Starjun's Castle
Starjun's Castle2
Location Unknown
Affiliation Gourmet Corp.
Residents Starjun, Joejoe
Debut Appearance
Anime Episode 2
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Starjun's Castle is a large ominous castle located in an unknown forested mountain region and aside from being Starjun's home, it is also a Gourmet Corp. base. It is here where Starjun spends most of his time but still maintains his duties via Joejoe who is often in the castle to relay him on the latest news and events.

The interior is just as ominous as the outside but has a rather regal atmosphere, even having a throne room the size of an audience chamber where Starjun tends to lounge away with his thoughts. It is unknown if this castle or any of the other Gourmet Corp. bases are still in use after they moved their efforts to the Gourmet World.

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