CloudIcon Steel Clouds CloudIcon
Japanese 鋼雲 (はがねくも)
Romanized Hagane Kumo
English Steel Clouds
Location Gold Swamp
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 277
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The Steel Clouds (鋼雲 (はがねくも) Hagane Kumo) are a very dangerous weather phenomena that occur above the Gold Swamp between Yutou Island and Area 8. Once Steel Clouds descend upon the swamp causing giant feet to rain down called Iron Step, death is guaranteed to all on its surface and the only way to avoid it is to dive into the swamp. Even Mappy, a Travel Frog who was casually able to pass through the Thorn Sea fears the power of the Steel Clouds.

Iron Steps falling from Steel Clouds

Iron Steps falling

Rain of Iron Steps

Rain of Iron Steps.

When the Steel Clouds form, there are only two possible solutions to crossing the Gold Swamp once more. One is to navigate through the swamp once the weather has ceased, however it may take many years before this could even happen, rendering this solution useless for anyone who needs to cross the Gold Swamp instantly. Another solution, which instantly diminishes the Steel Clouds and completely clearing the swamp of the weather, is for the ruler of Area 8, the Horse King Heracles, to unleash a destructive breath that would annihilate the weather instantly however this solution can only be done if one gains Heracles' trust, which by then the Horse King will assist those whom she trust.

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