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Japanese 要犀
Romanized Yōsai
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Type Hard Shell Beast
Capture Level 972
Habitat Gourmet World
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 263
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The Stronghold Rhino (要犀 Yōsai) is a gigantic rhinoceros of great scale that is native to Gourmet World and appears to have a giant armed-fortress on its back.



The Stronghold Rhino's face.

The Stronghold Rhino is a gigantic quadruped, easily the size of a large island. Its body is heavy and thick with leathery light-colored skin, however most of the top half of its body is covered in heavy metallic armor which is dark in color, and mainly covers most of its long tail, its leg joints (which resemble pauldrons) and its back.

Its face is also covered in metallic armor although it appears to be more attached to its skin and resembles scales, also its three curved horns (two over its eyes and one on its nose) are also made of the same metallic material. The metal covering on its face has a few sections that notably stick out near its eyes and on the top of its head which appear to have windows built into them.

The FortressEdit

The most notable trait of the Stronghold Rhino is that it has built on its back what appears to be a gigantic metal fortress with several buildings which are heavily armed with guns and mortars. The structure is mainly built upon a large metal platform of armor covering the rhino's back. At the center of the fortress is a very large and thick building covered in several blade-like spikes and mounted guns and launchers built around its outside. Around it are smaller but still larger cylindrical buildings with numerous rectangular windows with rounded tops. In-between each of these buildings are smaller ones with mounted launchers on their roofs.

It is unknown if this fortress is a common trait of all Stronghold Rhinos or if it was built on them by other lifeforms.


Not much of its behavior is known, but it appears to be indifferent to anything that is not notable enough to acquire its attention.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being a Gourmet World creature with a capture level of 972, it is incredibly strong and far outclasses any of the creatures from the Human World. Its armored structure is incredibly durable as it was mostly unfazed by Toriko's massive Flying Fork (which had previously managed to damage a Breath Dragon) and the attack simply bounced off the massive fortress on its back without it taking much notice.

However its strength is nowhere near as great when compared to the more fearsome beasts with capture levels in their thousands that live in Gourmet World.


Cooking Festival ArcEdit

After Toriko recovers from his injuries at Cooking Fest, he immediately dives into Gourmet World, encountering many beasts with extreme Capture Levels on the way. After entering and re-encountering a Breath Dragon, he throws a Flying Fork which flies so far it hits a passing Stronghold Rhino with no effect, simply bouncing off the creature's tough fortress. The ricocheted attack is caught by a Thunderous Devil.


Stronghold Rhino Submission

Stronghold Rhino Submission

  • The Stronghold Rhino is the work of penname Moriageeru-san from Fukuoka Prefecture.
  • Its Japanese name 要犀 (Yō sai) translates as "main rhino", with the two kanji separately translating as 要 (Kaname) and 犀 (Sai). With 要 meaning "main", "central" or "keystone", while 塞 means "rhino". However, together both sound exactly like 要塞 (Yousai) which basically translates as "Fortress".