Japanese 卓(すぐる)
Romanized Suguru
Aliases Suguru-kun
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday July 3
Age Unknown (child)
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation Granny
Personal Status
Relatives His mother
Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 265
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Suguru (卓(すぐる)) is a young boy from an unnamed city in the Human World who lives with his ill mother and tries to get by with what little he earns in the difficult times after the fall of the Gourmet Age.


Suguru is a small light-skinned young boy with short hair who wears glasses. His attire consists of a winter hat, sweater and scarf, along with small boots and checkered pants. The word "Sugi" is printed on the front of his sweater while on the back it has the image of a pine tree.


He is a kind and caring boy who loves his mother dearly and treats his elders with sincere respect and kindness. Unlike many, he would rather give food to his mother than covet it for himself. He also appears to be a fan of Toriko and Komatsu.


Billion Bird ArcEdit

After the fall of the Meteor Spice which destroyed most of the Human World's resources, Suguru and his mother were one of the many affected, but Suguru tried to stay positive and continue doing errands for his sick mother and was just happy to be able to feed her nutritious tablets to keep her alive. When he went to his usual local grocery store, he was happy to be able to buy some tablets for his mother, but the owner who he affectionately calls "Granny" knew how much his mother needed real food and happily gave him her last Starch Syrup Daikon. Suguru then happily left the store with his gift hidden from potential thieves, but two Gourmet Security Guards then viciously assaulted him, having been driven mad by their desire to eat real food and stole his daikon, leaving the young Suguru in tears. Miraculously at that moment Toriko had finally returned from his trip into Gourmet World and smelled the child's tears, he then began flinging his mountain of ingredients all across the Human World for all to enjoy and Komatsu then went up to Suguru personally and made him a warm and delicious meal which brought the young boy to tears. Elsewhere a large piece of meat fell on the two corrupted guards.