then grabs the arm, and starts chopping at it with a barrage of Knives until it breaks. When Starjun tried to use the laser, Toriko broke it with Fork, and attacked the body a couple more times with it. Starjun then tries to attack with Peeler Shot, but is hit by a 5-Hit Nail Punch before he could. Toriko then destroys the Robo with a 10-Hit Nail Punch, but not before Starjun asks if the Jewel Meat was delicious, and hope that they can meet again in the flesh.

Century Soup Arc[]

Starjun hitting the table at the meeting

Starjun's anger is invoked during the meeting.

Some time after the unsuccessful capture of the Regal Mammoth's Jewel Meat, the Gourmet Corp. Head Chef, Kuromado holds a gathering to discuss their recent failure. Starjun and many others are present and try to explain, however Starjun was not pleased and quickly silenced everyone with his might. Just then Grinpatch arrives to report his failure in retrieving Gido's GT Robot, but Kuromado decides to put that aside for now as their number one priority should be to find a replacement ingredient for the Jewel Meat in order to increase the power of their Gourmet Cells. Branch Chief Yuu then suggests they seek out the Century Soup which will appear soon in Ice Hell. Starjun and the others agree on this and prepare a party of three to recover it.[36]

Toriko's Break Arc[]

Starjun demonstrating his fire power2

Starjun at Bar Meria.

While Toriko and Komatsu are eating at the isolated Bar Meria, they see a tall man mysteriously appear across from them enjoying a drink and when he lets out a sigh, both are immediately filled with horror as they recognize the man's voice to be none other than Starjun's. Toriko then raises his guard, but the casually-dressed Starjun assures him that he is not there to fight and that he was only searching for a particular ingredient, but he then says if he were there to fight he could've easily killed Toriko if he wanted, and with blinding speed he easily makes several cuts throughout the bar's walls without even moving, greatly shocking Toriko and Komatsu. Starjun then tells Toriko that when the race for GOD begins that is when they'll have their true battle which Toriko eagerly accepts. Starjun then leaves the bar and contemplates on how fortunate they were that he did not kill them then and there, and then begins to envy their Food Luck, something that he himself lacks.[37]

Meteor Garlic Arc[]

Starjun is seen relaxing in a lounge within the Gourmet Corp. Dining Kitchen along with a fully recovered Tommyrod. The two Sous Chefs are then greeted by Niceny who recommends they leave the Human World and focus their efforts on the Gourmet World. Niceny and Joejoe then discuss the difficulty of capturing the chefs at the top of the IGO Chef Ranking, however Starjun interjects and mentions that even outside the ranking, there are many skilled chefs worthy of recognition.[2]

Bubble Fruit Arc[]

After Chiyo and Otake's attack on Shokurin Temple and Chiyo's subsequent defeat at the hands of Toriko, a giant beast appeared out of the sky with a GT Robo riding it. The GT Robo then ordered Chiyo and Otake to retreat as their mission was already complete. With that known Otake took Chiyo and began to boast about how he'll be the one to prepare and eat GOD with his new partner Midora, the boss of the Gourmet Corp., he then escapes on the giant beast with the GT Robo. The GT Robo then begins to criticize Ootake for telling such an unflattering lie, but Otake says that it does not matter as Midora considers all the chefs in the Gourmet Corp. as his partners, but for now Otake's true partner is the GT Robo's pilot, Starjun, since he lives both the life of a Gourmet Corp. Sous Chef and a Gourmet Hunter. Starjun states that he admires Otake's ambition, but requires Otake primarily for the Food Luck that he does not have, which is absolutely necessary for obtaining GOD. They both then speed back to the Gourmet World.[3] Later at headquarters he is seen trying to cook and taste Bubble Fruits, which seem to be spoiled by him.[7]

Cooking Festival Arc[]

Starjun grabs Komatsu

Starjun invades Cooking Fest.

Starjun is later seen back at the Gourmet Corp.'s New World Headquarters with several members of the Gourmet Corp., planning an invasion of the Cooking Festival. After putting on his helmet and asking Joejoe about final preparations, he left for the festival with his assembled group of Tommyrod, Grinpatch, Elg, Limon, Chiyo, accompanied by various unknown beasts at their sides.

As Cooking Fest goes into the finals, Komatsu and Zaus begin their "Dark Cooking Duel" in the pitch black tent in the stadium. Komatsu begins to search for his ingredients, but he is suddenly grabbed by a mysterious figure who is none other than Starjun! Starjun tells the young chef he is there to collect him.[38] His presence is quickly noticed by Toriko and the other Heavenly Kings. From the stands, Zebra protects Komatsu with Poison Sound Armor and Coco circulates the lethal poison in the armor to attack. However, Starjun extinguishes the poison with Thermal Disinfection, and uses Camp Fire to make the Darkness Cooking Arena burst into flames, driving back Sunny after he used his Hair Lock on Starjun. As Komatsu yells for Toriko, his partner appears behind Starjun wearing an angry expression. Starjun says he's been waiting for him. As Toriko demanded Starjun to go outside to fight, Starjun replied that they were already “outside” as he proceeded to destroy the tent with his Camp Fire Medium Flame.

Once the tent was disintegrated, Toriko launched a barrage of attacks that took Starjun by surprise, and led him to comment on how good the attack was. To test Toriko's power, Starjun allowed him to unleash another sequence of the most powerful attacks he has shown so far, causing him to be slightly wounded and his armor to break. Expressing satisfaction with his strength, he proceeded to use his 'Intimidation' and started to fight.[39]

Toriko and Starjun intimidations come out

Toriko and Starjun unleash their might.

Later on, Komatsu arrives just in time to see an unconscious Toriko being lifted up by Starjun. The Gourmet Corp. proceeds to kidnap the chef, but is promptly punched by Toriko, who was awakened by Komatsu's cries.The tide of the battle seems to turn against him when Toriko starts the Ultimate Routine: Conduct of the King to defeat him. The Heavenly King manages to injure Starjun but, as he prepares to attack him with a barrage of Flying Forks and Flying Knives, he realize that Toriko emotions have caught up to his. Starjun then unsheathes his sword, melting them all and begins to go on the offensive. Starjun then tells Toriko about his Burner Knife and slashes at him. The Gourmet Hunter dodges in the nick of time, while the ground at his side is melted deeply. He then attacks the Gourmet Corp. with another volley of techniques, but they are all stopped. Exploiting the light created by the Burner Knife, he moves behind Starjun, who stabs his shoulder through several layers of Fork Shields, and counterattacks with a Knife Nail Gun. With both of them wounded, Toriko looks fiercely at Starjun, whereas the latter grins.

Starjun is amazed at how Toriko can continually come up with new techniques as their fight went on. As Starjun began imagining cutting Toriko’s right leg, Toriko was imagining cutting Starjun's Burner Knife. When they released their attacks, Starjun's Burner Knife was broken, creating an opening for Toriko's barrage of attacks, releasing a fountain of blood from Starjun body. When Toriko stopped after realizing that his leg was cut off, Starjun revealed that it went just as he imagined it. He then attacked Toriko with his Burner Punch to his right abdomen. When Toriko attempted to use his 70 Ren Nail Gun, Starjun used his Fire Spear to destroy his arm. Stopping Toriko’s kicks with his Fire Shield, Starjun “shoots” his Burner Shot at him, causing Toriko to fall unconscious from the assault.

Toriko and Starjun's fight comes to an end

The battle is over with Starjun as the winner.

As the outcome of the battle turns in Starjun's favor, Komatsu uses his Derous Knife to attack Starjun, stating that he would be Starjun's opponent. Starjun commented that he is a reliable combo partner but uses his flames to force Komatsu back, stating that his knife was never meant to hurt others. However, this angered Toriko, which caused him to release his inner demon through the use of Appetite Energy to punch a hole through Starjun's stomach. As Starjun collapses, he notes that his wounds were critical as he would have use that Dark Technique to survive. Komatsu then surrenders to Starjun as he could not bear Toriko being hurt anymore. However, he asks Starjun to let him do 'one swing' to save Toriko. This shocks Starjun momentarily, wondering when Komatsu had mastered 'that technique.' He then tells Komatsu that he is returning to the Cooking Stadium due to the fact that "the dark clouds were not clearing."[40]

As he was escaping with Komatsu on his Braga Dragon , he was spotted by Joie when was floating above the Cooking Stadium. Starjun revealed that he knew about NEO for some time when one of their spies; Gido was recruited into the Gourmet Corp. during the struggle for the Jewel Meat. He also considered NEO to be a more ominous group than Toriko and his allies to the Gourmet Corp.. When Joie asked Starjun to hand over Komatsu, Starjun flatly refused to do so.

After having refused Joie with handing over Komatsu, Starjun protrudes a third eye on his forehead, similar to that of his intimidation (which follows soon after). Joie takes note on how Starjun has “Bloomed” and asks if he was "born with that birthmark". Joie then states that Starjun is someone who was born with "Gourmet Cell Genetics" and tells him that is it an admirable quality. Starjun then replies to Joie that due to his previous fight, he was risking his own life. Thanks to the fight he had with Toriko, Starjun states that his "Monster Cells" have awakened. He then tells Joie that if he is prepared to fight then he attack, however he also asks as to whether Joie thinks he can manipulate him. Joie merely responds that Starjun's previous statements would be true if it were a one-on-one battle however due to the presence of Jiro and Setsuno -both one of the World's Strongest- he is at a disadvantage.The fact that Joie admitted that it would be hard to wound Starjun (despite his open stomach) shows that he is either on par or stronger than Joie. A voice was suddenly heard and Starjun is quick to notice that it was his Boss, Midora's, voice. Joie states that another "Peak Showdown" has concluded. Without a moment to spare, Starjun tells Jiro to rescind (remove) his knocking as "The spice is going to fall!! Everyone will die!!" Jiro had no choice but to follow his demand. Starjun then tells Grinpatch that they are evacuating the area, while Joie tells his Tokage to retrieve the other NEO members. As the Gourmet Corp. and NEO members evacuate, Midora's Meteor Spice begin to ravaged the Cooking Island and all the surrounding area.[41]

He is later shown returning to the recently ruined Gourmet Corp.'s Gourmet World HQ. Shocked by the state of the HQ he orders Grinpatch to put out the flames but notices Grin has a sickly look. Once he enters the Headquarters he is further shocked by the damage done and that it seems NEO has infiltrated their Gourmet World facilities, questioning one of the surviving chefs on the location of Joejoe.

Later, when all of the kidnapped chefs are gathered before Midora, Starjun apologizes for the situation. Midora, however, states that Starjun was the only one who fully accomplished his mission, that he has no reason to apologize, and then questions if the chefs before him were all of the chefs. Starjun confirms this stating they have kidnapped approximately 1,000 chefs from the Human World. Midora tells the chefs they are now in his combo and their only job is to satisfy his hunger to which the chefs protest. Starjun is suddenly surprised by Alfaro's appearance and asks if he is alright to which Alfaro responds that the management staff were not traitors but instead under a form of hypnotism just like Grinpatch. Starjun asks an unresponsive Grinpatch if he was fed anything however Grinpatch did not respond. Alfaro then gives warning that anyone who stops working for the boss will be eliminated. As the chefs' protest grow against the Gourmet Corp., Midora offers a condition to all of the chefs that were present, if any of the chefs make him say delicious the individual chef who is successful is free to go home, much to the shock of Starjun. Ootake appears during the gathering to tell the Gourmet Corp. boss that their food supply has been reduced severely that there is little ingredient that can be used however, much to the surprise of many, Komatsu volunteers to cook what little food they have. After the Midora finishes the meal Komatsu prepared, Starjun and the others assembled become alarmed by the falling of the headquarters, though Midora quickly prevents it from fully collapsing. Starjun is further surprised by Midora's sudden laughter and even more so surprised when he states that Komatsu is free to go home. Midora, Starjun, and Ootake stand bewildered by Komatsu's resolve to stay and wait for Toriko.

PAIR Arc[]

After the Four Heavenly Kings successfully captured AIR, Toriko had Brunch deliver some of it directly to the boss of the Gourmet Corp., Midora, much to Brunch's bewilderment.

Brunch quickly made his way to the location where Midora was believed to reside, the Sea Mountain. After meeting with Midora and handing him AIR, Midora was impressed that Toriko had kept his end of their private bargain. To make sure Toriko was successful in his next capture which would soon be ANOTHER, Midora summoned Starjun and ordered for him to aid Toriko in capturing ANOTHER along with Brunch. Despite Brunch's hesitation, they soon left the Sea Mountain together on Starjun's Braga Dragon and made their way to Area 6.


Brunch and Starjun

Starjun and Brunch arriving in Area 6.

Starjun and Brunch eventually arrived in Area 6 and made their way to the Conveyor Belt Islands where they encountered none other than the Four Heavenly Kings and their allies who were about to be swallowed whole by a Namibouzu. Brunch then struck the beast with a powerful blast of electricity and Starjun then dealt a killing blow with his Burner Knife. The duo then quickly greeted the group below, with Starjun and Toriko sharing a rather tense greeting.

Starjun Drinks Puzzle Plankton soup

Starjun drinking Puzzle Plankton soup.

As the Human World skilled personnel as well as Brunch and Starjun find themselves in a complicated situation, having been surrounded by the mass numbers of Namibouzu, Jiji arrives at the scene and quickly invites everyone inside his personal Camping Monster, the Magneticlam. Having been invited along with the Human World skilled personnel, Jiji offers everyone food including the Gourmet Corp. member. Komatsu questions the identity of Jiji and Starjun confirms his identity quickly and with assurance after having seen that Jiji managed to cook the Puzzle Planktons and managing to bring out the best of its flavors in the soup. Starjun is then confronted by Toriko and questioned about his presence, however Toriko already confirmed that he was under Midora's orders, Starjun prompts Toriko not to ask if he already knew why he is there as he is simply acting according to his boss' wish. Starjun then questions the Heavenly King if they really captured the soup PAIR. Knowing that PAIR has the ability to change one's gender, Starjun states that due to this, a personal mystery has been unraveled by Midora, he then uttered Midora's words; "I know with certainty now what opponent to aim my tongue spear at", causing slight unease for Toriko. As the rest of the people continue to share information with each other, Toriko informs Jiji of the time they have left before the Gourmet Eclipse happens. Concerned, Jiji observes everyone's capabilities and first concludes that everyone must stay within Area 6 in order to capture ANOTHER. With this, Jiji then follows up and creates an elite group which is a combination of Gourmet Hunter and Chef. Jiji partners Starjun with Toriko, however they the two seem uneasy about the decision.

With the final decisions made, everyone prepares for their respective missions to capture the rest of Acacia's Full Course Menu. Jiji tells everyone to use their Riddle Chapters in order to share information frequently. With everyone finally having departed, Toriko and Starjun take the latter's Braga Dragon and take to the skies in order to capture GOD. Toriko questions the Gourmet Corp. member whether it is alright for him to partner with the Heavenly King even though he was tasked with capturing ANOTHER, Starjun replies that he is tasked not with capturing ANOTHER but with assisting the Heavenly Kings in capturing Acacia's Full Course Menu as per Midora's orders. However due to his own personal interest, he personally wanted to know more about the Back Channel. Toriko questions him again by asking about the ingredient he is searching for however Starjun seemed unsure about his memories as he questions whether it was his own memory or that of the Gourmet Cell that influenced him to search for the ingredient. Toriko shares a similar experience as he states that despite not having eaten GOD at all, he already made it his Main Dish in his Full Course. Starjun then became curious about Toriko's experience within the last two years since their last battle, commenting on how much Toriko has changed since their last wild bout. Toriko admits that Starjun managed to permanently wound the Heavenly King due to defeating him and that he cannot heal it despite the many victories he has accomplished. Hearing how the Heavenly King felt, Starjun states that if they are to battle now, the results would become different.

Arriving at their destination, Starjun and Toriko are instantly faced with danger as a King Land Shark approaches them. The two seem confident on taking on the King Land Shark however the true danger that faced them was actually not the King Land Shark, but the creature behind it, a Battle Wolf.

Starjun and Toriko face off against the lone Battle Wolf, and during the wild bout against the one wolf, Toriko and Starjun seem to be on the losing end. Starjun holds his ground however his ally was knocked out. As Toriko laid still, he could sense the world stirring and Starjun instantly noticed the change in Toriko, noting on what Midora had told him when Toriko first came face to face with the Gourmet Corp. boss.

As Toriko further senses the dangers around the world, Starjun continues to remember more of what Midora had told him. He remembers his boss telling him that Toriko's strength is far stronger than it seems however Starjun simply noted it as lip service as he once fought Toriko and was victorious against the Heavenly King. However as Toriko progresses through his sensing of the dangers as well as the approach of GOD, Starjun became more convinced that Midora's words were true. Toriko inform's Starjun that GOD is indeed appearing within the very area they stand on and even informs Starjun as to why the Battle Wolf appeared. Starjun then observes as Toriko calls out to the real member of the Eight King and watches as Guinness, the real member of the Eight Kings appear before them with its pack lurking in the shadows. Starjun could only watch as Toriko attacks Guinness in a wild bout with nothing driving them but their appetites.

Toriko and Starjun are attacked by a piece of Neo. Their Appetite Demons take over and launch the creature up into the sky with a combined attack. However, the creature uses its tentacles to grab the ground and pull itself back down. Guinness incapacitates the creature before it reaches the men, and finishes off the creature with a stomp that rocks Area 2. The men try to anchor themselves and are only blown back hundreds of kilometers. Confused about what sort of creature would warrant such a display from one of the Eight Kings, Starjun spies on Guinness with Gourmet Clairvoyance and sees the wolf peeing. Suddenly the wolf leaps to their position and incapacitates Starjun, like it did the piece of Neo.[42]

With Toriko fighting Guinness' sense of smell on equal footing, Starjun regains his consciousness and quickly attempts a combination attack with Toriko against Guinness. Their attack misses the Wolf King and their powers create an Emperor Ring in the process. Despite both Starjun and Toriko being defenseless, Guinness decides not to attack them both but instead shares vital information with Toriko, which causes the battle between them to halt.[43]

After reuniting with Komatsu, the other Heavenly Kings, Aimaru, and Jiji, Toriko and Starjun sit down with them to enjoy ANOTHER, NEWS, EARTH, and ATOM.[44] After eating the Fish Dish, he remembers being in the womb with Toriko.[12]

GOD Arc[]

Starjun is surprised when GOD quickly consumes his Blaze Dome. When Joie summons Dores, Kuromado, and Niceny, Starjun prepares to face them in his Warp Kitchen with Tommyrod and Grinpatch, who are summoned by Sunny and Coco.[45]

Midora applied Knocking to Starjun, potentially saving him.[46]

Anime and Manga Differences[]

  • In the anime, Starjun is introduced far earlier than in the manga appearing in Episode 2 during the events of the Galala Gator Arc.
  • A tremendous difference between the anime and the manga was the outcome of Toriko and Starjun's battle during the Cooking Festival Arc.
    • In the manga, the battle ends with Toriko's arm and leg cut off and with Starjun as the victor, although heavily wounded due to Toriko's last attack from his Appetite Demon.
    • In the anime, the battle is drastically changed with the two instead getting into a rapid fist fight that resulted in them ending the match in a draw and Starjun not kidnapping Komatsu. This notable difference from the manga heavily changed the plot of the anime from that of the manga to the point where the events from the manga can no longer progress accordingly.

Appearances in Other Media[]

Starjun GS2

Artwork of Starjun from Toriko: Gourmet Survival 2.

Toriko: Gourmet Survival[]

Starjun makes an appearance in the PSP game Toriko: Gourmet Survival as a boss and major antagonist. During the story he does not appear physically, instead acting through his new custom GT Robot. After Toriko and his group go deeper into Megamori Island, they soon run into Starjun's GT Robot, having been sent there to acquire the island's rare ingredients.[47]

Toriko: Gourmet Survival 2[]

Starjun appears once again in the sequel Toriko: Gourmet Survival 2 for the PSP. This time appearing in person, he goes to the Gattsuki Continent alongside Grinpatch, Ryoutei and Tommyrod. He later appears to form an alliance with a rogue Nitro.[48]

Toriko: Gourmet Monsters[]


The Gourmet Corp. Sous Chefs and the Four Heavenly Kings in Toriko: Gourmet Monsters.

Starjun makes an appearance in the Nintendo 3DS game Toriko: Gourmet Monsters as an antagonist once again alongside Tommyrod and Grinpatch. In the game, while they antagonize the Four Heavenly Kings early on, they are eventually forced to form an alliance with them in order to take down the mutant monstrosity known as the Death Gore Chimera which threatens to consume all the world's resources.[49]


Starjun has been featured prominently in the Trading Card Game, appearing on many cards. He has also appeared in every Toriko video game released as a major antagonist. A keychain figurine has also been made of Starjun.


Starjun CAD

Starjun's CAD

  • He ranked 7th in the first Popularity Poll with 435 votes.
  • Due to the low communication between Mitsutoshi Shimabakuro and Toei animation characters design staff, Starjun’s skin was pale white during the first arc of the series in the anime. However, when Starjun's real appearence is revealed, his skin changes to caucasian white. Thus, by "unknown" reasons Starjun skin color changes constantly depending on if he is seen using his helmet or not.
  • He is the only Sous Chef that used a GT Robot.
  • He is also the only Sous Chef of the Gourmet Corp. to have been shown cooking.
  • Starjun's Capture Ability Data remains unknown as revealed in Volume 8, by the events of BB Corn Arc.
    • Starjun scored 10 in all categories on his Capture Ability Data of Volume 29.5.
  • On the Chapter 72 of Sket Dance Series, a character named Shinzō Takemitsu dresses up as a GT Robot mimicking Starjun's head scratching habit to prepare for his date.
  • Starjun has some points in common with Hiei, one of the main characters of Yu Yu Hakusho:
    • Both are well renown for their speed.
    • Both are excellent hand-to-hand combatants and swordsmen.
    • Both use fire-related abilities.
    • Both have a third eye on their forehead.
    • Both have a wild side that surfaces when they fight against powerful enemies.
    • Both started off as villains, but became allies of the protagonist later on.


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