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Mushroom.png  Supear  Sushi.png
IGO Icon 2.png Name IGO Icon 2.png
Japanese スプナッシュ
Aliases Spnash
IGO Icon 2.png Statistics IGO Icon 2.png
Type Fruit
Capture Level Unmeasurable
Location Autumn Mountain, Gourmet World
Mushroom.png Debut Appearance Sushi.png
First Appearance Episode 82
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Supears are a rare and delicious fruit from the Gourmet World that take 38 years to grow and develop. Despite being a Gourmet World ingredient, a single Supear tree managed to grow on Autumn Mountain in the Human World.



The Supear has the overall shape and green hue of a large pear fruit however its physical form is completely translucent, making it appear as though it is made of glass. Despite this, it is a very solid and hardy fruit and it holds a large amount of compressed juice within itself and when bitten into the juice fizzes out in large bubbly quantities that has an almost golden color.


Toriko eating a Supear.

The Supear can be eaten raw and upon biting into it, it releases a spray of fizzy juice which shines like gold and gushes out in large amounts and even creates a rainbow, showing just how much juice is compact into the Supear. The juice is very sweet, refined and refreshing and has a wondrous fizzy and sparkly feel that is like soda water jumping inside one's mouth. The juice has all the delicious qualities of pear, persimmon and chestnut combined into one sweet fruity flavor that keeps bursting one after another, and with its delicious fall tastes it is the ultimate autumn ingredient. After the first bite the juice stops gushing out in large sprays and mellows out but the fizzyness remains as strong and continues to gush out almost endlessly.


Autumn Break Arc[]

Komatsu heard about the legendary pear from someone at the Gourmet Temple. He went with Toriko searching for it. Terry tagged along since he wanted to taste Gourmet World food. Later, Coco and Sunny joined them, along with their pets, seeking the Supear too, and thus made a competition to see who can find it first. After struggling with the starved Mutton Boar, they found the tree where the fruit is. Toriko explained the Boars never found the fruit because it was hidden behind clouds, was itself transparent, and barely let out any smell. In the end, they all ate the fruit together with their pets and the boars.



  • It is the only other known Gourmet World ingredient to have been successfully introduced into the Human World, the other being the Blue Blood Corn.