Sunny post-time skip

Sunny GGB

Japanese サニー
Romanized Sani
English Sunny
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday September 7
Age 24 (start of the series);
28 (Post-Timeskip)
Status Alive
Height 187cm
Weight 200 Kg
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation Four Heavenly Kings;
Occupation Gourmet Hunter
Partner Toriko;
Personal Status
Relatives Rin (younger sister);
Ichiryu (adoptive father);
Toriko (brother-in-law)
Pets Quinn Icon
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 29
Anime Episode 10
Japanese Mitsuo Iwata
English Aaron Roberts
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Hunting MethodEdit

Sunny hunts by using his prehensile hair to capture his prey. From the tip of each hair extends a Feeler (触手 Shokushu, Sensor in the English versions) much thinner than the hair itself; about 0.1 microns wide (note that 'hair' and 'feeler' are used interchangeably in this article). These feelers are extremely strong. After his training in Intuition and Food Honor, Sunny is able to use over 1,000,000 feelers which can extend to a range of over 700 meters, and each has a tensile strength of over 300 kilograms. Toriko claims that he is unable to break one even when held taut. Indeed, Sunny's hairs have only been shown to be cut by a Gourmet World beast specially bio-engineered for cutting power, and it took the massive physical strength of Tommyrod himself to pull them out by the roots (for comparison, Tommyrod suggests that one of his arms, even while severed, is equivalent in strength to a beast with a capture level over 200).

Sunny has complete control over each and every one of his feelers, though the more he uses at once and the more precisely he maneuvers them the more energy and concentration they require. This highly mentally-taxing requirement was one of Sunny's greatest weaknesses early in the series. After training with Guemon however, Sunny can now use his feelers in water (while before he couldn't even swim), and they require essentially no concentration to manipulate. Even when the hair is cut from his head, he can still manipulate them due to the nerves still being active and able to communicate after being severed for a short time much like insect ganglia, however this requires extreme concentration leaving him vulnerable to attack.


Sunny's touch

Sunny's enhanced sense as one of the Four Heavenly Kings is touch. His enhanced sense of touch is used through his feelers (also sometimes called 'Touches' in reference to this fact). Although far too thin to be seen by the naked eye, Sunny's feelers are always spread around him in a 300-meter radius, probing the environment. The hairs' sense of touch is very delicate, approaching the sensitivity of fingertips. This gives Sunny constant feedback on everything around him, and lets him explore the environment via touch alone; he can even defeat beasts without having to look at or be near them this way.[1]

Hair Operation

Each colored hair transmits a different form of touch data to his brain:[2]

  • Blue Hair: This hair is used to detect low temperatures.
  • Pink Hair: This hair is used to detect high temperatures.
  • Green Hair: This hair is used to detect pressure.
  • White Hair: This hair senses painful stimuli.
  • Gold Hair: A special type that Sunny uses only when infusing his hair with Appetite Energy, it is not used to sense anything, but only for battle. This hair is virtually indestructible, and will devour anything it touches, from beasts to other humans.

While his sense of touch does give him great advantages in battle, it also generates equivalent drawbacks. Should even one of his ultra-sensitive feelers be cut, Sunny will feel pain on the same level as a tooth being ripped from his mouth. Because his great volume of hair means that cutting attacks will always strike many feelers at once, the pain involved is comparable to having a whole mouthful of teeth (or more) pulled simultaneously without anaesthetic; pain enough that it would cause a normal human to fall into a state of shock and die.[3] The hair is also vulnerable to temperature or chemical-based attacks, as Sunny was forced to release his Hair Lock on Starjun when the latter manifested flames over his entire body.


Early in the series, Sunny has to concentrate a great deal to control his feelers. As a result, he tends to expend more energy than ostensibly needed in doing so. However, after training with Guemon, Sunny learns to use his Intuition, thus allowing him to use his feelers more intuitively. By doing so, not only is he able to easily defeat most beasts he has never seen before, but also to use his feelers in a more versatile manner, such as multiplying the force behind the attacks his hair reflects.

Sunny's Intuition does not extend merely to controlling his hair, however. It can also pick up on subtle clues which he should normally not be able to sense, such as pheromones. Sunny's Intuition is so advanced that he can use it as a sort of sixth sense; he is able to use it alone to locate the underwater nesting site of the Madam Fish at Pot Pond, while the other Four Heavenly Kings have to rely explicitly on their superhuman senses to do so. While Toriko (and presumably the other kings) have also trained in Intuition, Sunny is the only member shown to use it in this way.

Food HonorEdit

Sunny masters Food Honor through unknown means, which greatly increases his fighting capabilities as well as endurance. It allows him to manipulate his hairs more precisely to the point where he can take control of an opponent's nervous system.

Food Immersion: The secret technique of Food Honor, it allows him to last longer in battle.

Gourmet CellsEdit

After Sunny is mortally wounded, Chichi feeds him cells from several Red Nitro, including itself, which increases his strength.[4]

His Gourmet Cells are compatible with Jewel Meat[5] and Shining Gourami with Melk Stardust.[6]

Appetite DemonEdit

Hair Monster

Hair Monster, devourer of planets.

Sunny's Gourmet Cells are host to an ancient Appetite Demon known as the Hair Monster (ヘアモンスター Heamonsutā), which devoured planets and used its spat out victims to control the galaxy.[7]

  • AIR:[8] Sunny's Gourmet Cells awaken in his left arm, allowing him to morph his left arm into the arm of his Appetite Demon.
  • PAIR:[9] Sunny's Gourmet Cells awaken in his right arm, allowing him to morph his right arm into that of his Appetite Demon.
  • ANOTHER:[10] Sunny's Gourmet Cells awaken in his tongue, allowing him to morph his tongue into that of his Appetite Demon. It also gives him the ability to comprehend tastes of things that were previously inedible, like rocks, and reawakens tastes and memories that were forgotten.
  • NEWS:[10] Sunny's Gourmet Cells awaken in his left leg, allowing him to morph his left leg into that of his Appetite Demon. It also gives him the ability to create and maintain Back Channels.[11]
  • EARTH:[10] Sunny's Gourmet Cells awaken in his right leg, allowing him to morph his right leg into that of his Appetite Demon.
  • ATOM:[10] Sunny's Gourmet Cells awaken in his head and torso (except his brain and heart), allowing him to morph his head and torso into that of his Appetite Demon.
  • GOD:[12] Sunny's Gourmet Cells awaken in his brain.


Sunny Intimidation small

Like many others, Sunny can manifest a demonic aura to intimidate foes. However, because of his vanity and its unusual nature, Sunny only uses Intimidation when his foe has truly disgusted him to the extent that he no longer cares about his own beauty.[13] His Intimidation is unusual because it actually takes physical form through his hair rather than merely being a projection of his fighting spirit, coiling into the image of a frightening demon. Its physicality means that Sunny can actually use his hair's demonic Intimidation form as a weapon in battle, although summoning it requires most of his hair to coil above him, limiting its strikes to short range. The color of his intimidation aura is light blue.

Appetite EnergyEdit

Sunny learns to use the Appetite Energy alongside the other Heavenly Kings during his fight against the Four Beast, by performing the combination attack Dinner of Kings. When Sunny first uses this technique, he feels his Appetite Demon awakening. Thanks to this, he has managed to use the Appetite Energy in combination with his hunting method.

Satan HairEdit

Sunny's Satan hair

Sunny with his Satan Hair

Devil Feelers

The maws of a feeler while using Satan Hair.

Sunny has access to a new mode in his Hunting Method called Satan Hair (魔王の髪 (サタンヘア) Satan Hea) by infusing Appetite Energy into his feelers. The energy mutates the feelers into what are called Devil Feelers (悪魔の触手 Akuma no Shokushu, Devil's Sensors in the English Versions), covering the surface of each with ravenous micro-scale maws which can consume anything they ensnare. When using the technique, Sunny's hair shines gold with Appetite Energy and becomes much stronger, now being virtually impervious to attacks which are used to damage it. The hair is easily capable of consuming a beast with a Capture Level of over 100, and even an incredibly powerful warrior like Tommyrod. Sunny claims that one strand of Satan Hair could wipe out all life on the planet, after which it would dig through the crust and into the mantle, and, once it couldn't find any more nourishment, it would reach out to other planets. Though this may be an exaggeration, Sunny is shown to be visibly strained trying to keep his Devil Feelers under control. In particular, he is forced to utilize them as massed tendrils and whips, because they are too powerful for him to control individually. It is implied that if Sunny uses this technique for a considerable amount of time, the 'demon' of his Gourmet Cells could take possession of him.[14]


Tommyrod's face within Sunny's Satan Hair.

Sunny's Satan Hair improves as he eats Acacia's Full Course Menu. Sunny is capable of fully controlling his Satan Hair and of converting parts of his Appetite Demon into Satan Hair without any repercussions. Another feat which Sunny gains using Satan Hair is the ability to eat anything and potentially spit it back out; it is revealed later on that if Satan Hair eats something, the hair will keep it within until spat back out, as shown when Sunny's Satan Hair forms different faces.[15]


Satan Vomit (魔王の嘔吐物 (サタンボミット) Satan Bomitto): Using his Appetite Demon's arm, Sunny converts the hair into Satan Hair, swallows an incoming attack, and then spits it back out. It is first used against Gorilla Taurus' energy beam attack.[16] He can also consume and spit out whole people.[17]


After being defeated by Bambina, Sunny learned Enbu from "Kaka" and several masters. This allows all 60 trillion of his cells to transfer energy through and out of his body like a sieve, such as the force of attacks and the gravity of 100g Mountain.

Dining KitchenEdit

Part 1: Human World SagaEdit

The reach of Sunny's feelers creates a Dining Kitchen (ダイニングキッチン Dainingu Kitchin) around him, in which he can freely manipulate anything around him and utilize his hair attacks. Toriko also refers to this as the Sunny Zone (サニーゾーン Sanī Zōn). Keeping his opponents or prey within his Dining Kitchen's range is a major part of Sunny's battle strategy. After mastering Food Honor, the range of his dining kitchen expanded to 300 meters.[18]

Counter TechniquesEdit

Fry Gaeshi Megaoctopus small

Spatula (フライ返し Furaigaeshi): Using his Feelers, Sunny alters the flow of power and reflects it back at his opponent. His Feelers themselves require a little bit of his stamina. Currently each strand of Sunny's hair has a strength of around 300 kilos. It is possible for each strand to fend off 1000 times the 300 kilos but more than that and the Feelers will break. The name of this move is a pun as the part "gaeshi" (or "kaeshi") on the name is Japanese for "counter", something that suits it as it is a counter technique.

Sunny using Super Fry Gaeshi on Death Falls small

#-Multiplied Super Spatula (#-倍スーパーフライ返し #-Bai Sūpā Furaigaeshi): A stronger version of the Spatula, the Super Spatula multiplies the power of an opponent's attack and sends it back at them. The multiplier is proportionate to the number of Feelers used; less than 10,000 Feelers returns an equal force, 20,000 Feelers multiples the force by 2 and so on. Sunny used 50,000 to create a path through the Death Falls and used 300,000 to redirect Toriko's 36-Hit Twin Nail Punch.

Offensive TechniquesEdit

Sunny Hair Punch small

#-Strand Hair Punch (#-本髪(ヘア)パンチ #-Bon Hea Panchi): After arranging his hair into his Appetite Demon using several thousand strands of hair, Sunny uses it to deliver a powerful punch to the target. This can defeat a GT Robo in one strike. The more strands of hair he uses, the shorter the range but more powerful his Hair Punch. He uses 300,000 strands against the King Octopus Kong.

Hair Cutter small

Hair Cutter (ヘアカッター Hea Kattā): Sunny uses a few strands of hair as cutting implements. The technique was strong enough to cut through the thick ice over Pot Pond.

Sunny hitting King Octopus Kong with Super Hair Shot small

Super Hair Shot (スーパーヘアショット Sūpā Hea Shotto): After launching a Hair Punch, he then catches the attack with his Feelers and multiply its power using Super Spatula several times over, before firing it at the opponent in a devastating attack.

Hair Spit small

Hair Spit (ヘアスピット Hea Supitto): By forming his Feelers into sharp spikes, Sunny then impales his opponents with them.

Defensive TechniquesEdit

Sunny Hair Lock Asura Tiger small

Hair Lock (髪(ヘア)ロック Hea Rokku): Using the invisible Feelers he always has probing the environment around him, Sunny suddenly 'locks' the Feelers around his opponent in place, restricting their movements. Weaker opponents are totally immobilized by the technique, while stronger ones still have full range of motion, but must use extra strength to overcome the hair's resistance.

Hair Net and Fry Gaeshi small

Hair Net (髪(ヘア)ネット Hea Netto): Sunny creates a net of Feelers which surround his opponent. When his prey is within this field, he can use Hair Lock to bind its movements and 'taste' them while they are trapped. Sunny can also somehow use this technique to 'cook' his prey (the hair net serving the same purpose as the netting on a ham). Hair net can also be used to catch thrown objects before flinging them back at his adversary using Spatula.

Sunny Hair Lead small

Hair Lead (髪誘導 (ヘアリード) Hea Rīdo): Sunny can direct attacks away from him by subtly redirecting them with his individual hairs. This causes blows aimed at him to suddenly curve away as they approach.

Hair Marionette small

Hair Marionette (ヘアマリオネット Hea Marionetto): Using his extremely thin Touches, Sunny can enter the enemy's body and take control of its nerves. After his battle with the Four Beast, Sunny can control his hair even when it has been cut off. The cut hair can be remotely control like insect ganglia.

Hair Tornado small

Hair Tornado (ヘアトルネード Hea Torunēdo): By whipping his hair around in a motion similar to a tornado, Sunny blows away gas's that may cause him harm.

Supplementary TechniquesEdit

Sunny Hair Operation small

Hair Operation (触覚手術 (ヘアオペレーション) Hea Operēshon): Sunny can perform makeshift surgery by using his Touch, as seen when he used it to close and stitch up Rin's wounds.[19] He can even perform surgery on himself.

Hair Knocking (髪 (ヘア) ノッキング Hea Nokkingu): Sunny induces Knocking on his target using his Feelers.

Surface Tension small

Surface Tension (表面張 Hyōmen Chō): By spreading his Feelers across a body of water, Sunny is also capable of spreading his weight in a similar manner to a water strider. Then by supporting himself on his abnormally strong Touches, he is capable of seemingly floating in mid air while over water.[20]

Hair Net small

Fish Net (Unnamed): By using the same mechanics of Hair Net, Sunny can catch fish, while being either on land or water. Sunny who could not swim or use his hair on water in methods other than Surface Tension, learned to control more of his hair through Intuition and Food Honor. Fish Net is first used on the way to Mors Mountain Range to catch a school of Snow White Sweetfish.[21]

Sunny Hair Raft

Hair Raft (ヘアラフト Hea Rafuto): Sunny creates a raft out of his hair, which he can use to take himself along with a few others over water.[22]

Joint AttacksEdit

Toriko and Sunny combo attack small

Super Spatula Multiplied Twin Nail Punch (スーパーフライ返し倍ツイン釘パンチ Sūpā Furaigaeshi Bai Tsuin Kugi Panchi): A powerful joint attack used by Sunny working with Toriko. It was first used to shatter a massive 5000 metre tall mountain, a feat that would be impossible for either Toriko or Sunny individually. Toriko uses his Twin Nail Punch while Sunny uses his Super Spatula to launch the force of the attack at a target while multiplying the force of each punch over many times. So far the only number shown was Twin 36-Hit Nail Punch and 30 times Super Spatula with 300,000 strands. Assuming his current number strands-1,000,000 strands and Toriko's 50 ren punch, they could take down a mountain 3-4 times the size of the one, first shown with this joint attack. It is unknown however, if the Satan Hair could do the super spatula, in which case there is no upper limit to the impact it could redirect, since the Devil Feelers cannot be pulled out or cut.

Cannon Fork + Hair Lead + Poison Coating + Thunder Noise small

Poison-coated Thunder Cannon Fork (Unnamed): An attack only seen in anime that combines powerful techniques of all Heavenly Kings. Toriko first projects several Flying Forks to create a Cannon Fork, then Sunny drives it with his Hair Lead which gives it momentum and a direction to strike; Coco adds a Poison Coating by firing a large amount of poison at the Fork, and finally Zebra electrifies it with his Thunder Noise. Even though it was a mighty movement done against the Four Beast it had minor damage on the monster as it was quickly broken.

Ou Shoku Bansan small

Dinner of Kings (王食晩餐 Ō Shoku Bansan, Meal Fit for a King in the English versions): A joint attack using the effort and Appetite Energy of all Four Heavenly Kings. The Kings concentrate their all their energy into a ball of pure appetite, which, when launched, turns into a giant all-consuming maw. The attack will then proceed to consume the prey, regardless of the opponents actions, until it is completely eaten, and form into a ball, which harmlessly bursts after some time. One of the greatest advantages of this technique is that it will only aim for the intended prey, and nothing else, leaving anything unnecessary in a separate sphere, much like how there was a separate sphere filled with the people that the Four Beast ate. The greatest disadvantage of this technique is that the process of making this move requires a great deal of concentration and energy, leaving the users vulnerable to attack. Furthermore, for this technique to work, the users "appetite" and "spirits" need to sync. Sunny has combined an aspect of this technique to his feelers, creating a newer, unbreakable, insatiable type of hair- Satan Hair.

Super Voice Spatula (スーパーボイスフライ返し Sūpā Boisu Furaigaeshi): A filler technique. Zebra launches a Voice Missile that is repelled by Sunny's Super Spatula to increase it's power.

Tornado Leg Boomerang (トルネードレッグブーメラン Torunēdo Reggu Būmeran): A filler technique. Toriko launches a Leg Boomerang which Sunny spins faster and faster with his Hair Tornado to create a whirlwind.

Part 2: Gourmet World SagaEdit

Offensive TechniquesEdit

Spatula of the Demon King

Spatula of the Demon King (魔王のフライ返し Maō no Furaigaeshi): A stronger version of the Spatula, after Sunny changes his Appetite Demon Arm into Satan Hair, he bats an attack with immensely increased force towards an opponent.

Supplementary TechniquesEdit

Remote Hair (リモートヘアー Rimōto Heā): By leaving a piece of hair on the target's neck, Sunny can track down his location as well as being able to detect any form of danger around the target and warn them of it. The hair is cut from Sunny meaning that it was possibly born during his fight with Tommyrod when he controlled his cut hair and used it against Tommyrod. He can also use them to create a Hair Net larger than his maximum hair radius will allow which he used to hold up the giant AIR fruit.

Hair Feel (ヘアフール Hea Fūru): By distributing hundreds of Remote Hairs ahead of himself with different lengths, Sunny is capable of using them as links in order to pull himself at an incredible speed. Longer hair strands are used for increasing his speed whereas shorter hair are used for sharp turns.

Hair wing

Hair Wing (ヘアウィング Hea Uingu): Sunny forms his hair into a pair of large bird-like wings, to create a powerful gust which blew away the poisonous breath of Shigematsu's Beast, so Zebra could counteract using his Chain Bomb.

Hair Dome

Hair Dome (ヘアドーム Dōmu Heā): Sunny forms his hair into a large dome around an area to keep out any intruders and prevent them from seeing what's happening inside.

Joint AttacksEdit

Satan Attack

Satan Attack (サタンアタック Satan Atakku): After Zebra misses an opponent with his Death Knuckle, Sunny uses his Spatula of the Demon King to knock it back with increased force into the opponent.

Hair Beat Lariat

Hair Beat Lariat (ヘア ビートラリアット Heā Bīto Rariatto): After syncing their cells' wills, Sunny and Zebra perform a double lariat against their opponent. It was first used against Bambina.

Enbu Shitennou Seiken

Four Heavenly Kings True Fist (四天王正拳 Shiten'nō Seiken): An Enbu Secret Technique used by all the Four Heavenly Kings. Having synchronized their 240 trillion cells in unison they put one of their arms together, causing these to fuse into a giant-sized arm. They then throw a powerful punch at their opponent to send him reeling. It has only been used against the Monkey King, dealing him a fair damage and making him bleed.

240 Trillion Sound Wall

240 Trillion: Super Spatula (240兆 スーパーフライ返し Ni Hyaku Yon Jū Chō: Sūpā Furaigaeshi): Sunny creates a more powerful Super Spatula using the combined power of all Four Heavenly Kings.


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Hair Net
Hair Net
Hair Lock
Hair Lock
Hair Punch
Hair Punch
Hair marionette
Hair Marionette


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